Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, also known as Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, is the ninth main series film in the Star Wars film franchise, and the third and final film of the "Sequel Trilogy", after The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. J. J. Abrams, director of The Force Awakens, returns to direct The Rise of Skywalker. The film was released in December 2019.




LPA NN-14 Blaster Pistol

Rey continues to carry the the "LPA NN-14 blaster pistol" in The Rise of Skywalker.

LPA NN-14 blaster pistol
In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey's pistol is seen in the holster as she prepares to ignite the lightsaber.

Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech Glie-44 Blaster Pistol (SIG-Sauer P226)

The "Eirriss Ryloth Defense Glie-44 blaster pistol", based on the SIG-Sauer P226, continues to be the main sidearm of the Resistance. Finn and Poe Dameron notably use them throughout the film.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Eirriss Ryloth Defense Glie-44 blaster pistol

Sonn-Blas SE-44C Blaster Pistol (FAB Defense KPOS)

First Order Stormtroopers carry the "Sonn-Blas SE-44C blaster pistol", which is based on a Glock 17 inside a FAB Defense KPOS carbine conversion kit with the folding stock removed. A custom muzzle device similar to the DL-44's has also been fitted, as well as a strange sight-like device, whose design includes an AR-15-style front sight and the charging handle/elevation knob area of an M16A2. General Pryde (Richard E. Grant) carries one as his sidearm.

A Glock pistol fitted in a FAB Defense KPOS Glock to Carbine PDW Conversion Kit
Sonn-Blas SE-44C blaster pistol

Submachine Guns

Sonn-Blas F-11D Blaster Rifle

First Order Stormtroopers in The Rise of Skywalker are still armed with Sterling SMG-based "Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifles". General Hux breifly uses one to kill the Stormtroopers assigned to execute Poe, Finn, and Chewbaccia when revealing to be a spy. Then General Pryde uses one to kill Hux at point-blank range. Chewbaccia also briefly uses one when Poe and Finn escape the ship.

Sterling L2A3 - 9x19mm
Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle
In The Rise of Skywalker, a stormtrooper uses the blaster as Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) takes down an adversary.

DH-17 Blaster Rifle (Sterling SMG)

DH-17 Blaster Rifles, built off of Sterling SMGs, are used by several Resistance members including Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran).

Sterling L2A3 - 9x19mm
DH-17 Blaster Rifle

SE-14r Light Repeating Blaster Pistol (Rexim Favor)

Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) uses his Chromium-plated SE-14r as his main sidearm in the film.

Rexim Favor Mk5 - 9x19mm


BlasTech EL-16 Blaster and EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle (Heckler & Koch G36C)

The Resistance uses the "BlasTech EL-16 blaster" (roughly the Resistance's equivalent of the F-11D) and "BlasTech EL-16HFE (Heavy Field Edition) blaster rifle" in The Rise of Skywalker, both of which appear to be based on a Heckler & Koch G36C. The two blasters are visually identical, except that the EL-16HFE has a stock.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
BlasTech EL-16 blaster
BlasTech EL-16HFE blaster rifle

ST-W48 Blaster Rifle

During the the main battle of Exegol, Sith Troopers use an ST-W48 Blaster Rifle as their main weapon. It is primarily built around a Glock 17 in a CAA Tactical RONI carbine conversion kit, but has been modified with a Heckler & Koch G36C styled forend, and the same sight based on M16A2 parts used on the Sonn-Blas SE-44C Blaster Pistol. Additionally it features a quarrel-bolt launcher installed under its main barrel.

The CAA Tactical RONI-G1 with weaponlight, red dot sight, and 3x magnifier, shown here with a Glock 19.
Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm

Heavy Weapons

F-11ABA Heavy Blaster Cannon (Sterling SMG)

During the main battle of Exegol, Sith Jet Troopers use a F-11ABA Heavy Blaster Cannon as their main weapon. The F-11ABA is based on the Sterling SMG like the F-11D Blaster Rifle, but features a red colored body, with an enlarged barrel.

Sterling L2A3 - 9x19mm

Rocket Launchers

Sonn-Blas G125 Projectile Launcher

During the Treadspeeder chase on Passana, Jet Troopers use a Sonn-Blas G125 Projectile Launcher to try and take out Rey, Poe, Finn, C-3PO, and Chewbaccia's skimers.

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