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Death Rage (Con la rabbia agli occhi)

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Death Rage
(Con la rabbia agli occhi)
Con la rabbia agli occhi Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Antonio Margheriti
(as Anthony M. Dawson)
Release Date 1976
Studio Giovine
Main Cast
Character Actor
Peter Marciani Yul Brynner
Angelo Massimo Ranieri
Anny Barbara Bouchet
The police commissioner Martin Balsam
Brigadiere (Sgt.) Cannavale Giacomo Furia
Gennaro Gallo Giancarlo Sbragia
Vincent Sal Borgese
Pasquale Loris Bazzocchi
Peppiniello Luigi Bonos

Death Rage (Con la rabbia agli occhi, also released in English as Anger in His Eyes) is a 1976 Italian crime thriller directed by Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) and starring Yul Brynner as mafia hitman Peter Marciani. The conflict between the New York mafia and the camorra leads to a death of an American Mafioso in Naples, and Marciani receives the task to kill the camorra boss Gennaro Gallo (Giancarlo Sbragia). Although the hitman has already retired, he agrees to take the mission after he is told that it was Gallo who in the past was responcible for the murder of Peter's younger brother. Arriving from New York in Naples, Marciani gets acquainted with Angelo (Massimo Ranieri), a very determined young rascal who offers him his support.

The movie is the final screen appearance of Yul Brynner.

The following weapons were used in the film Death Rage (Con la rabbia agli occhi):


Beretta M1951

Beretta M1951 pistols are most often used in the movie, seen in hands of Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner), the police commissioner (Martin Balsam) and his subordinates, Gallo's henchmen Pasquale (Loris Bazzocchi) and several unnamed ones (including Tommaso Palladino), and American Mafioso Sal Leonardi (uncredited) and his bodyguard (Domenico Di Costanzo).

Beretta M1951 - 9x19mm
Leonardi's bodyguard fires at Gallo's henchmen during the shootout on the racetrack in the opening scene.
Sal Leonardi fires his pistol in the same scene.
Marciani fires the Beretta that he took away from Pasquale during the shootout in the Naples Metro.
The Beretta lies on Marciani's bed.
The police commissioner fires at the hitman who made an assination attempt at Marciani.
Another view of the commissioner's pistol.
Angelo (Massimo Ranieri) takes the pistol from the glovebox and hands it to Peter.
Peter interrogates wounded Vincent (Sal Borgese).
Gallo's hitman, posing as an attorney, carries a suppressed Beretta in his briefcase to kill an arrested criminal before he could confess.
Peter fires at a Gallo's henchman.

Beretta M1934

One of Gallo's henchmen is armed with a Beretta M1934 during the shootout on the cemetry.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
The man at the far left holds a Beretta M1934.
Another view of the same pistol.

Beretta Model 70

At least one of the police officers holds a Beretta Model 70 pistol.

Beretta Model 70 - .32 ACP
A police officer with a Beretta Model 70 is gunned down.

Walther P38

Gallo's henchman (Rosario Borelli) is armed with a Walther P38 during the shootout with Marciani in the Naples Metro. During the second assassination attempt on Marciani, a P38 is used by Gallo's henchman Vincent (Sal Borgese).

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
The unnamed henchman (at the left) holds a P38 while his accomplice Pasquale (Loris Bazzocchi) (at the right) is armed with barely seen Beretta M1951.
Another view of the pistol.
Vincent aims at Marciani from the car window.
Vincent fires his pistol during the shootout on the cemetry.


Smith & Wesson Military & Police

Revolvers are used by several of Gallo's henchmen in various scenes. They are mostly are seen unclear but what is seen allows to guess that this is Smith & Wesson Military & Police (possibly the same prop is reused throughout the movie).

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver with 4" barrel - .38 Special
During the shootout on the racetrack in the opening scene, one of the Gallo's henchmen is armed with a revolver. The gun has plain wooden grips, like Victory Model.
Another view of the same revolver.
During the shootout in the Naples Metro, Gallo's henchman's (Rosario Borelli) Walther P38 switches to a revolver due to a continuity error.
Another view of the same revolver.
A hitman holds a revolver in the flashback scene that shows the death of Peter's brother.
The side view of the hitman's revolver.

Snub nose revolver

During the shootout with police, one of Gallo's henchmen holds a snub nose revolver that is seen very unclear due to fast motion.


In the final scene, Angelo (Massimo Ranieri) fires a gun from his pocket. Only the muzzle is seen but judging by the size and shape the gun seems to be a snub nose revolver rather than a pistol.


Submachine Guns

Beretta Submachine Gun

In several scenes the police personnel carry submachine guns of Beretta Model 38 family. The exact model (or models) is unclear as the guns are seen too briefly or in darkness. The possible guesses are MAB 38/42, MAB 38/44, MAB 38/49 or MAB 38/57.

For reference: Beretta Model 38/44 - 9x19mm
Two police officers hold Beretta submachine guns in the night scene.


Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner) trains Angelo (Massimo Ranieri) to shoot a bolt action sniper rifle that is later used for the assassination of Gennaro Gallo. The exact model of the rifle is unidentified. The gun has an uncommon foregrip or palm rest below the handguard but this detail isn't used by the shooters who hold the rifle in a standard way. A rifle with same kind of foregrip, possibly the same model (except for the lack of the sniper scope) is seen in Italian film Night of the Sharks.

The disassembled rifle and ammunition in the bag. The cartridges are rimmed bottleneck, and the spent ammunition is used, judging by the primer of the second from the top cartridge.
The grip on the handguard and the sniper scope are seen. The disassembled buttstock is in Peter's hands.
Peter assembles the buttstock.
He puts the barrel with the bolt into the stock.
A view of the rifle from the bottom.
Peter attaches the sniper scope.
A close-up of the rifle in Angelo's hands.
Angelo trains in shooting.
Angelo aims the suppressed rifle.
Angelo tries to shoot at Gennaro Gallo.

M1 Carbine Style Sniper Rifle

In a flashback scene, Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner) kills one of his targets, using a sniper rifle that looks similar to M1 Carbine. It may be a common M1 or one of its .22 commercial versions, like Erma Werke Model E M1.

Marciani fires from the window. The general outline of the rifle resemble M1 Carbine.

Unidentified rifles

In another flashback scene, Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner) uses a suppressed sniper rifle that is seen only partially.

The handguard and the barrel with the sound suppressor are seen. The shadow shows the outlines of the gun. The shadow of the sniper scope is partially covered by the barrel that makes it look strange.
A view from the muzzle. The bolt and the sniper scope are blurred but at least their existance is proved.

Gallo's hitman uses a bolt action rifle in one of the assassination attempts.

The hitman aims. This rifle lacks the sniper scope.
The hitman runs away. The bolt handle is seen.
The barrel with the sound suppressor and the handguard are seen.

Air Rifle

Angelo (Massimo Ranieri) earns money at the racetrack by adjusting the results of races with an Air Rifle, from which he covertly shoots at horses against whom he bets. After Angelo drops this activities, his friend Peppiniello (Luigi Bonos) makes an attempt to do the same feat but is caught on the spot and arrested. The rifle is supposed to be some German Diana model, judging by the typical sights and the trigger guard.

Angelo takes the air rifle that is hidden in the utility shed on the racetrack.
He loads the rifle.
Angelo takes aim.
Views from the muzzle.
A police detective holds the air rifle when he introduces arrested Peppiniello to the commissioner's office.
The rifle in hands of the commissioner (Martin Balsam).

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