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(Blade Runner) - LAPD 2019 Blaster

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Original prop.

The sidearm carried by Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) in the film Blade Runner is a specially constructed handgun prop that has been referred to unoffically by several names including "The PKD" (Steyr Pflager Katsumata Series-D Blaster, a name coined by Rick Ross to have the same abbreviation as Philip K. Dick), "2019 Detective Special", "M2019 Blaster", or "LAPD 2019 Blaster". This prop was constructed from parts of a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL and a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver. Side covers were added to cover the Bulldog's cylinder, and different bolt heads and screw heads were used to offer an illusion of knobs and controls. The gun was also equipped with at least 6 LED lights, though not all of them worked throughout the production. Unfortunately, as with many fictional gadgets that feature in films set in the near-future, there is no sign of this gun being put into production in 2019.

The original prop was auctioned and ultimately sold for US$270,000 to movie prop collector Dan Lanigan.

For the 2017 sequel, Blade Runner 2049, an original prop was secured by the movie production and was carefully recreated for use in the sequel.

The LAPD 2019 Blaster has been seen used in the following:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Blade Runner Harrison Ford Rick Deckard 1982
Morgan Paull Dave Holden
Sean Young Rachael
LAPD Uniformed Policemen
Blade Runner 2049 Harrison Ford Rick Deckard 2017
Ryan Gosling Officer K

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Release Date
Fallout .223 Pistol 1997
Fallout 2 .223 Pistol 1998
Fallout: New Vegas "That Gun" 2010
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades LAPD 2019 Special 2016


Title Voice Actor Characters Notation Date
Love, Death & Robots - Season 3 seen in armory; "Kill Team Kill" (S3E05) 2022


Original Syd Mead Design

Original design of blaster by Syd Mead.

Originally designed by Syd Mead, which was a "black hole gun" firing a black beam was rejected in favor of more realistic gun. it is rumored that original design was still used somewhere in the film albeit as an unrelated object.

Prop Construction

Steyr Mannlicher Model SL - .222
Steyr Mannlicher Model SL Receiver.
Charter Arms Bulldog - .44 Special

The prop was constructed from parts of a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL (mainly receiver) and a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver.


Stunt casting which currently resides in the Seattle Science Fiction Museum.
Another stunt casting.
A solid brass blaster. Image courtesy of Screen Used.
  • Original prop of the blaster was sold on Profiles in History auction and ended up in possession of a private collector Dan Lanigan. This video by Adam Savage of Mythbusters showcases the original prop from all sides.
  • A few stunt castings were made, one of which currently resides the Seattle Science Fiction Museum and one - in one of the Planet Hollywood restaurants. A few others made it into private collections as well.
  • A Solid Brass Blaster currently currently in auction was created by the prop department and used by "Safariland" in manufacturing of the leather holsters seen on Harrison Ford and many others in the film.

Go here to see the information on commercially available and custom replicas of the blaster. Additional information can be found here.

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