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Glock 19

This was only the second film to feature a Glock pistol, the first being 1990's Die Hard 2. The Glock 19 was not even a year old when this movie was released (1991).

I removed this information, because it's not true. IMFDB has already documented that Johnny Handsome (1989) had a Glock 17, which would mean that, at the very least, The Hard Way is the third film to feature one. Furthermore, New Jack City, another movie released in 1991, had a Glock 19, which means that The Hard Way isn't even the first movie to feature that specific model.

Also, the Glock 19 was not only a year old when this movie came out - it was first introduced in 1988 (you can read Soldier of Fortune magazine's review of the gun from their August 1988 issue at this link), so it would have been three years old by 1991. -MT2008 22:15, 12 March 2011 (MSK)

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