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The Sign of Four (2001)

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The Sign of Four
The Sign of Four 2001 DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country CAN.jpg Canada
Directed by Rodney Gibbons
Release Date 2001
Studio Muse Entertainment Enterprises
Sign of Four Inc.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes Matt Frewer
Dr. John Watson Kenneth Welsh
Miss Mary Morstan Sophie Lorain
Thaddeus Sholto / Bartholomew Sholto Marcel Jeannin
Inspector Jones Michel Perron
John Small Edward Yankie
Major Sholto Johni Keyworth

The Sign of Four is a Canadian 2001 made for TV detective movie, based on the famous novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. It is directed by Rodney Gibbons and stars Matt Frewer as Sherlock Holmes and Kenneth Welsh as Dr. Watson. The movie is the second installment in series of four Sherlock Holmes fims starring Frewer and Welsh.

The following weapons were used in the film The Sign of Four:


Forehand & Wadsworth

Sherlock Holmes (Matt Frewer) carries a compact top-break revolver, as like as in other movies of the film series. It appears to be a Forehand & Wadsworth revolver, identified by its smooth front side of the frame, different from more common Smith & Wesson or Iver Johnson models.

Forehand & Wadsworth - .32 S&W
Holmes holds the revolver in the scene on the river pier (in the movie this scene replaces the boat chase in original novel). The smooth front part of the frame, typical for F&W models, can be seen.
Holmes resigns the gun to police Inspector Jones (Michel Perron) at his demand.

Bodeo M1889

Dr. Watson (Kenneth Welsh) also surrenders his revolver to Inspector Jones. The revolver is seen unclear but it seems to be a Bodeo M1889, likely same gun that was used by Watson in the first film of the series.

Bodeo Model 1889 Type I - 10.35x20mm R Italian
Watson draws his revolver...
...and hands it to Jones.

Webley RIC

A Webley RIC New Model is used by Inspector Jones (Michel Perron).

Webley RIC No.1 New Model with 4.5" barrel - .476 Webley
Jones' revolver in the drawer of his table.
Jones takes the revolver from the drawer. The grip is seen.
Jones persuades Small to release the hostage and surrender.
The fluted cylinder of RIC New Model is seen.
Jones fires a revolver, and one of his constables fires a Martini-Henry rifle.
A rare bright view of the revolver in generally dark scene.
Jones' revolver is seen in action, with rotating cylinder.
In next moment the front sight disappears from the revolver (and re-appears in following moment). Most likely this particular sequence was filmed later, and meanwhile the revolver got a damage or was replaced with another prop.

Webley Bulldog

John Small (Edward Yankie) (same character as Jonathan Small of the original novel) uses a Webley Bulldog during the shootout on the river pier. Holmes correctly call Small's revolver "a 5-shot Bulldog".

Nickel British Bulldog, a model with unfluted cylinder.
Small fires at police, using a kid as a human shield.
The unfluted cylinder of his revolver is seen.
Small holds his revolver.
Small confronts Holmes...
...but the great detective coolly replies that he counted all five shots...
...and he is right: Small's revolver runs dry.


Martini-Henry Rifle

During the shootout on river pier, police constables are armed with full-lenght Martini-Henry Rifles.

Martini-Henry Mk. IV (1888-1889) - .577-.450
Four constables receive rifles from a gun rack.
The barrel is seen.
A constable with Martini-Henry rifle.
Constables fire at Small, but Tonga attacks them with a blowpipe.
A constable fires at Tonga.
A rifle is seen near a poisoned constable while Watson holds a syringe, to inject the antidote.
Constables with rifles are seen behind Inspector Jones.

Enfield Pattern 1853

The opening scene, that tells the story of the treasure of Agra, is set during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and shows British soldiers armed with Enfield Pattern 1853 percussion cap rifled muskets.

Enfield Pattern 1853 - .577 Ball
An Enfield 1853 is seen on the foreground.
More rifles in stand.
A barrel of a rifle is seen at the right in the scene between Sergeant John Small (Edward Yankie) and Captain (at that time) Sholto (Johni Keyworth).
Another view of a rifle at the background.

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