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About the brighter screenshots

With the help of a friend, I have uploaded brighter versions of the darkest screenshots on the page in hopes that the unknown weapons will be more identifiable and the ones such as the Colt Python and the FN Minimi will be more reconigizable. I have done this because if you have seen the movie, you would know how bad the lighting is. Anyway I hope the new screenshots help. Alienqueen11

A Question

Alright, I own the movie, and I've noticed, but can't really tell, Does Sheriff Morales' shotgun not have a stock? It's never seen clearly in the film [His arm is always in the way], and when they are raiding the gun store he holds it funny, when he could just have it shouldered.


(moved from Main Page) I'm not too sure that's a Remington 700, the floor plate looks wrong for a Remington unless it's a custom one with stock. but in the second pic it looks like it has a three position safety which more immediately would suggest a Winchester Model 70, however the IS a replacement safety to modify a Remington so it has BOTH safeties (a stupid idea if you ask me). Also his son Sam is seen with some kind of semi auto hunting rifle, looked like a Browning BAR sporter

375 RUM

  • It's not a Remington 700 or a Winchester M70, because the magazine is in front of the trigger guard in the above picture.

It could have been a Remington 700 custom. I have found several pictures of them thus, though the magazines looked different.

Also could possibly be a "Monte Carlo" modded version of a Mosin Nagant.

Is is possibley a Lee-Enfield or Lee-Metford rifle? - Gunmaster45

For the person who mentioned a magazine in front of the trigger guard, I think that's just the tree behind him. I'm just going to label as a Remington 700, until someone confirms it or corrects it.--Alienqueen11 23:04, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

That might be a Knights Armament Company Mk.48 LMG because that is the only Light Machine Gun that can support a silencer, except for the KAC ChainSAW... which is a beast.

It's not. This is a movie. Blank-adapted firearms of any sort can take suppressors because they screw into the interior threading of the barrel where the adapter goes. What that means is that even a regular M249 can easily take a fake suppressor can.

Daewoo K3

I know that the K3 is used alot in movies, but how do you know it's a K3 and not a Minimi/M249 they are using in this movie ?? (Sorry if I mispelled any word) VillageFroid 01:43 September 16 (UTC)

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