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Steins;Gate (April 6 - September 14, 2011)

Steins;Gate is a 2011 anime series produced by White Fox, based on the 5pb. visual novel of the same name. It centers around a group of college students (led by Rintaro "Okarin" Okabe) and their accidental creation of a device capable of sending text messages back in time, allowing them to alter the past.

A non-chronologically-linear sequel, Steins;Gate 0, was released in 2018.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Steins;Gate:



Unknown 1911 Variant

M1911A1-pattern pistols (presently unidentified) are a rather common sight, appearing in the hands of Rounders in most of the episodes in which they appear (replacing the Walther PPKs they used in the original VN), as well as Okabe Rintaro in Episode 14 ("Physically Necrosis") and future resistance fighters in Episode 15 ("Missing Link Necrosis"), though neither of these parties are ever seen using them. Yugo "Mr. Braun" Tennouji also uses one in Episode 20 ("Finalize Apoptosis"), as opposed to the Beretta 92FS he used in the VN.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
During the raid in Episode 12 ("Dogma in Ergosphere"), Moeka Kiryu pulls her 1911's trigger.
A side-on shot of the pistol; note the unusual presence of a Colt Commander-style ring hammer on a full-sized 1911. Said hammer is also uncocked, despite the pistol having been fired mere seconds earlier.
With the confrontation continuing into Episode 13 ("Metaphysics Necrosis"), Moeka aims her 1911 at Okabe.
Another pistol (formerly belonging to the aloha-shirted Rounder) lies on the floor.
Picking it up, Suzuha engages in a Mexican standoff with Moeka, in one of the series's more famous moments.
In the following episode, Okabe takes away Moeka's 1911; it's worth noting that, despite the rather serious nature of this scene, he disarms her under the threat of a toy ray gun. Which, as it happens, is also a TV remote.
His attempt to threaten her with an actual firearm is rather short-lived, with the audience getting a first-person shot of him losing consciousness. Note how here, the hammer appears to be cocked, despite it being uncocked in the prior shot and Okabe not cocking it.
He awakes to the exact opposite situation.
An anti-SERN resistance fighter drops their handgun; note how, unlike the rest of the series' 1911s, this one has wooden grips and a normal spur-type hammer.
Even while shooting someone, Mr. Braun's signature joyless smile never falters. Note the full-length guide rod.

Glock 17

Suzuha Amane uses a suppressed Glock 17 to shoot out a lock in Episodes 23 ("Open the Steins Gate") and 24 ("Achievement Point").

Glock 17 (Gen 1) - 9x19mm
The business end of Suzuha's suppressed sidearm. Note the odd shape of the slide, more akin to a Browning Hi-Power than a Glock; this appears to be the result of one of the artists looking at an image of a pre-Gen 3 Glock and mistaking the narrower portion of the dustcover for part of the slide.
This would also explain why the slide does this when Suzuha fires her pistol; this type of slide-frame interaction would otherwise only be possible with a Glock 17L...
...which, as can be seen in the next shot, this clearly isn't.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

In Episode 15, SERN agents in Suzuha Amane's description of 2036 use Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - 9x19mm
A group of SERN agents fire their MP5Ks.
A close-up of one of the agents; it's not exactly clear how they're supposed to be aiming, but their effectiveness speaks for itself.
The agents are blinded by Suzuha's flashbang; this gives a clear view of their MP5Ks' SEF lower receivers.



Several of the Rounders in Episodes 12 and 13 also use AK-47 rifles, seemingly of the Type III variety.

AK-47 (Type III) - 7.62x39mm
The Rounders rounding the corner into the Future Gadget Laboratory, AKs in hand.
A sliding close-up shot of one of the rifles, giving a good view of the barrel, front sight, and gas block/tube...
...followed by the handguard, rear sight, and part of the receiver (including the currently-engaged safety)...
...and then the silhouetted trigger group and magazine of another AK.
A brief, lower-detail shot of the Rounders and their weapons. Note that they're all wearing masks; in the VN, they were instead all bare-faced.
A good view of an AK's stock and pistol grip as it gets launched through the air by Suzuha.
Several low-detail AKs lie on the floor as Moeka and Suzuha stare each other down.
As Moeka rallies the Rounder raiding party, several silhouetted AKs are seen.
A couple more are seen in close-ups.
An additional Rounder stays behind to guard Okarin, AK in hand.


M18A1 Claymore

First seen in Episode 10 ("Chaos Theory Homeostasis III"), "Future Gadget #4 - Moad Snake" is a replica M18A1 Claymore mine. Aside from serving as a reference to Metal Gear Solid, its actual purpose is a "super-instant humidifier", which translates to it producing a massive amount of steam as soon as it's opened. The device plays an important role in Episode 13, with Okabe using it to create a smokescreen to blind Moeka.

M18A1 Claymore
Ruka Urushibara finds the Moad Snake, mistaking it for a camping/cooking kit.
Attempting to open the device, she removes the pin...
...and causes it to blow open.
This creates a large blast of steam, as per the device's intended function.
It's remarkably effective in doing so; the entire room is quickly filled with steam. It'd be even more impressive if someone could find an actual use for it.
Which, 3 episodes later, is exactly what happens - Okabe pulls the pin, and he and Kurisu disappear into the steam.

M84 Stun Grenade

In Episode 15, Suzuha is seen throwing an M84 Stun Grenade during her 2036 flashback.

M84 Stun Grenade
Suzuha pulling the pin out of an M84 with her teeth; this is a rather bad idea, since grenade pins are not meant to come out more easily than human teeth (for rather obvious reasons), literally doubly so with an M84 since they have two separate pins.
Teeth unharmed, Suzuha throws her flashbang down the staircase at her pursuers.
Another frame from the same sequence, showing that the grenade's lever is correctly absent.
A close-up of the grenade, showing that it is incorrectly depicted with a completely smooth, black body; the real grenade is painted multiple colors (as the reference image shows), and has holes in the central cylinder that allow it to make a loud "bang" without breaking apart and throwing shrapnel.

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