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The Crown

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The Crown
Crown titlecardhires.jpg
Netflix title card
Country UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Release Date 2016-present
Language English
Studio Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television
Distributor Netflix
Main Cast
Character Actor
Queen Elizabeth II Claire Foy
Prince Philip Matt Smith
King George VI Jared Harris

The Crown is the Netflix original series that examines the reign of the United Kingdom's late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), portrayed for the series' first two seasons by Claire Foy. The first two seasons of the series primarily covered events from 1947 through 1964. Both of these seasons use flashbacks to touch on events prior to their main narratives, especially to World War II, the abdication crisis, and the youths of the Queen and her consort, Prince Philip (Matt Smith). The series' third season covers events from 1964 to 1977, with Olivia Colman, taking over the role of Elizabeth and Tobias Menzies of Prince Phillip.

The following weapons were used in the television series The Crown:


Lee-Enfield No.1

The Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Mk.III, or SMLE (or Rifle No.1 Mk.III under revised nomenclature) was the main battle rifle of British and Commonwealth forces in World War I. It continued to serve alongside the Lee-Enfield No.4 through World War II and until the adoption of the L1A1 self-loading rifle. It is often seen in the background or at a distance, and it is also prominently wielded by Elizabeth and Phillip's guide in Kenya.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk. III* - .303 British. This is the most common variant of the No.1 Mk.III.
Kenyan troops standing for review carrying No.1 rifles in "Hyde Park Corner" (S1E02). Note the fixed bayonets.
Elizabeth and Philip's guide with his No.1 rifle in "Hyde Park Corner" (S1E02).
Kenyan troops standing guard with their No.1 rifles in "Hyde Park Corner" (S1E02).
Egyptian troops with No.1 rifles (indicated by red arrows) in "Misadventure" (S2E01).

Double-Barreled Rifle

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, wields a double-barreled rifle in Kenya. This firearm is not a shotgun, as he can be heard ordering one of the party to "pass me my rifle". Though less commonly seen than double-barreled shotguns, double-barreled rifles were, and still are, popular for protection against dangerous African game. They can be chambered for very powerful cartridges and offer a very quick and reliable follow-up shot. Since British gun makers will make the rifles to the customer's specifications the fact that the rifle seen is a "hammered" model means nothing. Hammered guns (in contrast to hammerless models) are still manufactured and are chambered for the heaviest of calibers.

Pedersoli Reproduction of a Blackpowder Express Double - .50
Philip with his double-barreled rifle in "Hyde Park Corner" (S1E02).

Lee-Enfield No.4

The Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I was the main battle rifle of the United Kingdom and Canada during World War II, with the rest of the Commonwealth continuing to use the older No.1 rifle. Like the No.1, it is often seen in the background or at a distance. It can be distinguished from the No.1 by differences in the muzzle and rear sight.

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk 1* - .303 British
Rhodesian troops with their No.4 rifles in "Gelignite" (S1E06).
Ghanaian troops with their No.4 rifles in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

Type 56

At least one Egyptian soldier is armed with a Chinese Type 56 assault rifle during the beginning of the Suez Crisis in "Misadventure" (S2E01). It can be distinguished by the underfolding bayonet. It is probably meant to stand in for the Soviet AK-47; the Egyptians were being supplied with Soviet and Czech weapons, and the Type 56 was very new (and not exported in large quantities, if at all) at the time of this episode. The Egyptian Army was armed with a variety of bolt action rifles and Soviet SKSs during this conflict. An AK-47 or Type 56, while not anachronistic, is improbable.

Type 56 - 7.62x39mm
An Egyptian soldier with a Type 56 rifle in "Misadventure" (S2E01).


At least one Egyptian soldier is armed with an AKS-47-type rifle during the Suez Crisis in "Misadventure" (S2E01). Like its fixed stock brethren, it is an unlikely sight to see during the Suez Crisis of 1956.

Type 56-1 - 7.62x39mm
An Egyptian soldier with an AKS-47 (indicated by red arrow) in "Misadventure" (S2E01).


Many Egyptian soldiers and irregulars wield SKSs in "Misadventure" (S2E01), which were used extensively by Egypt during the conflict. They are not seen clearly enough for more a definitive identification, however.

Soviet SKS - 7.62x39mm
An Egyptian soldier with an SKS (indicated by red arrow) in "Misadventure" (S2E01).

Unknown Bolt-Action Rifle

Tommy Lascelles (Pip Torrens) is seen working on an unidentified bolt-action sporting rifle.

Tommy Lascelles with his sporting rifle in "Lisbon" (S2E03).

