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A Pistol Shot (Vystrel)

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Vystrel poster.jpg
Original poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Naum Trakhtenberg
Release Date 1966
Language Russian
Studio Mosfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Silvio Mikhail Kozakov
The Count Yuriy Yakovlev
Ivan Petrovich Belkin Oleg Tabakov
Masha Ariadna Shengelaia
Ensign Valeri Babyatinsky
Colonel Vladlen Davydov
Kuzka Boris Novikov
Major Lev Polyakov
Lieutenant Vladimir Prokofyev
The Gypsy Woman Zinaida Kikina

A Pistol Shot (original title Выстрел Vystrel) is a 1966 Soviet film, based on the novels "Vystrel" by the famous Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin.

The following weapons were used in the film A Pistol Shot (Vystrel):


Flintlock Pistol

Various types of flintlock pistols is widely used throughout the movie.

British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
A promotional image of Silvio (Mikhail Kozakov) with a Flintlock Pistol.
Ensign (Valeri Babyatinsky) holds a flintlock pistol.
Ensign fires at the bottle.
Silvio (Mikhail Kozakov) aims the flintlock pistol...
...and fires it.
Kuzka (Boris Novikov) holds a numerous flintlock pistols.
The Count (Yuriy Yakovlev) holds the flintlock pistol during the duel.
The Count aims his flintlock pistol...
...and fires it.
Silvio holds the flintlock pistol during the same duel.
Silvio raises his flintlock pistol.
Masha (Ariadna Shengelaia) toked the flintlock pistol from Silvio.
Silvio drops the flintlock pistol at he film climax.

Percussion cap pistol

At least two percussion cap pistols can be seen on the wall in the apartment of Silvio.

Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
Numerous pistols can be seen hanged on the wall. Most of it are flintlocks, while two pistols at the left appeared to be percussion.
The pistol, which is pointed by the red arrow is percussion, while other seems to be flintlock.

Long Guns

Infantry Musket M1845

Heavy anachronistic Infantry Musket M1845s are widely used by the Imperial Russian Army soldiers as well as Greece rebels.

Russian percussion cap musket M1845 (1851 year produced, Tula) - .70
Imperial Russian Army Soldier at the left holds the M1845 musket.
A slightly other view of this muskets.
Note the muzzle shape, which proove the ID.
Perfect view of the muzzle.
Imperial Russian Army soldier holds the musket.
Imperial Russian Army soldiers holds their muskets. Percussion hammers can be seen.
Another view of percussion hammers and muzzles, which allow to made ID.
Greece rebel holds the musket (far left) during the Greek War of Independence. The percussion hammer...
...and muzzle shape can be seen.
Another Greece rebel holds the similar looking musket.

Flintlock Musket

Several Imperial Russian Army soldiers hold the bayonet attached flintlock muskets, looks like Tula M1808 muskets.

Imperial Russian Army Soldier at the right holds the musket.
A slightly other view of this muskets.
Note the muzzle shape, which proove the ID.
Perfect view of the muzzle.
Soldier at the background holds the musket.
Another soldier with the musket.

Unknown Long Guns

Several Greece rebels and Ottoman soldier can be seen armed with he unknown long guns during the Greek War of Independence.

Greece rebel holds the long gun (pointed by the red arrow).
Ottoman soldier holds the long gun during the shootout with Silvio.

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