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Human Target - Season 2

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

Human Target - Season 2
HTS02 cover.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel Fox
Genre Crime, Drama
Broadcast 2010 - 2011
No. of Episodes 13
Main Cast
Character Actor
Christopher Chance Mark Valley
LaVerne Winston Chi McBride
Guerrero Jackie Earle Haley
Ilsa Pucci Indira Varma
Ames Janet Montgomery

Human Target was a television action series that was based on a DC Comics character created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino. Mark Valley starred as Christopher Chance, a unique security contractor whose unique way of protecting his clients was by completely integrating himself in their lives and thus himself becoming the target. The series aired for two seasons on FOX from 2010-2011 and co-starred Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley.

The following weapons appear in Season 2 of Human Target:


Walther P99

Christopher Chance's (Mark Valley) sidearm for the first part of Season 2 is the Walther P99.

Chance removing his P99 from his belt in "Ilsa Pucci". (S2E01)
Chance aiming the P99 at the Interrogator (Timothy Omundson) and Winston (Chi McBride) in "Ilsa Pucci" (S2E01).
Chance shooting the fire alarm of the bank in "Ilsa Pucci". (S2E01)

Para Ordnance Stealth S14-45 Limited

Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) changes his sidearm in Season 2's "A Problem Like Maria" (S02E07) to a Para Ordnance Stealth S14-45, which is the all-black version of the P14-45 Limited. He carries one starting from "Communication Breakdown" (S02E08) and gives it to Ilsa (Indira Varma) at one point. He can also be seen using it in "Cool Hand Guerrero" (S02E10) in Gun World to shoot the camera. In "Kill Bob" (S02E11) he uses it, only to trade weapons with Natalya a.k.a. "Angie" during their fight. Natalya (Lauren German) briefly handles it after she disarms Chance.

Para-Ordnance P-14 45 Limited (Stealth Edition)
Chance aiming the S14-45 at Hector Lopez (Jordi Caballero) before realizing he's shot in "Communication Breakdown". (S2E08)
Ilsa (Indira Varma) handles the S14-45 given to her by Chance in "Communication Breakdown". (S2E08)
Chance fires the Para Ordnance S14-45 at the beginning of "A Problem Like Maria". (S2E07)
Chance taking cover while holding the S14-45 in "Communication Breakdown" (S02E08). Note the double-stack-sized magazine.
Ilsa picking up the S14-45 in "Communication Breakdown". (S2E08)
The S14-45 set on a table in "Communication Breakdown" (S02E08). Note silver ejection port, 6 rear cocking serrations and 3 in the front, and obvious double-stack thickness.
Racking the S14-45 Limited's slide in "Communication Breakdown". (S2E08)
Chance aiming the S14-45 Limited at Natalya at the dinner table in "Cool Hand Guerrero". (S2E10)
Good closeup of the S14-45 Limited in "Kill Bob" (S02E11) before Chance shoots it at Natalya.
Natalya firing the S14-45 Limited after disarming Chance of said pistol in "Kill Bob". (S2E11)

Beretta 92FS

At the beginning of "Ilsa Pucci" (S02E01), the Interrogator's (Timothy Omundson) henchmen use Beretta 92FS's in the bank. One is used by Chance and Baptiste (Lennie James) in "The Return of Baptiste" (S02E04). Lt. Broward (Nick Chinlund) aims his 92FS at John Doe (Roger Bart) in "Dead Head" (S02E05) after he realizes that he was faking the recovery of his real memory. Maria (Leonor Varela) uses this as her sidearm in "A Problem like Maria" (S02E07). Victor Rosko (Eric Pollins) has one in "Imbroglio" (S02E09). A mercenary uses one to intimidate the hostages in the same episode.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The Interrogator's henchman with the Beretta in "Ilsa Pucci". (S2E01)
The Interrogator's henchman aims the Beretta. (S2E01)
Chance aiming the 92FS at Baptiste. (S2E04)
Broward intimidating John Doe with his sidearm aimed at his neck. (S2E05)
Maria aims her 92FS at Guerrero in "A Problem like Maria". (S2E07)
A mercenary aims the unloaded 92FS at the unconscious head bodyguard of Connie Pucci. (S2E09)
Victor aims his 92FS at the head of Connie Pucci. (S2E09)

Beretta 92FS Inox

A Beretta 92FS Inox was found in a secret compartment in the Brooks residence in "The Wife's Tale". It was used by Rebecca (Molly Parker) in an attempt to shoot Chance after she finds out what happened to her deceased husband.

