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The 10th Victim

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The 10th Victim
The 10th Victim-poster.jpg
Cinema Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
FRA.jpg France
Directed by Elio Petri
Release Date 1965
Language Italian
Studio Compagnia Cinematografica Champion
Distributor Embassy Pictures Corporation
Main Cast
Character Actor
Marcello Poletti Marcello Mastroianni
Caroline Meredith Ursula Andress
Olga Elsa Martinelli
Lidia Luce Bonifassy

The 10th Victim (original: La decima vittima) is a 1965 Italian/French action futuristic espionage comedy directed by Elio Petri based on Robert Sheckley 's 1953 short story "Seventh Victim". In the far off year of 2000, a private Hunt Club is created at the global level whose members, linked by computer, participate in ten hunts - alternating one as a hunter, the next as a victim. The game has a total of 10 hunts and whoever wins all ten hunts, gains immense popularity, a lot of money, a car, various discounts and benefits, etc. For American champion Caroline Meredith (Ursula Andress) the computer selects Italian Marcello Polletti (Marcello Mastroianni) as her tenth victim. The Hunter knows all about his or her victims, but the victim is only told that a hunt has started with him/her as the victim. Marcello is reluctant to kill Meredith because he is not sure whether she is his hunter and for killing non-participating person(s) one is given thirty years in prison. To maximize financial gain, Meredith has to kill her victim in front of the cameras as she has negotiated a major sponsor from the Ming Tea Company. But she falls in love with Marcello and devises a ruse how to outwit all - the Hunt Club agency, Marcello´s ex-wife and Marcello's mistress.

The following weapons were used in the movie The 10th Victim (La decima vittima):

Beretta M1935

The agents are armed with Beretta M1935s.

Beretta Model 1935, the .32 ACP version of the Model 1934. Other than caliber, the pistols are identical.
Spy-Browning Hi-Power-detail.jpg
Spy-Browning Hi-Power.jpg

Luger P08

Marcello Polletti (Marcello Mastroianni) awaits potential hunters with a Luger P08 pistol in hand.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm

Mauser C96

Mauser C96 in silver finish - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Baron Von Aschenberg (Wolfgang Hillinger) is armed with a Mauser C96.
The hunter uses a Mauser C96.

M1911A1 pistol

A Chinese man (George Wang) carries a M1911A1 as he hunts Caroline Meredith, his "victim".

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 Pistol - Commercial Model known as the "Colt Government Model" - .45 ACP
George Wang-M1911.jpg
George Wang-M1911-detail.jpg

Walther P38

Olga Lynd (Elsa Martinelli) fires at Marcello and Caroline with a Walther P38.

Walther P38 - 9x19mm
Elsa Martinelli-Walther P38.jpg
Elsa Martinelli-Walther P38-detail.jpg

Mondial Model 1900 Blank Firing Pistol

Various characters use sub-compact pistols that appear to be Mondial Model 1900 blank firing pistols.

Italian starter pistol Mondial Model 1900
Marcello Polletti (Marcello Mastroianni) always carries a pocket pistol.
Caroline holds in her hand a pocket pistol - present from Marcello.
Girls at the Colosseum stick their pocket pistols in Marcello's face.

Unknown "Derringer" pistol

Caroline (Ursula Andress) aims her Derringer pistol at Marcello.

Unidentified revolver

Marcello Polletti (Marcello Mastroianni) shoots Caroline Meredith with an unidentified revolver.

Winchester Model 1873

Marcella and Caroline battle with Lidia (Luce Bonifassy) and Olga in some old ruins with Winchester Model 1873 rifles.

Winchester Model 1873 carbine - 1st generation rifle - 44-40 Cal.
Marcello Mastroianni-Winchester M1892.jpg

Ursula Andress-Winchester M1892.jpg
Luce Bonifassy-Winchester M1892.jpg

Thompson Submachine Gun

Colt M1921AC Thompson with 20-round magazine - .45 ACP
The man at the shooting range testsThompson Submachine Gun.

The shooting bra

Caroline Meredith (Ursula Andress) uses her secret weapon in her bra to kill a Chinese man.

Ursula Andress-Brustpistol-detail.jpg
Ursula Andress-Brustpistol.jpg


The hunter has surprised Marcello on board the aircraft with Leuchtpistole.

Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
Last slide of film ...

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