Parker-Hale M81

Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) hunts with a Parker-Hale M81. As Parker-Hale did not introduce the M81 until 1983, this is anachronistic.

Queen Elizabeth hunts with her Parker-Hale M81 in "Marionettes" (S2E05).

M1 Garand

American troops carry M1 Garand rifles.

M1 Garand - .30-06
An American soldier with his M1 Garand (indicated by the red arrow) in "Vergangenheit" (S2E06).

Karabiner 98k

Waffen-SS troops stand for review with Karabiner 98ks in "Vergangenheit" (S2E06).

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Waffen-SS troops with Kar98k rifles in "Vergangenheit" (S2E06).


The Queen's Guard carry L1A1 self-loading rifles in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

L1A1 SLR - 7.62x51mm NATO
The Queen's Guard doing squad drill with the L1A1 in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).
Another shot of the Queen's Guard doing squad drill with the L1A1 in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).
The Queen's Guard marching with the L1A1 in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

Gewehr 1898

Waffen-SS troops march with Mauser Gewehr 1898s during a funeral in "Paterfamilias" (S2E09). While Nazi Germany tends to be more associated with the Kar98k, the longer and older Gew. 98 would have been appropriate for ceremonial use.

Early Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Late Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Waffen-SS troops with Gew. 98s in "Paterfamilias" (S2E09).


12 Gauge Double Barreled shotguns

Many characters in the series are seen hunting with 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotguns, in the side-by-side barrel configuration.

Merkel 40E Shotgun - 12 gauge
King George VI (Jared Harris) (foreground) and Philip (Matt Smith) (background) with double-barreled shotguns in "Wolverton Splash" (S1E01).
King George with a double-barreled shotgun in "Hyde Park Corner" (S1E02).
Lord Mountbatten (Greg Wise) with a double-barreled shotgun in "Windsor" (S1E03).
Edward, Duke of Windsor (Alex Jennings) with a double-barreled shotgun in "Vergangenheit" (S2E06).
Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (Anton Lesser) with a double-barreled shotgun in "Mystery Man" (S2E10).

Winchester Model 1912

Ernst Augustus (Daniel Betts), Prince of Hanover wields a Winchester Model 1912 with a Cutts compensator, in contrast to the rest of his hunting party's double-barreled shotguns. Lord Mountbatten asks about it, to which Hanover replies, "I inherited it from my grandfather - as you know, Kaiser Wilhelm was not blessed with a normal physique ... but he loved to shoot, so modifications had to be made." Mountbatten also complains, "they didn't modify a shotgun, they modified a cannon."

This is all historically plausible. Kaiser Wilhelm II was delivered in a breech birth, and the use of forceps to assist delivery caused a severe shoulder injury. As an adult, his left arm was six inches shorter, and much weaker, than his right arm. He used many appliances and customized firearms to hunt. The Cutts compensator, like most recoil compensators, has a reputation for being very loud, hence Mountbatten's "cannon" comment.

Winchester Model 1912 - 12 gauge
Hanover (Daniel Betts) with his Winchester Model 1912 in "Windsor" (S1E03).
A clear shot of the Cutts compensator in "Windsor" (S1E03).
The effect of the Cutts compensator can be seen in this shot from "Windsor" (S1E03).

Submachine Guns


A British soldier wields a Sten in "Misadventure" (S2E01). The British made heavy use of the Sten submachine gun through World War II, but it was being quickly phased out in favor of the Sterling submachine gun by the time of the Suez Crisis in 1956.

Sten - 9x19mm
A British soldier with a Sten gun in "Misadventure" (S2E01).

M1A1 Thompson

A US soldier carries an M1A1 Thompson in "Vergangenheit" (S2E06).

M1A1 Thompson - .45 ACP
An American soldier with a Thompson in "Vergangenheit" (S2E06).

Machine Guns

Bren gun

A Bren gun is carried by a British soldier riding on a tank in "Misadventure" (S2E01).

Bren gun - .303 British
A British soldier on the right carries a Bren gun in "Misadventure" (S2E01).

Browning M1919A4

A Browning M1919A4 is briefly seen mounted on a Ghanaian Jeep in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

Browning M1919A4 on an M31C pedestal mount - .30-06
A blurry shot of the M1919A4 in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

Browning M2HB

A Browning M2HB is seen when Kwame Nkrumah, President of Ghana (Danny Sapani) welcomes Soviet dignitaries in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
An M2HB is seen in the background in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).


A DShKM is also seen during the Soviet visit to Ghana in 1961.

DShKM on tripod - 12.7x108mm
The DShKM on a tripod in "Dear Mrs. Kennedy" (S2E08).

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