Beretta 92FS Inox (flip side) - 9x19mm.
Inox pistol in Brooks residence. (S2E02)

Converted Beretta 92FS

A Beretta 92FS converted to look and fire like a select fire Beretta 93R was used by two gunman working for Shelly in "Ilsa Pucci" (S02E01).

Actual Beretta 93R- 9x19mm. Note lack of slide mounted safety.
Beretta 92FS rendered with extended barrel and magazine to resemble the Beretta 93R - 9x19mm
Gunman opens fire at Chance inside a bank in Geneva. Here he holds the foregrip. Note the slide mounted safety, a feature which real Beretta 93Rs do not have. (S2E01)
Another gunman covers Shelly and the others by firing his 93R at Chance inside the bank. (S2E01)

Glock 17

Security Guards for a bank and security personnel in Ilsa's party use Glock 17's at the beginning of "Ilsa Pucci". SFPD detectives use Glock 17's in "Dead Head". A thug is armed with a Glock 17 in 'The Other Side of the Mall', suppressed when he attacks Winston and the mother, and unsuppressed when he sticks it in Joel's back. A few Lopez henchmen in "A Problem like Maria are armed with Glock 17s. Corrupt Arizona State prison guards and Guerrero use it in "Cool Hand Guerrero", the latter trying to threaten death to the corrupt warden for accusing him of murder. Natalya has one in "Kill Bob" in her attempt to assassinate Bob before Chance thwarts her. Chance disarms a Claypool Security Solutions bodyguard in "The Trouble with Harry". A rogue CIA agent in "Marshall Pucci" has a Glock 17, although it is most likely 1st/2nd generation based as it has no railing under the barrel. Ames has a Glock 17 in the same episode, aimed at the rogue CIA forces at the rear by surprise with Winston.

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Bank Security Guards use the Glock in Episode 2.1 "Ilsa Pucci". (S2E01)
Pete (Tahmoh Penikett) along with other security personnel are armed with Glock 17's. (S2E01)
SFPD detective searching Ilsa's office. (S2E05)
Chance takes down a corrupt Major Crimes Unit detective. (S2E05)
A thug with the Glock in "The Other Side of the Mall. (S2E06)
Guerrero with the Glock 17, pointed at the warden's chest. (S2E10)
Rogue CIA agent with the Glock 17 without the railing underneath the barrel. (S2E13)

Glock 19

An OSA agent in "Kill Bob" is armed with a Glock 19 when he investigates a file breach in their hideout. CIA assassins disguised as Ilsa and "Julia" in "Marshall Pucci" are armed with suppressed Glock 19's.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
The bald OSA agent draws out a Glock 19 from underneath his trench coat prior to racking the slide. (S2E11)
CIA assassin disguised as "Julia" aims silenced Glock 19 in downtown SFO. (S2E13)

SIG-Sauer P225

In "A Problem Like Maria", Eladio Lopez uses a SIG-Sauer P225 initially, then later it switches to a full size P226. Its compact size can be seen when Ames takes it and tries to leave the bar.

SIG-Sauer P225 - 9x19mm
Ames disarming Eladio of his P225. (S2E07)
Ames aiming the P225 at the Lopez brothers. (S2E07)

SIG-Sauer P226

Used by Laverne Winston (Chi McBride) as his main sidearm in 'Sanctuary' and 'Baptiste'. He also uses one in Season 2's "The Wife's Tale". One can be seen in the flashback to Chance's assassin days in his toolbox in "The Wife's Tale" (2.2). In "Dead Head", Chance takes Winston's P226 after being attacked by Mongrel bikers.

