Pitch Black

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Pitch Black (2000)

Pitch Black is a 2000 science fiction film that stars Vin Diesel as Riddick, a dangerous criminal who has a unique ability to see in the dark and upon crash landing on an alien world must reluctantly band with the survivors in order to escape the deadly lifeforms that inhabit the planet. The Riddick character would return in two sequels: The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick (2013). For some video releases, the film was retitled The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black.

The following weapons were used in the film Pitch Black:


Custom Shotgun (Armscor M30R6 Shortened Barrel)

William J. Johns (Cole Hauser) uses a Armscor M30R6 with folding stock. The shotgun has been modified to look heavy and short. Johns never unfolds the stock. Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel) steals this weapon from Johns but returns it immediately.

Armscor M30R6 - 12 gauge.
A promotional image of Cole Hauser as Johns with his modified Armscor M30R6.
A different promotional image of Cole Hauser as Johns with his modified Armscor M30R6.
A promotional image of Vin Diesel as Riddick with the modified Armscor M30R6.
Johns takes his weapons out of the box. Note the folding stock.
Some 12 Gauge shells contain hidden capsules of drugs.
Johns aims at Carolyn (Radha Mitchell).
The cap at the end of the magazine tube has been removed.
Johns is going to execute his prisoner, but he refuses and shoots the chains instead.
Riddick disarms Johns in one second!
And points the shotgun right at him.
The trigger guard shows that it is definitely a Armscor M30R6 and not a Winchester 1300 (very similar).
Johns is going to check the area.
Look at the dotted ejection port, a characteristic of Armscor shotguns. Note actor trigger discipline.
The light is mounted on the folding stock.
The shell exits from the chamber.

Heavy Customized Walther GSP

William J. Johns (Cole Hauser) uses a heavily customized Walther GSP as his sidearm but never uses it. Hauser gives this weapon to John 'Zeke' Ezekiel (John Moore) for his personal defense.

The Original GSP Prop Stunt Gun made by FX Illusions.
Walther GSP - .22LR
The gun is on the floor.
Johns takes his weapons out of the box.
Johns tucks the pistol in his pants.
Johns shows Zeke how to work the pistol.
Zeke shoots a survivor, who he thought was Riddick.
Zeke tries to protect himself from the unknown creature.

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