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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
Dark mirror USP.jpg
PS2 front cover page
Release Date: 2006
Developer: SCE Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Series: Syphon Filter
Platforms: Playstation 2
PlayStation Portable
Genre: Stealth, third-person shooter


The weapons used in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror are listed.


Assault rifles

Galil AR

This weapon is used by Red Section personnel during some parts of Episodes 1 and 2; it is also wielded by Jimmy Zhou security members on Bangkok rooftops.

A Red Section soldier armed with a Galil next to Black King, who has an M249.

Colt M4A1

The Colt M4A1 is an optional weapon in Episode 2 Part 3. It can permanently be unlocked for player use if one destroys the depleted uranium containers in Episode 4 Part 3.

Colt M4A1 with integral suppressor

The silenced variant of the M4 is acquired by scoring 10 headshots in Episode 7 Part 4.

China Type 56

Used by Red Section leader White Scorpion. Unlocked by gaining the second Combat Knife Specialist badge.


The FA MAS is carried by certain ZP soldiers in Episode 4. Acquired by completing Training 2 under record time.

Dark mirror FA MAS.jpg


The AK-47 is used by certain Zivmović Prijateljstvo soldiers in Episode 4. Players unlock it by scoring 25 headshots in Episode 6 Part 1.

Dark mirror AK47.jpg

AU 300 H-BAR

The AU300 Heavy Barrel Automatic Rifle is seen in the hands of Red Section soldiers in Episodes 4, 5 and 6. Notably, Richard Kress brandishes one when fighting against Gabe, as do RS elites who storm the casino.

Promotional picture of Touchstone posing with the Steyr AUG.


Carried by Red Section thugs in Episode 6 and 7.

A 'Mission Failed' screen with the RPK shown on the bottom right side.

Heckler and Koch G11

Used by certain 'elite' Red Section enemies, including a FCS soldier in Episode 7 Part 1. Players may acquire it by gaining the third Combat Knife Specialist badge.

Colt M16 A2

Fires in burst-shot or single-shot. Unlocked by destroying all the depleted uranium containers for Episode 4 Part 2.

The M16A2 shown in the top left and bottom right panels.

Armalite AR-15

Apparently used by Mara Aramov's guards in 'Narbonne, France' according to Stone but players can never acquire it.

Stone, an AR-15 type weapon on his back, watches events before he assassinates Mara. Not only were the guards absent in The Omega Strain's version of this event, but Mara was also on a balcony.


Submachine guns

SITES Spectre M4

Seen in the hands of Red Section personnel in most of Episode 1 and one stage of Episode 2.

Dark mirror Spectre.jpg

MAK-10 9mm

The Military Armanent Corporation machine pistol. This one is chambered for the 9X19mm Parabellum. Red Section enemies use it in Episode 2.

Dark mirror MAC10.jpg


The Uzi submachine gun is primarily used by Peruvian War Revolutionary Council soldiers in Episode 3. It is also kicked to Pvt. Janzen in Episode 4 Part 2 - a factual error, since such a weapon would never be seen in this level.

Dark mirror Uzi.jpg

Heckler and Koch MP5 A3

The HK MP5 is used by Zivmović Prijateljstvo soldiers in Episode 4.

Dark mirror MP5.jpg
The infrared vision active while the player

Heckler and Koch MP5 A4 with integral suppressor

Unlocked by gaining the second Stealth Combat Specialist badge.

Heckler and Koch UMP .45

Carried by Konigsberg security personnel and players can unlock it by beating Training 3 without wasting a shot. Strangely, this SMG is equipped with a sniper-type scope.

Even with his life bar dwindling, Gabe decides to 'fight to the very death'. Rather inconsistent with an elite Special Forces soldier, which Logan was before he established his agency.

MAK-10 .45 ACP

The other version of the Military Armanent Corporation machine pistol, this variant using the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol. It cannot fire in full-auto; it has only burst- and single-shot features incorporated. Used by Konigsberg security personnel.

Fabric Nationale SSP90

The FN SSP90 is a unique weapon; its transparent magazine carries a total of 50 armour-piercing rounds that fire almost at rifle velocity. It is one of a few submachine guns to have more than 30 rounds per cartridge. It is seen only in the hands of veteran Red Section soldiers in Episode 7.

Dark mirror P90.jpg

Heckler and Koch MP7

Used by Red Section soldiers during the KemSynth Petroleumm incident.

The player here brandishing an MP7 with the EDSU goggles activated. Electronic Device Sensing Utility vision allows one to detect metallic objects, which glow yellow against a red background. In this particular case, Gabe is attempting to sabotage Red Section's explosives which were planted to destroy KemSynth Petroleum.


M1 Super 90

This 12 gauge shotgun is found in Episode 1 Part 4. It is unlocked by the player if one destroys all the depleted uranium containers in Episode 4 Part 1.

Daewood USAS-12

This fully automatic assault shotgun, notable for being required to defeat Jason Chance and Erich Rhoemer (the latter in Syphon Filter 3), can be used by Lian Xing, sadly only for a section of Episode 2 Part 1. However, the player can also unlock it by gaining the first badge of the Tactical Combat Specialist rating.

Shot Defender

This pump-action shotgun can be acquired in Episode 5 Part 1. It is permanently unlocked by completing Sana's, Yemen in record time. This would arguably not be considered worth it due to the weapon's horrible range - Yemen is possibly the hardest mission in the entire game to beat.