P226 found next to the silenced P99, which was used to assassinate his target. (S2E02)
Chance gripping the P226's slide. (S2E05)
Chance racking the slide of Winston's P226 before taking on the Mongrels. (S2E05
Winston aiming the P226, taking the rogue CIA SOG forces by surprise. (S2E13)

Walther PPK

Gerard had a Walther PPK in an ankle holster in the episode "Victoria". He then gave it to Chance, who used it for the rest of the episode. Raven uses a nickel PPK in "Embassy Row" and assassin uses a smuggled one in "Rewind". Natalya 'Angie' uses one in "Kill Bob", until Chance takes her magazine then switches guns with her during the dinner fight.

Walther PPK with brown grips.
Natalya aims her Walther PPK at Chance. (S2E11)
Concealed Walther PPK. (S2E11)
Ain't that nice? Dinner with pistols... (S2E11)

Desert Eagle

A Desert Eagle with a nickel finish is seen holstered in the jean pants of Esteban in the Triple Frontier in "The Return of Baptiste".

Desert Eagle - .50 AE.
Esteban negotiating with Ilsa in the Triple Frontier. (S2E04)
Another scene. Not a good place to stick your Desert Eagle. Imagine if that goes off! (S2E04)


Chance uses an M1911A1 while escaping Cervantes's mansion.

M1911A1 .45 ACP
Chance aiming the M1911 at Baptiste in Paraguay. (S2E04)
Another angle. (S2E04)

Unknown Custom M1911

Used by Chicago in "Taking Ames" to pistol whip Marcus. Winston picks it up at one point. Visible features include skeletonized hammer and 3-hole trigger.

Marcus before he was pistol whipped with a custom 1911.
Winston with the 1911.

Makarov PM

The Makarov PM is the sidearm of Russian Embassy security forces in "Embassy Row". Raven aka Peter Blanchard disarms one of the guards and uses it to gun down Alexei Volkov and some of the guards with him at the embassy's security room before Emma kicks him to disarm him of the weapon. In one shot, the Makarov changes to the similar Walther PPK.

Makarov PM- 9x18mm Makarov
Makarov PM on the floor after Emma disarms Raven by kicking him.
Note the specific style of slide mounted safety and the magazine release. In this shot, the Makarov has changed to a Walther PPK.

FN Five-SeveN/USG

A thug under Hugh Prentiss in "Corner Man" takes aim at Chance with the FN Five-seveN USG. Hugh tries to take the pistol after thug is killed by Chance. Two assassins used a suppressed version before Winston takes one of them in "The Other Side Of The Mall." Natalya uses one as her sidearm in "Kill Bob" after her OSA legend is blown.

Notice that throughout the show, it is common for the Five-seveNs to change from the original version (with the distinctive looped trigger guard) to the current production USG model. This is because all Five-seveN USGs on the show are Tokyo Marui airsoft replicas; the blank-adapted (real) Five-seveNs used in firing scenes are all older models.

FN Five-SeveN USG (U.S. Government), 5.7x28mm. This is the most common version of the Five Seven in channels of commerce. It has a frame mounted safety and integral rails. No FN Five-seveN is issued with a threaded barrel, however, threaded barrels for sound suppressors are commercially available as an aftermarket item.
FN Five-SeveN (Original Model), 5.7x28mm. This model is no longer produced.
Winston holding the suppressed USG pistol on his right hand.
Aiming the suppressed USG at a civilian.
A thug loads his Five-seveN in "The Other Side of the Mall". The rounded trigger tells that it is the old model.
Natalya draws a Five-seveN out during her meeting with Bob. This a Tokyo Marui airsoft replica; when the image is enlarged to full-size, it is possible to read "Made in Japan" above the trigger guard.
A very good close up of the Five-seveN. Notice that this is an original Five-seveN, rather than the newer USG that Natalya used earlier (the latter is actually an airsoft replica, while this one is a real, blank-adapted firearm).

