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Wynonna Earp (TV Series)
WE title.jpg
Country Canada
Channel SyFy (US), CHCH-DT (Canada, Season 1), Space (Canada, Season 2)
Genre Supernatural Action Western
Broadcast 2016-
No. of Seasons 2+
No. of Episodes 25
Main Cast
Character Actor
Wynonna Earp Melanie Scrofano
Waverly Earp Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Deputy U.S. Marshal Xavier Dolls Shamier Anderson
"Doc" Holliday Tim Rozon
Officer Nicole Haught Katherine Barrell

Wynonna Earp is a Canadian supernatural action-western television series based on the comic book series of the same name by Beau Smith and stars Melanie Scrofano as the title character, a descendant of lawman Wyatt Earp, as she tries to rid her hometown of Purgatory from Revenants, resurrected criminals who were originally killed by her ancestor. According to a curse on the Earp family, Revenants try to gain vengeance by killing the oldest living Earp descendant. The only way to break the curse is to kill all 77 Revenants using Wyatt Earp's original gun: the "Peacemaker", a Single Action Army Buntline Special. Wynonna, who turns 27 in the series premiere, aims to end the curse with the help of her sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Deputy U.S. Marshal Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson). They are aided by Purgatory Sheriff’s Deputy Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) and the immortal gunfighter, John Henry “Doc” Holliday (Tim Rozon). The series was developed by Emily Andras, who previously served as Executive Producer and Showrunner during Seasons 3 and 4 of the series Lost Girl . The series premiered in the US on SyFy in 2016.

The following weapons were used in the television series Wynonna Earp:



Colt Buntline Special (EMF/Uberti replica)

A supernatural version of the Colt Buntline Special with ivory grips appears to be the sidearm carried by Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano). Willa Earp (Natalie Krill) fired the revolver in the episode "Landslide" (S1E11). Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) also wielded Peacemaker in the episode "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).

EMF/Uberti Buntline Special used by Kurt Russell in the film Tombstone. Due to the fact that current production Colt Buntlines are only available in 12" barrels, the film's armorer contacted EMF/Uberti to have three custom Buntlines made for Tombstone. From the personal collection of the film's armorer Peter Sherayko.
A publicity image of Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) wielding the Buntline Special.
Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) wields the Buntline Special.
Wynonna wields the supernatural revolver in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).
Willa Earp (Natalie Krill) takes target practice with Peacemaker in "Landslide" (S1E11).
Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) points Peacemaker at a Revenant in "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).

Single Action Army (Artillery)

A Single Action Army appears to one of the sidearms carried by the resurrected "Doc" Holliday (Tim Rozon).

2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - Nickel plated model - .45 Long Colt
A resurrected "Doc" Holliday (Tim Rozon) fires his SAA in "I See a Darkness" (S2E10).
"Doc" Holliday (Tim Rozon) aims his pistols out a barn door, a Colt Lightning on the left, the Colt SAA with a 7.5" barrel on the right, in the episode "Walkin' After Midnight" (S1E07).

Colt Python

A Colt Python with 4" barrel was is Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) in Seasons 1 and 2.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) holding a Colt Python in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).

Smith & Wesson Model 67

A Smith & Wesson Model 67 - .38 Special is seen in the hands of Willa Earp (Natalie Krill) in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).

Smith & Wesson Model 67 - .38 Special
A Smith & Wesson Model 67 is seen in the hands of Willa (Natalie Krill) in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).

Colt Lightning

A nickel-plated Colt Lightning is carried by Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) in both seasons.

Colt Lightning, similar to the one used by Val Kilmer in Tombstone, with a full-length ejector rod housing.
Doc Holliday Tim Rozon points a Colt Lightning at Bobo del Rey (Michael Eklund) in "Bury Me With My Guns On" (S1E09).
Doc Holliday cocks a Colt Lightning in the moments before a gunfight in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).


Glock 17

A Glock 17 with a Streamlight Tactical Light attached is the service weapon of Deputy US Marshal Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson). A Glock 17 is also used by Wynonna in the episode "I Walk the Line". Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) of the Black Badge Division also wields a Glock 17 in several episodes. This appears to be the service weapon of Black Badge agents.

Glock 17 Gen 3 - 9x19mm.
Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) pulling a Glock 17 in a scene from the episode "Constant Cravings" (S1E06).
Xavier holds his Glock 17 in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).
Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) wields a Glock 17 in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).
Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) points her Glock 17 at Deputy Marshal Dolls in the episode "Let's Pretend We're Strangers" (S2E05).
Dolls holds his hands up in surrender as Agent Lucado aims her Glock 17 at him in "Let's Pretend We're Strangers" (S2E05).


An M1911A1 is seen in "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).

An M1911A1 is seen at the left in "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).

Smith & Wesson 659

A Smith & Wesson 659 appears to be the sidearm carried by Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell). Waverly Earp carries Nicole's pistol in the episode "I See a Darkness" (S2E10).

Smith & Wesson 659 - 9x19mm. This is the Screen used Hero Gun held and fired by "Mister Pink" Steve Buscemi in the film Reservoir Dogs.
Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) brandishing a Smith & Wesson 659 in "Whiskey Lullaby" (S2E06).
Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) reaches for Nicole's 659 in "I See a Darkness" (S2E10).

Walther PPK

A Walther PPK appears to be used by Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) in the episode "Everybody Knows" (S2E07).

Walther PPK
Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) holding her back-up weapon, a Walther PPK with brown grips and a flat bottom magazine in the episode "Everybody Knows" (S2E07).

