Man from Acapulco, The (Le Magnifique)

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Le Magnifique
Le magnifique.jpg
Cinema Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Philippe de Broca
Release Date 1973
Language French
Studio Les Films Ariane
Rizzoli Film
Distributor Cine III
Main Cast
Character Actor
Bob Saint-Clair / François Merlin Jean-Paul Belmondo
Tatiana / Christine Jacqueline Bisset
Colonel Karpof / Charron Vittorio Caprioli
Colonel Collins Hans Meyer
General Pontaubert Raymond Gérôme
The electrician Jean Lefebvre
The plumber André Weber

The Man from Acapulco (Original title: Le Magnifique) is a 1973 French-Italian action espionage comedy film directed by Philippe de Broca. Bob Saint-Clair is the agent most sophisticated in the world. Their fates are intertwined with the story of its author, writer trash novels Françoise Merlin. He always dreamed to write a good book, but just finished another novel about the adventures of invincible agent. Unlike Bob, however, faced with everyday worries and a lack of money, despite the fact that his novels devours millions of readers. François compensates his trouble with the people in real life by a transferred into his novels as negative characters with whom deal the agent Saint-Clair. Like his miserly publisher Charron, who refuses to pay the deposit, although it makes for a lot of money, François reflected in the figures of Saint-Clair's archenemy colonel Karpof. Tatiana has its prototype in a charming Francois neighbor, Christine student of sociology. That one day he borrows from the François some book in order to write a study on the reasons for the popularity of such literature. François interpret it as Christine's interest about him. Unlike his novel's hero, however, celebrated success, so he decides to destroy your agent. Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo in the dual roles of writer François Merlin and agent Bob Saint-Clair, and Jacqueline Bisset as student of sociology Christine and also agent Tatiana. In the role of greedy publisher Charron and colonel Karpof is Vittorio Caprioli.

The following weapons were used in the film The Man from Acapulco (Le Magnifique):



Colt New Service

Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) carries a Colt New Service revolver. Also Tatiana (Jacqueline Bisset) used this gun.

Colt New Service M1917 - .45 ACP (in moon clips).
Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) uses a suppressed revolver to downing of a sniper in a tree.
Tatiana (Jacqueline Bisset) is seen with this revolver during shootout on a beach.
Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) fired a Colt New Service at a frogmen in a tree.

Mauser C96 "Red 9"

Various characters inlcude Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) are seen with a Mauser C96 "Red 9" pistol.

Mauser C96 "Red 9" Version for the German Army - 9x19mm.
Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) owned the special Mauser C96 "Red 9" pistol that can be used as a sniper rifle ...
... and liquidate a assassin from the airport who is disguised as a bride.
One of Karpof's men who led the prisoners into a Mexican pyramid is armed with Mauser C96.

Luger P08

Inside the Mexican pyramid by a mistake of continuity changed a gun in hand of Karpof's henchman at the Luger P08 pistol.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
A Karpof's bodyguard holds a Luger P08 in his hand.

M1911 pistol

Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and the Mexican army Major are seen with a M1911 pistol.

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
Soldier-M1911 pistol.jpg

Unknown pistol

The agent Rodríguez and also Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) carry an unknown type pistols.

Rodriguez in a phone booth fired a pistol at the shark.
Bob had in its arsenal also unknown gun that he wore holstered on his body.
Closeup of the unknown gun.

Submachine guns

Madsen M50

Various characters, include Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and Tatiana (Jacqueline Bisset), use a Madsen M50 submachine guns.

Madsen M50 - 9x19mm
Karpof's frogmen invaded the beach equipped with Madsen M50s.
Tatiana and Bob together mowed down the frogmen by fire from submachine guns.
Among frogmen appear the electrician (Jean Lefebvre) with a machine gun in his hand.
Mexican soldiers are also armed with submachine guns Madsen M50.

Gevarm Type D4

Most Karpof's men are armed with a Gevarm Type D4 submachine guns.

Gevarm Typ D4 SMG - 9x19mm Parabellum
Gevarm Type D4 is seen in the hands of all Karpof's men in a Mexican pyramide.
Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) pick up one of these submachine guns.
Karpof's men in a house on the beach put his Gevarm Type D4 on the Tatiana's neck.


Customized Enforcer M1 Carbine

The plumbers (left is Philippe de Broca, right André Weber) hold Customized Enforcer M1 Carbines.

Universal Enforcer M1 Carbine
Andrew Weber-SMG.jpg

Unidentified sniper rifle

A man that was downed by Bob from a tree dropped an unidentified rifle with a scope.



12 Gauge Double Barreled Sawed-Off Shotgun

Bob Saint-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) used also a double barreled sawed-off shotgun.

Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge
Bob pick up a Karpof's bodyguard shotgun and shot the man above the staircase.
Then he aimed the shotgun at the man beside him.

High Standard FLITE KING shotgun

High Standard FLITE KING shotgun fired Jean-Paul Belmondo in one scene as hero of the another novel by writer François Merlin.

High Standard FLITE KING K-1200 Riot Standard Model - 12 gauge
A trapper (Jean-Paul Belmondo) in Alaska fired his shotgun.


F-1 hand grednade

Bob Sain-Clair (Jean-Paul Belmondo) throws a F1 hand grenade on some thugs (electrician on the beach, plumbers next to helicopter).

F1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade with Mle1935 fuse.
Bob unlocked hand grenade.
A grenade turned out to be a dummy.

Mills Bomb

Karpof's men at the airport try to kill Bob Saint-Clair by using a Mills Bomb, he eliminated this threat by a tennis racket.

Mills Hand Grenade.
The first of terrorists at the airport threw a grenade on Bob.
Karpov's second man responded to Bob's tennis serve by golf club.

Fantasy Weapons

Holy Cross Gun

The fake Greek Un-Orthodox priest is equipped with the gun mounted into cross.


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