Beretta Cougar

The Beretta 8000 Cougar is Guerrero's (Jackie Earle Haley) main sidearm. Due to blank cartridge availability, it is most likely the 9mm version. He has one brandished at the pilot of a cargo airplane in "Salvage and Reclamation". He also uses one in "Sanctuary" and "Christopher Chance". Guerrero can be seen carrying one in Season 2's "Ilsa Pucci" when he checks the elevator and threatens to shoot Ames' kneecaps. He also carries it in "Dead Head" and in "Imbroglio" to test out a Kevlar vest Chance "got in the mail". Seen for a short time in "Cool Hand Guerrero".

Beretta 8000 Cougar- 9x19mm (The 8000 designates 9mm.)
Guerrero responding to Chance after he searched the elevator in Episode 2.1 "Ilsa Pucci".
Guerrero threatening to shoot Ames' kneecaps if she doesn't tell him who hired her in "Ilsa Pucci".
The Cougar being prepared by Guerrero after he sees two SFPD detectives arriving outside the bank.
Guerrero meeting Ilsa while aiming the Cougar at Chance's Kevlar-covered chest.
Closeup of the Cougar in Guerrero's hand.

Beretta Px4 Storm

Winston uses a Beretta Px4 Storm with a laser aiming device instead of his usual SIG-Sauer P226 in "The Other Side of the Mall" as his sidearm. After this episode however, he switches back. The laser is never used.

Beretta Px4 Storm 9x19mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP.
Winston holding the Px4 Storm on his left hand after chasing out the assassins.
Another shot of the Storm.

Smith and Wesson 5904

In "Dead Head", Winston removes a Smith & Wesson 5904 from Lieutenant Broward, which changed from a Beretta 92FS.

Late Model Smith & Wesson 5904 - 9x19mm.
Winston taking Broward's 5904

CZ 75 "Pre B"

A CZ 75 "Pre B" Model was first used by Baptiste to shoot a thug in a bar, then held by Chance in a standoff after they fight. Has wood grips.

CZ 75 "Pre B"- 9x19mm
Baptiste aiming the CZ 75 "Pre B" at Chance.
Closeup of the CZ 75 in Baptiste's hands. Note good trigger discipline, but awful grip.
The CZ-75 "Pre B"'s wood grips.

CZ P-07 Duty

The Head of Security in "The Trouble with Harry" carries the new CZ P-07 Duty as his sidearm.

CZ P07 Duty- 9x19mm
Head of Security fires his CZ P-07 at Chance and Ilsa.
Showing the CZ P-07's grip.

Jericho 941 R

Cervantes gives Baptiste a Jericho 941 R so that he can kill Chance and prove he is loyal, but then Baptiste turns it against him and uses it in their escape.

Jericho 941 R - 9x19mm
Baptiste aiming the Jericho 941 R at Chance in Paraguay.
Baptiste cocking the hammer of the Jericho 941 R. Shows good trigger discipline, but a very poor low grip.

Smith & Wesson M&P

Hector Lopez (Jordi Caballero) uses dual Smith & Wesson M&Ps with nickel slides in "A Problem Like Maria" (S02E07) and "Communications Breakdown" (S02E08). They are also momentarily used by Guererro (Jackie Earle Haley) and Ilsa (Indira Varma).

Twotone M&P - 9mm
Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) with the dual M&Ps after disarming Hector.
Ilsa (Indira Varma) beaten up before she shoots Hector with his own sidearm.

Taurus PT911

A Taurus PT911 with pink grips is held by a customer in Gun World, then she turns to shoot at Chance when he takes the DVDs.

Taurus PT911- 9x19mm
A customer in Gun World fires the Taurus at Chance.
Closeup of the customer's Taurus in Gun World.

Taurus PT92

A stainless Taurus PT92 is used by Eli Rosko (Carlo Rota) in "Imbroglio".

Taurus PT92 Stainless- 9x19mm
Eli aiming the pistol at Ilsa, taking her hostage.
"Perhaps I wasn't clear before."
Closeup of the PT92.

Tokarev TT-33

Baptiste takes a clueless Russian Prison Guard's Tokarev TT-33 then aims it at Chance in Ilsa's private plane in "The Return of Baptiste".

