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The Other Side
Die andere Seite
Movie Poster
Country GER.jpg Germany
(Weimar Republic)
Directed by Heinz Paul
Release Date October 29, 1931
Language German
Main Cast
Character Actor
Capt. Stanhope Conrad Veidt
Lt. Osborne Theodor Loos
2nd Lt. Raleigh Wolfgang Liebeneiner
2nd Lt. Hibbert Viktor de Kowa
Capt. Hardy Friedrich Ettel
Mason William Trenk

The Other Side (German: Die andere Seite) is a 1931 German War movie directed by Heinz Paul. The young Lieutenant Raleigh (Wolfgang Liebeneiner) is transferred to the company of the disillusioned Captain Stanhope (Conrad Veidt). Stanhope is secretly engaged with Raleigh's sister and versed the image of the model officer. An advance against the German lines, in which also Raleigh participates, becomes a bloody fiasco. Raleigh now recognizes the horrors of war, which have also worn down Stanhope. This is the second adaption of R. C. Sherriff's novel of the same name after the British-American film the previous year. This film was then compared to All Quiet on the Western Front as Germans acting British soldiers and received positive reviews.

The following weapons were used in the film The Other Side:



Nagant M1878

Captain Denis Stanhope (Conrad Veidt) uses a Belgian Nagant M1878 revolver during the scene with Lt. Hibbert. Later 2nd Lt. Raleigh (Wolfgang Liebeneiner) is seen with this revolver during the trench raid, as well. Perhaps the Nagant revolver stands for correct British Webley Mk VIs.

Nagant M1878 revolver - 9.4mm Nagant
Stanhope draws his revolver.
He blocks Hibbert the way.
He readies his revolver to shoot Hibbert for desertion.
Raleigh holds the revolver as he waits for Lt. Osborne.

Reichsrevolver M1883

Lt. Osborne (Theodor Loos) uses a Reichsrevolver M1883 during the trench raid.

Reichsrevolver M1883 - 10.6x25R
Osborne holds his revolver and waiting for a sign from Raleigh.
After the sign is given, he and his soldiers attack the German trench.


Mauser Gewehr 1871/84

The Mauser Gewehr 1871/84 is used by British soldiers standing for correct Lee-Enfield rifles recognizable by the rounded receivers and Seitengewehr 71/84 bayonets.

Mauser Gewehr 1871/84 - 11.15x60mmR
British soldier in the trench with his Gewehr.
The Trench Raiders holding their Gew. 1871/84 with fixed SG 71/84 bayonets.
The soldiers going over the top. Note on the left the receiver of the rifle.
A soldier getting back to the British lines with the Gewehr in his hand.
British soldiers awaiting the German attack on March 21, 1918.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III

Mason (William Trenk), the cook, is briefly seen with a Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III rifle at the beginning during the muster of Stanehope's unit on March 18, 1918. At the end he is seen with a Gewehr 1871/84 like the other soldiers.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III - .303 British. Introduced in 1907, this was the official battle rifle of British and Commonwealth forces during the First World War.
Mason with his SMLE after collecting his equipment.

Machine Guns

Lewis Gun

Some British soldiers are seen with Lewis Guns produced by Savage Arms Company with Light Ground Mount three-leg support.

Lewis Gun, produced by Savage Arms Company, on Light Ground Mount support - .30-06
A soldier of Stanhope's unit carries the Lewis Gun.
A soldier deploys a Lewis in a foxhole.
The Lewis in the foxhole after the gunner is killed.

Maxim MG 08/15

The Trench Raiders encounter a Maxim MG08/15 position. After the Germans fired the gun for a while the Maxim jams giving the British the possibility to storm the trench.

Maxim MG08/15 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German soldier fires the Maxim at the Raiders. Note the belt drum on the ground.
The soldier tries to unjam his MG08/15 during the attack.

Maxim MG 08

A Maxim MG08 is also briefly seen fired by German soldiers as Osborne's squad falling back.

Maxim MG08 on 'sledge' mount - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Close up of the MG 08. Note the Zielfernrohr ZF12 scope next to the rear sight.


Hebel Flare Pistol Model 1894

2nd Lt. Hibbert (Viktor de Kowa) carries a Hebel Flare Gun during his guard duty. During the changing of the guard, he gives the Flare pistol to Capt. Hardy (Friedrich Ettel) and Lt. Raleigh.

Hebel Flare Pistol M1894 - 26.5mm
Hardy opens it to load the flare gun.
He fires the Hebel.

Model 13 Kugelhandgranate

The Model 13 Kugelhandgranate is used by British soldiers including Lt. Raleigh standing for British Mills Bombs.

Model 13 Kugelhandgranate.
Raleigh nervously readies a Kugelhandgranate.
Soldiers throwing the grenades on the Maxim position.

Albatros Biplane

An Albatros biplane is shown twice in the film notably before the Spring Offensive (Kaiserschlacht).

The plane on a reconnaissance mission.
The Albatros flying over the British trench on March 21.

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