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Nikolay Yeriomin A.K.A. Kloga, Kolya Logan, Kolya, Picture, Toaster.

I am from Donetsk, Ukraine and I'm a Master of Political Studies in International Relations (Bachelor and Master degrees received from Donetsk National University). Currently I’m studying International Relations as a post-graduate student (pursuing PhD) in the Donetsk National University in Vinnytsia.

I’m also an independent film-maker (you can check out my YouTube Channel) with some small experience on big budget productions. I’m very interested in both movies and firearms, though, being a film-buff the first one usually prevails.

Since February of 2014 I am the first (and, by far, only) person to receive the 3 months ban. Reason was officially given as "bad attitude". It wasn't my proudest moment. Although I still find some of the rules of this website a tiny bit outdated, it's just my humble opinion and I'm trying hard to stick o the rules.

Note: keep in mind that I'm quite a longtime user of this site and that despite my English improved a lot since then (professional translator from and to Russian and Ukrainian, in fact) and was upper intermediate already I had my difficulties which may still be evidenced here and there on this page, no matter how hard I'll try to re-write anything with time.

My articles and pages (including stand-alone sections and sub-sections)




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Categories (selected)


To Do

See here for a list of pages I'm more or less planning to do.

My contributions

Major Additions and Re-Writes

Note: Major re-writes have a bold hyperlink





Planning to re-write

Minor Edits and Small Contributions


Titles (selected)


Guns in My Life (heck, I should make a movie with title like that someday)

Guns, that I've fired or handled

Note: Excluding assorted airsoft. Only (more or less) real deal here.


  • LATEK Safari RF-440 (.22 CB/Flobert revolver, made in Ukraine) - fired it two times, shot one can with a second shot and nearly shot neighbors window with the first shot. Good thing which fits the hand right thanks to composite grips. It is interesting that 4/6mm (.22 cb Flobert) guns can be legally owned without any license in Ukraine.
  • Olympic 6 Blank Firing Revolver - starter revolver made in Italy. Was in my hands many times, including pulling the trigger.
  • IZH-38 - fired it as a part of school military lessons (a common thing in Post-Soviet countries).
  • Unknown Makarov PM air gun replica - fired it numerous times on a shooting range in Irpen.
  • Unknown Crossbow - fired it numerous times on a shooting range in Irpen.
  • Practice/Training Grenade - used it as a part of school military lessons (basically a piece of metal roughly of needed shape and form).


Airsoft and Prop Collection

See here

My preferences in firearms and media

Favorite firearms

Machine Guns

Grenade and Missile Launchers, Mortars


Rifles (including Assault and Battle ones) and Carbines

Submachine Guns, Machine and Semi-Automatic Pistols

Handguns (Standard and Compact Size)

Handguns (Sub-Compact Size, Derringers, Backups etc.)

Grenades, Explosives, Mines



Favorite movies

Currently I have 25 most favorite movies (a list of just favorite would have been something like 200 titles, probably):

Also there are a few films which are very close to be one of the favorites but needed to be re-watched a few times to make me sure if them needed to be in the list:

Favorite television shows (selected)

Favorite directors (selected)

Favorite actors (selected)

Favorite actresses (Selected)



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