Tokarev TT-33- 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Baptiste angrily aiming the TT-33 at Chance. Finger off trigger and hammer down, wich would in reality not be very threatening.

Vektor CP1

Shelly, Ilsa's corrupt attorney, uses a Vektor CP1 in "Ilsa Pucci" as his personal sidearm when he was in Geneva.

Vektor CP1- 9x19mm
Shelly aiming the CP1 at Ilsa to make Chance drop his sidearm before he was wounded by Guerrero.

Colt Government Model 380

Julia carries a Colt Government Model 380 with pearl grips before it is taken from her by Ilsa.

Colt Government Model 380 - .380 ACP
"Julia" aiming the pistol covertly at Ilsa in the subway.
"Julia"'s pistol on the ground after Ilsa pulls the emergency stop switch.

Zoraki 925

An assassin uses a Zoraki 925 fitted with a flash hider and extended magazine.

Zoraki 925 fitted with barrel extension and high capacity 25 round magazine - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
Helmeted assassin wielding the Zoraki 925 in downtown SFO.

Unknown Pistols

Guerrero confronts "Julia" with this compact pistol from his ankle holster.

It almost looks like a Para Ordinance 6.45. Not sure but in the shot before when he draws it, it looks like a mini 1911.


Smith and Wesson Model 29

Taurus 689

A Taurus 689 is sold in Gun World to a customer who bought it with his 870 shotgun. It's later used to fire at Chance.

Taurus Model 689 with 4" barrel, rubber grips and spent casings - .38 Special
The Taurus 689 sold to a customer in Gun World.
The 689 being fired by the said customer at Chance.

Submachine Guns

FN P90

FN P90s were used by the unknown commandos in "Christopher Chance". It was outfitted with a laser and flashlight. One was also used by Ilsa's kidnappers to shoot at Chance in Season 2's pilot- "Ilsa Pucci". Some of the rogue CIA Special Operations Group (SOG) operators are armed with the P90 in "Marshall Pucci".

A FN P90 without laser or flashlight.
A P90 is fired at Chance outside the hotel.
Gunman firing the P90. On the right of the weapon is the flashlight module.
Rogue CIA SOG operator with the P90. You can see that the same torchlight and laser module are the same as the ones used back in the 1st season.
Rogue CIA SOG operator with the P90 on the rooftop.


Numerous people use the Heckler & Koch MP5A3, either with RIS rails or a dedicated forend. One of Sam Fisher's crewmembers is armed with a HK MP5A3, outfitted with a tactical flashlight on its foregrip and a scope during a robbery in "Sanctuary". In "Christopher Chance", a commando is armed with a MP5 outfitted with a scope and a tactical foregrip attached to a railed barrel. Another commando has a MP5 outfitted with a UMP stock. MP5A3s is handled by Lopez henchmen in "A Problem like Maria" when the Lopez brothers meet with Chance to exchange Ames and Guerrero for their hostage. Mercenaries use this in "Imbroglio", especially when they use Guerrero and a few hostages to be disguised as armed gunmen with MP5s taped to their bodies, similar to a scene from The Dark Knight, (Not to mention Batman and Human Target are both based on DC Comics). A customer fires one in "Cool Hand Guerrero", which is unusual as it is not sold in American gun shops.

Heckler and Koch MP5A3 with Surefire dedicated forend- 9x19mm
A Lopez henchman with the MP5A3. You can see the extended stock.
In the next shot, you can see the Surefire foregrip.
Crewman at left with the MP5A3.
Commando with a tricked up MP5.
Another view of the said MP5. Has a foregrip, scope and a tactical flashlight.
A commando armed with the MP5, its UMP stock folded.
A mercenary with the MP5 and a UMP stock. Possibly the same prop used in "Christopher Chance".
Chance giving Guerrero a MP5 with a railed foregrip and an attached scope. You can see the Navy trigger group and the ring at the end to place a sling, replacing the stock.
A restrained Guerrero uses the MP5's tac flashlight switch to send a message with his loose finger.
A MP5A3 with the Navy trigger group. This one has a scope and a tactical foregrip with a tac flashlight. You can also see the different buttstock here.
A customer shoots Chance with the MP5.


