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Sorry, I'm totally new here and got the title in wrong. But I think most of the info's accurate! --User:Hyperion45

if you're ready to put in more effort, this is technically an add-on and needs to be an extension on the existing Alan Wake page--Jackbel 00:48, 3 March 2012 (CST)

No it's actually a downloadable arcade game. Adding this to the Alan Wake page would just clutter things up. I personally consider it a long awaited DLC, but technically it's really a standalone game.

GTA IV's expansions play like standalone games, but they're still DLC and the new guns in them are all on the main GTA IV page. This seems no different to me. And the Alan Wake page is pretty small, actually. Spartan198 18:11, 3 March 2012 (CST)

Yes but officially this IS a standalone game.

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