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Hi, I'm MonkGlonk, which is a name I use nearly everywhere on the internet.

I've been a IMDB, IMFDB and IMCDB lurker for many years and maybe it's finally time to contribute something. I like cop shows and have watched them for years, starting with CSI: Miami (and the others) and then going to NCIS and its spin-offs. My watching was casual for a long time but after I discovered TNT's Major Crimes (now cancelled), I really fell in love with it and started contributing to the Major Crimes Division Wikia (now Fandom), eventually becoming an admin there. As a "hobby", I also researched a lot of the LAPD's organization (mostly because of the MCD Wikia) and have become quite an expert on that topic (if I say so myself) and from that, I moved on to researching the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) organization, looking up their manuals and all other info to improve their Wikipedia page, which I've improved quite a lot (in my opinion) over the years, starting with the organizational structure and ranks, along with past Director's of the agency.

From all these cop-shows, I took an interest in guns, mainly pistols, and I can confidently recognize all the "mainstream" and common pistols, along with some that are not so common, though I admit that's not much of a achievement on a forum dedicated to recognizing firearms.

The show's that I follow currently (or have started rewatching recently) include: Hawaii Five-0 (2010), the three NCIS shows, Bosch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Major Crimes, Person of Interest, The Rookie, and The Mentalist.

I hope I can contribute here, I already have some changes and/or discussion to add, for example to the Bosch, Season 6 page; the NCIS, Season 17 page; and to the Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Season 10 page. I've also recently started contributing to the IMCDB on the cars/vehicles which are being used on these shows.

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