The Heckler & Koch MP5K is seen in the hands of Victoria' rogue Protection Command bodyguards in "Victoria". The Lopez brothers are armed with it in "A Problem like Maria". Hector Lopez uses one hunting Chance and Ilsa in Season 2's "Communication Breakdown". A mercenary uses it in "Imbroglio". Rogue CIA SOG operators use this in "Marshall Pucci" outfitted with torchlights, silencers and scopes.

Heckler & Koch MP5KA4.
Eladio and Hector Lopez shoot the getaway car in "A Problem Like Maria".
Hector slaps on the bolt after reloading it somewhere in South America.
Closeup of the MP5K used by a mercenary in "Imbroglio".
This MP5K has a tac flashlight and a foregrip.
Hector aiming the MP5K.
The SEF fire selector of the MP5K in the hands of a rogue CIA SOG operator.
Rogue CIA SOG operator shot by Chance, holding the MP5K.


The company men shooting at Chance and Jessica in "Tanarak" use Heckler & Koch MP7s. Russian security forces at the Russian embassy in "Embassy Row" use MP7s to attack both Chance and Emma when they escape from embassy grounds. In "Sanctuary", a Sam Fisher crewman starts the robbery by aiming the MP7 at the guards, as well as firing it against them. A Cervantes gunman in "The Return of Baptist" holds one on Chance and Baptiste. Mercenaries in "Imbroglio" use them. Chance takes one from one of them when he feigned illness. Ilsa uses one too after Chance knocks out another. CSS contractors in plainclothes are armed with a MP7. Seen in "Marshall Pucci" with rogue CIA SOG operators.

The Cervantes gunman with the H&K MP7.
Chance with the MP7. This has a scope and a tactical flashlight on the right side.
Ilsa after picking up the discarded MP7 to shoot the padlock.
Claypool bodyguard with the MP7. May be hard due to his dark clothing. Also note that the CSS bodyguard standing in front of Ilsa played a role in the pilot episode as the SPD hostage negotiator.
CSS plainclothed bodyguards aim their MP7s at the doorway leading to the dining room.
Rogue CIA SOG operator searching for Chance and Ilsa armed with the MP7.

Heckler & Koch UMP

A Lopez henchman is seen with a Heckler & Koch UMP after ambushing Ames and Guerrero in "A Problem like Maria". Another is seen in the same episode, but with no stock and instead, a sling takes it place.

Lopez henchman on the left with the UMP. It has a scope and a tactical foregrip.
The Lopez henchman on the right is armed with the UMP, but has a sling in place with a scope.


A Cervantes gunman uses this when he and his comrades brought Ilsa to the Triple Frontier.

A Cervantes gunman with the Uzi. This version has the metal folding stock.
On the right is the Uzi. You can see its barrel and cocking handle.

IMI Mini-Uzi

Used by a mercenary in "Imbroglio", holding everyone in the auditorium hostage.

On the right side, you can see the barrel of the Mini-Uzi.
Closeup of the Mini-Uzi.


OSA operative shot by Chance, holding the unknown SMG.
Aiming the SMG at Chance and Winston.


Remington 870 Shotgun

Used briefly by Winston to shoot a commando in "Christopher Chance". A customer in "Cool Hand Guerrero" buys one in Gun World, later used to fire at Chance when the customers and store employee assumes he's a thief. You can partially see an 870 at the hands of Alabama State Troopers in the same episode.

Remington 870 Shotgun with black stock
A customer buys a Remington 870.
"You're in for a world of hurt."
State Troopers in the left and middle aiming 870s at Ames and Winston.

Remington 870 Folding Stock

A Sam Fisher crewman is armed with the Remington 870 with a folded stock in "Sanctuary" when a robbery takes place. Winston uses it as his main weapon from "Dead Head" onward as well as with SFPD officers.