SIG-Sauer P228

A SIG-Sauer P228 appears to be used in the episode "Bury Me With My Guns On" (S1E09) by a Revenant.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm.
A Revenant thug aims what appears to be a SIG-Sauer P228 at the Stone Witch.


Benelli SuperNova

A Benelli Supernova tactical shotgun with pistol grip and ghost site appears to have been used in both seasons of Wynonna Earp; by Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) in Season 1 and Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) in Season 2.

Benelli Supernova with pistol grip stock combination - 12 Gauge
Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) holds a Benelli SuperNova Tactical Pump Shotgun in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).
Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) brandishes a Benelli SuperNova Tactical shotgun with pistol grip stock in "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).

Ithaca 37

An Ithaca 37 is used by Ewan (Brendan Fehr) in "I Hope You Dance" (S02E12).

Ithaca 37 Riot Version - 12 gauge
An Ithaca 37 is held by Ewan (Brendan Fehr) in "I Hope You Dance" (S02E12).
An Ithaca 37 at the right in "I Hope You Dance" (S02E12).

Over and Under Shotgun

A short-barreled 12 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun was used by Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) in several episodes of Season 1.

Sawn-off Browning Over and Under shotgun - 12 gauge.
Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) fires a round from a short barreled or sawed off shotgun in "Purgatory" (S1E01).

Remington SPR220 Cowboy

A Remington SPR220 Cowboy Coach Shotgun appears to have been used by Deputy Marshal Dolls (Shamier Anderson) in "Landslide" (S1E11). Willa/Eve (Natalie Krill) also carries the shotgun in "House of Memories" (S1E12).

Remington SPR220 Shotgun Exposed hammer Cowboy Action Gun - 12 gauge
Dolls aims a SPR220 during a gunfight at the Earp Homestead in "Landslide" (S1E11).
A Remington SPR220 at the left held by Willa/Eve in "House of Memories" (S1E12).

Short barreled Side by Side Shotgun (Sawed Off)

A short-barreled or sawed off Side by Side Shotgun similar to the Rossi Overland was used by Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) in the episode "Gone As a Girl Can Get" (S2E11).

Rossi Overland Short Barreled Shotgun - 12 gauge
Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) aims a sawed off double barreled side-by-side shotgun at Doc Holiday in the episode "Gone as a Girl Can Get" (S2E11).

Smith & Wesson 3000

A Smith & Wesson 3000 was used by Waverly Earp in "Keep the Home Fires Burning" (S1E02). The same model shotgun was used by Sheriff Randy Nedley in "Leavin' on Your Mind" (S1E03).

Smith & Wesson 3000
Waverly Earp racking a SmIth & Wesson 3000 in preparation in the episode "Keep the Home Fires Burning" (S1E02).
Sheriff Nedley wields a Smith & Wesson 3000 during a hostage stand-off in "Leavin' on Your Mind" (S1E03).

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

A Heckler & Koch MP5K is used by Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Willa Earp (Natalie Krill) in the episode "Landslide" (S1E11). It is used again by Wynonna and by Deputy Marshal Dolls (Shamier Anderson) in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).

Heckler & Koch MP5K - version with SEF Plastic Trigger Pack - 9x19mm.
Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Willa Earp (Natalie Krill) fire rounds from the H&K MP5K's at intruders in the episode "Landslide" (S1E11).
Wynonna Earp aims her H&K MP5K at Bobo del Rey in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).
Dolls (Shamier Anderson) carries an H&K MP5K in the episode "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).


An IMI Uzi was used in the episode "Bury Me With My Guns On" (S1E09) by Constance Clootie, also referred to as the Stone Witch.

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm.
The Stone Witch holding an Uzi after opening fire on a gathering of Revenants.

Sa. Vz. 61 Skorpion

An Sa. Vz. 61 Skorpion was used in the episode "Bury Me With My Guns On" (S1E09).

Sa Vz. 61 Skorpion - .32 ACP.
A Skorpion with the stock folded is brandished in during stand-off with the Stone Witch in a season one episode.


Winchester Model 1873

A Winchester Model 1873 was used by Waverly in "House of Memories" (S1E12) and also seen in "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).

Uberti replica of a Winchester 1873 carbine.
Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) carries a Winchester in "House of Memories" (S01E12).
At the left, the Winchester is seen in "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12).


SWAT agents carry the M4A1 in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).

Colt M4A1 with 6 position collapsible stock - 5.56x45mm. Note slight difference in shape of stock compared to older model M4 (above).
SWAT agents carry the M4A1 in "I Walk the Line" (S1E13).

Daewoo K2

A Daewoo K2 is brandished by a Revenant thug in "Bury Me With My Guns On" (S1E09).

Daewoo K2 Assault rifle - 5.56x45mm NATO.
A Daewoo K2 with a 20 round STANAG Magazine is shown in a scene from season one.


M203 Grenade Launder

An M203 Grenade Launcher is seen being used in the episode "Landslide" (S1E11).

M4A1 carbine 5.56x45mm with M68 Aimpoint red dot scope, flip-up rear sight, and M203A2 grenade launcher 40x46mm.
A Commando fires a smoke bomb from an M203A2 grenade launcher attached to an M4A1 in "Landslide" (S1E11).


M67 Frag Grenade

An M67 hand grenade is used by an unnamed commando in the episode "Landslide" (S1E11).

M67 fragmentation grenade.
An M67 Frag Grenade lands on the floor near a Remington double barrel shotgun during an attack by unknown commandos in the episode "Landslide" (S1E11).

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