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Tokyo ESP (2014).

The following weapons were used in the anime series Tokyo ESP:



Beretta 8000 Cougar

A Beretta 8000 Cougar is used by a ESP terrorist working for the Professor in "White Girl".

Beretta 8000L Cougar F Type P - 9x19mm.
The 8000 Cougar at the terrorist's waistband.

Beretta 92F

A Beretta 92F is used by Kuroi Kozuki when she joins up with the Professor in the middle of "Meeting, Phantom and Girl". The Professor uses one as his main sidearm when he confronts the General, who uses the same weapon, near the end of "In Bitter Lament...". The former uses it as his main sidearm afterwards.

Beretta 92F 9x19mm.
Kozuki prepares to fire the 92F. Ignore the cleavage.
The 92F aimed by Kozuki at Kobushi.
The General panics after he previously fired his sidearm at the Professor's apparition.
The Professor threatens the General by aiming his 92F at his temple.
The 92F fired by the Professor on a gunman who had shot Kyotaro.
The Professor confronts Kyotaro for the last time in "Tokyo ESP Girl".

Glock 17

Glock 17 pistols are used by everyone in the Edoyama and Hotokeda-gumi as their main sidearm in the series. Kyotaro Azuma uses one in "Penguin and Girl" to wound Merayama in the leg, using it again near the end of "Tokyo ESP Girl". One was suppose to be used by Torada as his main sidearm in "Attack, ESP Girls". An ESP terrorist working for the Professor is armed with a Glock 17 that has a stainless steel slide near the end of "Tokyo Girls War".

4th Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
Edoyama-oyabun fires his Glock 17 at Hotokeda-oyabun after his daughter gets kidnapped. Note that his facial features resembles Leonidas from 300 since he was voiced by Joji Nakata in the Japanese version of the movie.
Edoyoama-gumi wakashus fire their Glock 17s at close range at Hotokeda-oyabun.
Kyotaro Azuma with the Glock 17 he seized from a Hotokeda-gumi wakashu. Note the rail underneath the barrel.
The rendering of this pistol has the shape of a Glock 17, but it's not well-detailed.
Kyotaro confronts the Professor for the last time near the end of "Tokyo ESP Girl".
Glock 17 (3rd Generation) with stainless steel slide - 9x19mm
The ESP terrorist aims his Glock 17 at Murasaki. Previously, it was not well animated and it didn't have a stainless steel slide.

Heckler & Koch Mk23 SOCOM

One of the Professor's masked subordinates uses a Heckler & Koch MK23 SOCOM with a silencer in "Tokyo Girl Wars".

Airsoft replica of the MK23. Note the front slide serrations and white dot in the safety area.
The silenced MK23 aimed at Master Roshi.
The MK23 dropped. Note the LAM module attached underneath the pistol and the safety selector.


In a flashback sequence of Azuma's childhood in "Penguin and Girl", a mobster opens fire during a hit with a M1911A1.

Detailed screenshot of prewar M1911A1.
A mobster opens fire with the M1911A1.

SIG P230

SIG P230s are used by Security Police officers in "White Girl".

SIG-Sauer P230 .380 ACP (9mm kurz).
SP officers open fire with their P230s at Minami.
A closeup of the P230 used by a SP officer.
SP officers fire at the Professor at the safe room.
A good closeup of the two P230s.

Walther P99

The Walther P99 with a QPQ slide is used by Toru Kanze as his main sidearms, seen in "White Girl".

A two-tone Walther P99 fitted with a Walther Laser Module, as used in the original Underworld.
The closeup of a P99 with the laser module.
Toru aims his dual P99s at Minami.
You can see the laser modules turned on.


Nambu Model 60

Nambu Model 60s are used by Tokyo Metropolitan Police officers as their sidearm. One of the ESPers recruited by Minami uses a Model 60 seized from a police officer in the middle of "Tokyo Girls War".

Marushin-made airsoft replica of the New Nambu Model 60.
TMPD officers guarding the entrance of the ESP detention center aim their sidearms at the outskirts of the facility in "Tokyo Girls War".
A TMPD officer is brainwashed to commit suicide by shooting himself.
The ESPer aims the Model 60 at Master Roshi.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Heckler & Koch MP5A3s are used by anti-ESP operators as their main submachine gun.

Airsoft replica of the Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight and Navy trigger group.
Anti-ESP operators detain Rinka in a deserted shopping center at the start of "In Bitter Lament...".
Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group and MP5F stock - 9x19mm
An anti-ESP operator infiltrates the deserted apartment building during an anti-ESP operation at the start of "Tokyo Girls War".
MP5A3s are aimed at the Professor and Minami at their hideout.