Crewman at right with the folded Remington 870 (partially unseen, but the stock can be seen.)
Another shot of the crewman's Remington 870.
The 870 is fired at the guards after shooting starts.
Winston takes the shotgun from the Cadillac Escalade in "Dead Head".
Firing the shotgun at Mongrel bikers.
Winston after taking out assassins in "Communication Breakdown".
SFPD officer armed with Remington 870 with a folding stock after busting in the MCU office. This has a torchlight.
Another SFPD officer with the Remington 870 with a folding stock. Also has a torchlight mounted.

Sawed off Remington 870 Field Gun

Maria uses the sawed off Remington 870 in "Salvage and Reclamation". A sawed off 870 shotgun was used by Guerrero when he was posing as a security guard at the beginning of "Ilsa Pucci". Chance uses this to save John Doe from Broward's custody by shooting the unmarked Crown Victoria cruiser's tires and radio.

Guerrero approaching Winston's captors in the bank in "Ilsa Pucci".
Another angle.
Chance uses a sawed off 870 aimed at Broward's unmarked cruiser.
Chance aiming the sawed off 870 at the unmarked cruiser's radio.

Ithaca 37

A sawed off Ithaca 37 is used by a Mongrel biker hired to take out Chance and Winston in "Dead Head".

Ithaca 37 12 gauge with sawed-off stock and barrel - 12 Gauge.
A Mongrel biker taking aim with a sawed off Ithaca 37.

Franchi SPAS-15

Briefly handled by Chance in "A Problem like Maria".

Chance with the SPAS-15. Can be barely seen due to the mirror's reflection.

Unknown Shotgun

An OSA agent conducts door breaching to get to the encrypted data.

Assault Rifles


Used by a Cervantes gunman chasing Chance, Baptiste and Susan in Paraguay via pickup truck.

A satisfactory closeup of the AKM used by a Cervantes gunman in Paraguay.


Russian Spetsnaz operators were on duty in the Russian Embassy as embassy security guards with the AKS-74U in "Embassy Row." A Cervantes gunman uses this when he was "taking" Ilsa to negotiate for Susan Connors' release in South America.

Cervantes gunman in the Triple Frontier.
On the left is the AKS-74U. You can see its trigger guard and plastic magazine.

Colt M4A1

Used by FBI Hostage Rescue Team assaulters in "Baptiste" after arresting him. In "Pilot", Seattle SWAT teams are armed with the M4A1, outfitted with a tactical foregrip. Guerrero uses one in "Communication Breakdown" to protect an investigator named Harry from mob assassins. Some of the CSS contractors are armed with the rifle in "The Trouble with Harry". Rogue CIA forces are seen with the rifle in "Marshall Pucci".

Guerrero wielding the M4A1 after gunning down an assassin.
CSS contractor guarding with the M4A1.
CSS contractor about to fire the M4A1 at the limo Guerrero commandeers. This has a red dot scope and a tactical foregrip with a picatinny railing on the upper receiver.
Rogue CIA SOG operator on the left armed with the M4A1, outfitted with a silencer, scope and a tactical vertical foregrip.
Rogue CIA SOG operator with the M4A1 on the right. It has a torchlight and a silencer.
Rogue CIA agent armed with the M4A1 after switching it from the Glock 17.

SIG SG 552

San Francisco Police officers in "Run" are armed with the SIG SG 552, used to gun down a rigged ambulance trying to breach the blocked road. This rifle is, however, not being used by the actual SFPD. In "A Problem like Maria", Winston uses it when he fights against the henchmen of the Lopez henchmen. Some of them are also armed with the rifle in ambushing Ames and Guerrero. CSS contractors guarding the Claypool estate in "The Trouble with Harry" are armed with this.

Two of the Lopez henchmen with 552s, outfitted with a tactical foregrip.
The blur makes the image a bit bad, but this is a SG 552 outfitted with a foregrip and a scope.
Winston poses with the 552 after the Lopez henchmen were defeated.
CSS contractor guarding the front part of the Claypool estate.

