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Shadow Warrior (1997)

Shadow Warrior is a 1997 first-person shooter from 3D Realms. A remake, also titled Shadow Warrior was released in 2013.

The following weapons appear in the video game Shadow Warrior:


Riot Gun

The Riot Gun is a four barreled shotgun similar to a Pancor Jackhammer. It holds 52 shells and can fire one or four shells at a time.

A Riot Gun on the floor, in-game.
First Person View of the Riot Gun. Notice the red lights, indicating it's in rapid firing mode.

Uzi 9mm

The Uzi appears in the game as the high-velocity firing gun, and is the most commonly used gun among the enemies in the game. It holds 200 rounds, 50 in each magazine, and can be dual-wielded. Lo Wang refers to the director John Woo after the Uzi are dual-wielded: "Be proud, Mr. Wu!".

Uzi - 9x19mm
An Uzi on the floor, waiting to be picked up.
Dual wielded Uzis, after killing multiple ninjas.
Reloading the Uzi. There is no animation showing Lo Wang chambering a round, but having a reload animation alone was a huge thing back in '97. Also, as with the pistol in Duke Nukem 3D, reloading is done automatically after 50 shots and there is no possibility to reload manually.
"She has raided her last tomb." The Uzi in Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, the remastered version of the game.
Lo Wang dual wields two Uzis while wondering what the hell is Sailor Moon doing in the game...
World model of the Uzi without the stock and ejection port.

Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher in the game is a rocket launcher similar to a M202 FLASH rocket launcher. It can fire five heat seeking missiles if supplied with a heat seeker card, and a small atom bomb if a nuclear warhead is available. It holds 50 missiles.

M202 FLASH 66mm
A Missile Launcher sitting on a shelf.
Missile Launcher equipped.
The nuclear warhead is equipped and ready to fire, as indicated by the nuclear symbol.

Grenade Launcher

The game's grenade launcher is somewhat similar to a Milkor MGL. It holds 50 incendiary shells.

Milkor MGL 40mm
The Grenade Launcher in-game.
The Grenade Launcher equipped.


When picking up the Railgun, protagonist Lo Wang refers to the movie Eraser, by saying "Time to get erased!". It fires metal rods at near light speed and can damage several enemies if they're lined up. It holds 20 rods.

The Railgun surrounded by some packs of extra metal rods. It is worth noting that, unlike the aforementioned prototype, it is clearly freely based on the AR-10/AR-15-pattern rifle.
The Railgun equipped and ready to blow some holes in the enemy. The scope, which possibly is the X-ray Scope from the movie, is not used.

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