Sweeper 12 gauge

A semi-automatic shotgun seen in the hands of Red Section personnel in Episodes 6 and 7.

The weapon wheel displaying the Armasel at the top.

Sawed-off pistol

Gained by the player if one earns the first Survival Tactics Expert rating. Its cut-down barrel increases spread at close range but makes it utterly useless for long-range combat.

Dark mirror sawed off shotgun.jpg

Pancor Jackhammer

A variation of the Pancor Jackhammer, called the 'Jackhammer High Explosive' can be unlocked for use. It is generally similar to a standard shotgun but its rounds will detonate upon striking a target.

Dark mirror Pancor Jackhammer.jpg

General purpose machine guns

M249 SAW

Complete KemSynth Tower in record time to acquire this weapon. Certain bosses also use it.

Black King wielding a SAW alongside a Red Section soldier, the latter armed with a Galil.

Sniper rifles


Used by Red Section and Peruvian War Revolutionary Council soldiers.

Barrett 50-cal

Possibly the most powerful sniper rifle ever - firing a shot that penetrates directly through body armour. The downsides are the need for accuracy and its sluggish firing rate. Found in Episodes 6 and 7; the player can unlock it by gaining the third Tactical Combat Specialist badge.


The second default weapon for Gabe Logan is an 'MB-150' sniper rifle, which can never be dropped unless the game script calls for it. This particular weapon fires 6mm shots as well as 'darts', and the player is at no point able to swap it, release it from Gabe or otherwise get rid of it but there are two instances where the firearm is lost from one's inventory. The first is when Touchstone clobbers Gabe and uses the weapon against himself (but is promptly defeated) and the second is when the rifle is accidentally thrown over a balcony in Gabe's attempt to evade an ambush in Bangkok.

Dark mirror MB150.jpg


Just as Gabe's second default weapon is the MB-150, Lian Xing is armed with the VSS. Both are exactly similar, firing 6mm and various 'dart' rounds despite looking distinctly different.

Dark mirror VSS.jpg

Heckler and Koch PSG-1

A weapon that can be found in multiplayer matches.

Dark mirror PSG1.jpg


Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon

The SMAW is available in two variants: the first is a standard, anti-infantry version that is unlocked by destroying every warhead in Episode 4 Part 3. The second one is an 'Anti-Tank' version with only one round per magazine to compensate for its immense power, necessitating a reload every time the weapon is fired. The second one can only be found in Episode 4 Part 4, when Logan is forced to confront Zivmovic, the latter having hijacked an M1 Abrams main battle tank. As with The Omega Strain, using this too close to oneself causes collateral damage.

Dark mirror SMAW.jpg
Aiming down the SMAW sights in a multiplayer match. Unlike first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, which offer an iron sight, this launcher somehow has a zoom-in scope, which was the case in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain.

Heavy weapons



A turret bearing an indeterminate description can be used in the game; Gabe Logan is seen manning one while infiltrating the Red Section-assaulted KemSynth Petroleum facility. Lian Xing is also capable of using one in gameplay when she attempts to sabotage the antagonists' transport jet, while Gabe later protects Addison Hargrove using such a weapon, only to have White Scorpion hijack it and use it against him. Although the weapon technically has unlimited rounds, players should beware and fire in bursts lest it overheats.

Dark mirror turret.jpg


In a callback to the original Syphon Filter's fight with Anton Girdeaux in Freedom Memorial, Red Jack is seen armed with a general-purpose fire whip, as is another unnamed Red Section grunt, both of whom Gabe has the distinct bad luck of encountering in gameplay. Fortunately for him, the weapon's weaknesses are exactly as that which Girdeaux bore: shooting the fuel tanks on one's back would detonate the weapon and kill the user from immolation.

Dark mirror flamethrower.jpg


Heckler and Koch USP .45

Gabe Logan is seen wielding some variant of the USP on the game's cover page but the weapon is never actually used in the game.

Dark mirror USP.jpg

Heckler and Koch Mark 23

The Mark 23 is Gabe's default pistol for every mission, as the TEK 9 is for Lian unless the player swapped it for a different pistol. With a threaded suppressor and a heavy-hitting .45 ACP round, it is the perfect tool for the silent soldier.

Dark mirror MK 23.jpg
The night vision goggles activated while Gabe brandishes the Mark 23.

Flare gun

What seems to be a general purpose flare gun can be unlocked and used. Interestingly, it set enemies aflame on the PSP; this counted as environment kills. The PS2 and Vita version both could not set victims afire seeing as the violence was reduced on both consoles.

Dark mirror Jerico.jpg

Fabric Nationale Five seveN


Desert Eagle


Machine pistols

Intratec TEK 9

Lian Xing is automatically armed with an unsilenced TEK 9 automatic pistol for the missions where she is playable. Her version is a semi-automatic and single-shot capable. The silenced version of this weapon can be unlocked and used in gameplay, the latter also equipped with a fully automatic fire mode.

Dark mirror tek 9.jpg

CZ Mach 9


M67 fragmentation grenade

The M67 frag grenade is usable through most missions. It is a lethal device that wounds and kills those caught in its blast radius.

Dark mirror M65.jpg

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