Sniper Rifles

Unknown M14/M1A

Guerrero uses this to cover Chance while he and Ilsa escape the bank in Geneva, Switzerland from the episode "Ilsa Pucci." Receiver is not clearly seen to tell which model it is. He uses it again to cover Bob in "Kill Bob". The exact same prop is seen in Gun World in "Cool Hand Guerrero".

  • edit* This weapon is actually a Springfield M1A with a JAE-100 stock installed.
M1A with JAE-100 stock
Guerrero conducting a weapons check on the M14 with a mounted riflescope.
Guerrero taking out Shelly and his men in "Ilsa Pucci".
Guerrero gets ready with his M14. You can see the modern plastic furniture.
Guerrero aiming the rifle at hostiles from the Cadillac Escalade.
Not a bad closeup of the receiver. At least from the back.
FPS scope sight of the M14's riflescope.

Remington 700PSS/700P

A sniper uses a Remington 700PSS to hold Winston and Guerrero in a garage in the episode "Victoria". It is shown to be firing semi-automatically though. A Seattle SWAT sniper is seemingly using the rifle too in "Pilot". It was not fired. The Remington 700PSS/P is used again by Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) to cover Chance and Ilsa Pucci during the banquet in the episode "Ilsa Pucci."

Remington 700PSS with Harris bipod, in .300 Win Mag
Guerrero arming himself with the 700PSS

Remington 700 AICS

Guerrero uses a Remington 700 AICS sniper rifle chassis to position his audio surveillance equipment in "Taking Ames".

Guerrero using the audio surveillance equipment on a Remington 700 AICS.

Unknown Sniper Rifle

Corrupt prison guard with a sniper rifle in "Cool Hand Guerrero".
The FPS scope sight.
In a Gun World sign.

Machine Guns

DShk machine gun

Used by Cervantes gunmen before they were disabled after Chance and Baptiste kill the gunners.

DShk being manned by Cervantes gunman before Baptiste shoots him.

Rocket Launchers

FIM-43 Redeye

Hector Lopez uses a Redeye in "A Problem in Maria" and in "Communication Breakdown" to shoot down Ilsa's private plane as retribution for Eladio's death.

Hector aiming the Redeye. You can see the functioning reticle.
Rear part of Hector's Redeye, still aimed at Ilsa's private plane.

Unknown Rocket Launcher

Winston uses an unknown rocket launcher in "A Problem Like Maria" to destroy a truck, giving Chance and the others enough distraction to fight off the Lopez brothers. It has a digital touchscreen to make the weapon work. The said weapon is also unusually seen in "Cool Hand Guerrero."

  • note that hebrew on rocket launcher and manual is slightly broken.
The rocket launcher with Hebrew writing.
hebrew reads:"Halutz 67, launcher rocket(sic),quick start, operation manual, model 125, read before use!"
Winston loads the warhead from the front.
The front portion of the rocket launcher.
Winston handling the Hebrew-based touchscreen.
Ain't it unusual for it to be there...
Lookee here. A rocket launcher worth 25% percent off.



Russian-made C4 was used by Natalya in "Kill Bob" to stage the fake deaths of Bob and Chance.

C4 found by Chance on the pickup bed. The letters are in Cyrillic.


A huge assortment of firearms are aimed at Chance in Season 1's "Salvage and Reclamation" as well as Season 2's "The Return of Baptiste". There is also a bunch in "Cool Hand Guerrero" in Gun World.

Several firearms aimed at Chance. Poor guy. The assault rifle in that image looks like a Norinco Type 56. The pistols are probably an M1911A1 or Browning Hi-Power and the revolvers looks to be a Smith & Wesson Model 29.
Multiple firearms aimed at Chance and Baptiste. There is an M1 Garand, an IMI Uzi, an unknown AK variant, an AKS-74U, and an unknown pistol.
Pistols from left to right consist of a Sig Sauer P225 or a P226, a Beretta Cougar, a Glock 19 and a Glock 17.
From top to bottom: A Remington-based bolt-action rifle, The unknown rocket launcher used by Winston back in "A Problem like Maria" and the M14/M1A rifle seen in "Ilsa Pucci".

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