Assault Rifles


In a flashback sequence of Azuma's childhood in "Penguin and Girl", an AK-47 with a 30-round magazine was left on the ground after a shooting took place. Various factions use them as their main weapon throughout "In Bitter Lament..."

AK-47 7.62x39mm.
The AK-47 ditched on the ground after a drive-by shooting killed several civilians.
Two AK-47s in the hands of soldiers assigned to protect the archaeologists.
Masked soldiers assassinate the Professor's archaeology group.
The General's soldiers engage one of the Professor's apparitions.

Heckler & Koch G36C

ESP terrorists working for the Professor are seen armed with the Heckler & Koch G36C in the show. Depending on the scene, they are usually seen with a mixture of vertical foregrips, red dot and EOTech sights. Brainwashed police officers are seen briefly with the G36C in "Tokyo Girls War".

Heckler & Koch G36C with an attached EOTech sight - 5.56x45mm
ESP terrorists detain Diet politicians in "Tokyo Girls War". Note that one of them as a red dot scope attached that looks like an EOTech sight.
Brainwashed TMPD officers are seen armed with the G36C as the group uses an elevator to storm the lower floors.
ESP terrorists open fire on Rinka and the anti-riot officers after they breach the Diet building.

Howa Type 89

Howa Type 89 assault rifles are used by JGSDF soldiers as their main assault rifle in the series.

Howa Type 89 - 5.56x45mm
JGSDF soldiers on guard duty in Minato.
JGSDF soldiers on the streets of Roppongi.


Franchi SPAS-12

One of the Hotokeda-gumu wakashus is armed with a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun with the buttstock removed at the start of "The Rain, Ring, and Girl".

Franchi SPAS-12 combat shotgun with stock removed – 12 Gauge.
The muscular Hotokeda-gumi wakashu with the SPAS-12 after he hears sounds of intrusion at their hideout.

Sniper Rifles

Barrett M82A1M

A Barrett M82A1M is used by one of the Professor's masked subordinates to take down the Cobra gunships in "White Girl".

Barrett M82A1M - .50 BMG
Close up of the M82A1M's barrel.
You can see a good shot of the M82A1M's body, bipod, loaded magazine, buttstock and trigger grip. Note the riflescope.

Remington 700

Remington 700s are used by anti-ESP operators to fire non-lethal rounds, first seen in "Attack, ESP Girls".

Remington 700 BDL rifle with no iron sights and scope (current production) - .308 Winchester
Anti-ESP operators rush in a residence to detain Kuroi Kobushi. Seriously, why use sniper rifles in small spaces?

Machine Guns

GE M61 Vulcan

M61 Vulcans are used by JASDF F-15 fighters deployed in "White Girl".

GE M61 Vulcan Cannon - 20mm
Two JASDF F-15s deployed towards the Diet building hijacked in mid-air.

GE M197 Vulcan

M197 Vulcans are used by JGSDF AH-1 Cobra gunships in "White Girl".

M197 Vulcan 20mm chin-mounted on an AH-1Z "Viper", a newer version of the AH-1 Cobra.
A JGSDF AH-1 Cobra moves in towards the Diet building airspace.
Three JGSDF AH-1 Cobra make their approach towards the hijacked Diet building.
A couple of JGSDF AH-1 Cobra gunships take aim at the hijacked Diet building with their M197s.

Sumitomo M2HB

Sumitomo M2HB heavy machine guns are seen mounted on Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces vehicles.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG. The Sumitomo M2HB is a license-made version of the Browning M2HB for Japanese use only.
A Sumitomo M2HB on top of a JGSDF Type 10 MBT in the streets of Roppongi.
Sumitomo M2HBs mounted on top of Type 10 MBTs as JGSDF forces secure the outskirts of the Diet building.



The General's forces uses a flashbang to stun the occupants before they were massacred in "In Bitter Lament..." It externally resembles the M7 CS gas grenade.

M7 CS gas grenade. The flashbang's external appearance resembles this.
The flashbang between the Professor's feet.

M61 Frag Grenade

A M61 Frag grenade is lobbed at Rinka and the anti-riot officers by an ESP terrorist near the end of "Tokyo Girls War". Kuroi Kobushi uses one to take out the Professor near the end of "Tokyo ESP Girl".

M61 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade, improved version of the M26
The primed M61 hurled at Rinka.
Kuroi frozen in ice before he can hurl the primed M61 near the end of "Tokyo ESP Girl".
The M61 at the Professor's feet, safety pin removed.

M67 Grenade

What appears to be an M67 frag grenade is used by an ESP terrorist after they breach the anti-ESP detention center in "Tokyo Girls War".

Airsoft "M67 hand grenade" gas bottle.
The M67 hurled at police officers.


Flamethrower Arms

A ESP terrorist working for the Professor uses a couple of robotic Flamethrower arms in "White Girl".

The flamethrower arms retracted.

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