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User talk:Bednardos

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Beloye solntse pustyni

Thank you! Спасибо :) Greg-Z 14:46, 26 October 2011 (CDT)

Yet another great thanks (this time from Ukraine), for the whole work you've done for the website and especially Chapaev, Trinadsat and White Sun of the Desert articles. :) I've been quite ashamed also, because I haven't done anything serious on Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian cinema so far. The reason is that one time I tried to develop half-dead russian site (my page on it) of the same structure, but there was no one apart from me and original creator, so I kind of dropped it, when I already created two articles. Thank you also for inspiration - I think I'll translate and adapt my old articles about Igla and Aprel' from this ruine and bring them here. If you want, you may help me in the process, or participate in the russian project (I'm an adminiatrator on it, or was at least), maybe we can make it at least something close to this beautiful place. Best Regards. P.S. Your English is quite OK, I'm upper intermediate and I still have many problems with tenses as well as stupid mistakes, ocassionally. ;) --Kloga 15:48, 11 April 2012 (CDT)

They Fought for Their Country and future articles

Hello! I also thought to right article about this movie but you were faster. :) Your article is a really good work! I think it will be good to exchange future plans in order not to cross the road to each other. So my plans are: Otvetnyy Khod, Dostoyanie Respubliki, Belyj Vzryv and Dozhit do Rassveta. Maybe also The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (I'm not sure about it for now - it will take much time). If you have an idea to make an article about one of this movies, please write me and this work will be yours. :) Thanks in advance! Greg-Z 09:48, 20 November 2011 (CST)

Hi. It`s really good idea to exchange our future plans. In my nearest plans are: Aty-baty, shli soldaty..., V avguste 44-go, and maybe Spetsnaz Bednardos 20 November 2011
I will be glad to help you with Sherlock Holmes, guys. By the way local tradition is to answer on the page of the user who posted the question but it's not obligatory, as dar as I know. At least it somewhat separates us, Russian-languaged people from others. ;) --Kloga 15:48, 11 April 2012 (CDT)

RE: Plans exchange

Good evening! Thanks, I'll e-mail. Greg-Z 13:05, 24 November 2011 (CST)


All you have to do is put [[Category:whatever]] at the bottom of a page and then put a description onto the category itself. See one of the existing gun categories for the text. Evil Tim 04:28, 25 November 2011 (CST)


Please never replace an existing image of a weapon with a totally different variant of that weapon, regardless of quality. Several of the pages you changed were referring specifically to the original version of the Bizon which you replaced with an image of a modern -2 Bizon, meaning they were now showing the wrong version. In future just upload a new image if you have a good picture of a different variant. Evil Tim 12:29, 27 March 2012 (CDT)

Actor Pages

When creating a new actor page, please do not include __TOC__<br clear=all> on the page. For such a short page, the Table of Contents is not needed and the clear all messes up the proper formatting. Thanks. --Zackmann08 18:56, 30 April 2012 (CDT)

The Terrorists

Thanks for the improved images for The Terrorists. Did you have any luck IDing the actors? IMDb only has first names, and I don't recall any of them using their names (being terrorists, that's understandable.) I was able to ID a few using Google, but a few still elude me, namely the guy with the Python (who I think was one of the plane hijackers) and the one that holds the stewardess hostage. --Funkychinaman 10:04, 9 July 2012 (CDT)


Just want to say excellent job with Banshee - Season 1! Excellent screenshots and page well-done.

One tip: I would recommend that you label your screenshot filenames with the season and episode numbers as well such as for Banshee Season 1 Episode 1, you could label it "BansheeS1E01_###". This helps to remind you what episode the screenshot was from. You can use Fast Stone Image Viewer to rename your files in batches.

Keep up the good work! --Ben41 (talk) 13:28, 1 April 2013 (EDT)


Actor names are per IMDB only. Please also keep in mind that Asian names are to be formatted in the western style, with surname last. --Funkychinaman (talk) 16:57, 31 May 2014 (EDT)

Message from Russian User

Hello, Bednardos1 I see, you are from Ukrain. If you want, you can give me your e-mail and we can shall continy our speach in Russian or Ukrainian. Pyramid Silent (talk) 11:17, 9 June 2014 (EDT)


You mind letting me know where you founnd this screenshot? I've tried to look for this in my Blu-Ray copy and I can't find it. Ominae (talk) 20:40, 29 July 2015 (EDT)

Thanks. I missed that scene. Ominae (talk) 03:12, 3 August 2015 (EDT)

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