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Krnka M1869 Rifle

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Russian M1869 Krnka Rifle - 15,24x40mmR

The Krnka M1869 (also called M1867 after the year of design) is a Russian battle rifle. It is a conversion of the muzzle-loading 6-line (15.2mm) M1857 rifle musket into a breech-loading rifle, created by Austrian (Czech) gun designer Sylvester Krnka and produced by Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod. The Krnka rifle was created in 1867 and adopted by the Russian Army in 1869. There were three slightly different versions, converted Infantry and Strelkovaya (Sharpshooter) versions of M1857 and Dragoon M1859. Krnka rifles were widely used in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78. In the 1880s, the Krnka was mostly replaced by the more advanced Berdan Rifle but Russian troops in Central Asia used Krnka rifles even into the 1890s. Krnka rifles were also supplied to Bulgarian and Montenegrin armies. The last known usage of the Krnka was by Bulgarian auxiliary troops in 1915. In Russia, decommissioned Krnka rifles were often converted to hunting shotguns.

Trivia: Krnka rifles were known among Russian soldiers under the nickname "Krynka" ("clay jug") due to the similar sound and the difficulty of pronouncing a Czech name that lacks vowels.


(1869 - ????)

  • Type: Breechblock rifle
  • Country of Origin: Russian Empire
  • Caliber: 15,24x40mmR
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg) (10.8 lbs (4.9 kg) with bayonet)
  • Length: 51.2 in (130 cm)
  • Capacity: 1

The Krnka M1869 Rifle and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Defence of Sevastopol (Oborona Sevastopolya) A Russian soldier 1911
Heroes of Shipka (Geroite na Shipka) Bulgarian soldiers 1955
The Pavilion on the Links (Dom na dyunakh) Mikhail Yanushkevich Beppo Sporterized or converted shotgun 1984
Valeriy Smetskoy Mario
Prairie Hunters in Mexico (Präriejäger in Mexiko) Mexicans 1988


Title Actor Character Note Date
In Search for Captain Grant (V poiskakh kapitana Granta) Yavor Milushev Talkav 1986
Petar Slabakov Indian chief


Film Title Character Note Date
Sirius the Jaeger Yuliy Ep. 03 2018

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