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Gunmen (1993)

Gunmen is a 1994 action-comedy film directed by Deran Sarafian (Terminal Velocity). The plot centers around the theft of millions in drug money from a ruthless cartel leader and the attempt to recover it by both the leader and others. The cast includes Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles, Denis Leary, Kadeem Hardison and Patrick Stewart.

The following weapons were used in the film Gunmen:



Colt Model 1902 Sporting Model

Cole Parker (Mario Van Peebles) carries a customized Colt Model 1902 Sporting Model when he is escorting Dani Servigo (Christopher Lambert) around. Servigo later gains the weapon from Parker only to loose it later. The weapon is never fired through out the film. Parker scolds Servigo for loosing what he called his "Pro-Handle 9mm", when in reality the Model 1902 was only chambered for .38 ACP.

Colt Model 1902 Sporting Model - .38 ACP
Cole Parker points his 1902 at Servigo
Parker appears from the side of Servigo's bed at the whorehouse. Note the custom grips.
Parker trains his 1902 on Servigo
Parker drops his 1902 after Servigo uppercuts him. This is the clearest view of the custom 1902.
Servigo turns the tables on Parker.
Servigo holding the 1902.

Colt M1911A1

There a couple of different Model 1911 pistols used through the film. Parker carries one that has grips that are similar to his 1902 from earlier.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
A stock M1911A1 is seen tucked in Servigo's waistband.
Parker with his customized M1911A1, note the similarly designed 1902 grips.
Armor O'Malley (Denis Leary) carries an M1911A1 as he kicks Parker to the ground.

Ruger Super Blackhawk

When Servigo and Parker arrived at Bennett's (Sally Kirkland) armory, Parker is briefly seen rotating the cylinder on a Ruger Super Blackhawk revolver.

Ruger Super Blackhawk - .44 magnum
Parker rotates the cylinder of a Ruger Super Blackhawk.

Colt Diamondback

While gathering weapons at the armory, Servigo points a 2" Colt Diamondback revolver at Parker. In a continuity error, the gun repeatedly switches back and forth between the Diamondback and a 1911 throughout the scene.

Colt Diamondback Snubnose Revolver - .38 Special
Servigo with his snub-barreled Diamondback.

Smith and Wesson Model 66

Maria (Brenda Bakke) carries a snub-nosed S&W Model 66. At one point the gun appears to have a weird barrel attachment, it looks to be a cross between a silencer and a barrel extension with vents.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub Nose with 2.5" barrel - .357 magnum.
Maria executes Java with her model 66 snub.
Maria shoves her model 66 in Servigo's face. Note the weird barrel extension.
Maria with the Model 66 in hand as she looks for Servigo on the boat.

Smith and Wesson New Model No.3

Java (James Chalke) carries a Smith and Wesson No.3 revolver with pearl grips in his waistband. He briefly gives it to Armor O'Malley.

Smith & Wesson New Model No.3
Java pulls the No.3 revolver from his waistband.
O'Malley cocks the hammer of the No.3.
O'Malley fires the No.3.
Here the pearl grips can be seen as O'Malley walks away.
The No.3's grips can be seen clearly.

Unknown Handguns

Several handguns are seen throughout the film that are not shown clearly enough to be positively identified.

Chief Chavez (Richard C. Sarafian) has a pistol of some sort in a shoulder holster.
Rance (Robert Harper) pulls a revolver.
Servigo uses a revolver to shoot the ropes off of the dock so the ship can pull out.


Remington 870 Sawn-off

Parker picks up a sawn-off Remington 870 that is sawn-off at Bennett's armory. He is later seen with it at the dock, but he never actually uses it.

Remington 870 with sawed off barrel and stock - 12 Gauge
Parker racks the slide on the 870.
Parker with his 870.

Ithaca 37 Stakeout

Towards the end of the film, Maria is seen chasing and shooting at Servigo with an Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout shotgun.

Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" - 12 gauge
Maria with her Model 37 Stakeout.
A closeup of the Ithaca 37.

Sawn-off Double Barrel Shotgun

When Parker and Servigo arrive at Bennett's house, she greets them with a Sawn-Off double-barrel shotgun that she reveals from inside her bathtub.

Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
Bennett pulls her shotgun from the bath water.
Bennett with her shotgun.

Submachine Guns


Several of O'Malley's thugs carry and fire IMI Uzis.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
Java fires his Uzi.
Java holding an Uzi.
Servigo being escorted to the boat. The guards all have Uzis.

Micro Uzi

Parker finds and uses a Micro Uzi when he is escaping from the compound.

Micro Uzi - 9x19mm
The Micro Uzi lands at Parker's feet.
Parker opens fire with his newly acquired Micro Uzi. Throughout this scene, it's obvious the weapon is only firing in semi-automatic, with Peebles rapidly pulling the trigger to simulate full-auto fire and the sound of fully-automatic gunfire dubbed over the top.
After finding Servigo, Parker once again trains his gun on him.

Uzi Carbine

O'Malley and Parker use Uzi Carbines on the boat near the end of the film.

Uzi semiautomatic Carbine with 16" barrel (IMI Model A) - 9x19mm
O'Malley on board the boat with his Uzi Carbine.
Parker searches the boat with his Uzi Carbine.
O'Malley fires his Uzi Carbine.


Norinco Type 84S

Several thugs are seen firing Norinco Type 84S rifles with underfolding stocks. These rifles are likely standing in for the AKS-47

Norinco Type 84S Underfolder Model - 5.56x45mm
Maria fires an Type 84S into the second floor of the bar.
Parker examines a Type 84S at Bennett's armory.
A drug enforcement agent fires his Type 84S.


Several of the prison guards at the films opening are seen carrying and firing M16A2 rifles.

M16A2 Rifle - 5.56x45mm
One guard sits outside the prison with his M16 Rifle.
Guards open fire with their M16s.

Colt AR-15 Sporter I Carbine

One thug is seen with an Colt AR-15 Sporter I Carbine. Note the lack of a forward assist button.

Colt Sporter I Carbine - 5.56x45mm.
The thug with his AR15 Carbine.

Custom built Remington 700 Bolt Action Carbine

Parker receives a custom-built rifle from Izzy. It appears to be a cut-down Remington Model 700 rifle with a collapsible stock, vertical foregrip, scope and screw-on silencer.

Remington 700 BDL rifle (current production) - .308 Winchester
Parker screws on the rifle's silencer.
A closeup of the custom rifle.

Other Weapons

Spear Gun

Servigo uses a Spear gun near the end of the film.

Servigo takes aim with the speargun.

Fake M1A1 Bazooka

One of the thugs chasing Parker and Servigo carries a mocked-up M1A1 "Bazooka".

M1A1 Bazooka - 2.36 inch
Thug with his bazooka.

Bennett's Armory

A large assortment of weapons can be seen inside Bennett's armory.

Racks of AK type rifles and M16 style rifles can be seen here.
Here Uzis, pump-action shotguns, and hunting rifles can be seen.

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