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Dogma (1999)

The following weapons were used in the film Dogma:


Desert Eagle Mark I

Loki (Matt Damon) buys a nickel plated Desert Eagle Mk I from a gun store and uses it throughout the film.

Matte stainless Desert Eagle MK I - .357 Magnum.
Loki holds a Desert Eagle on the only 'good' board member for not saying 'God bless you' when he sneezed
Loki prepares to punish an adulterer

Heckler & Koch P7M8

A Heckler & Koch P7M8 is seen in Gunstore display case.

H&K P7M8 9x19mm
The P7M8 is laying in the middle.


A type of 1911 is seen in the gunstore

M1911A1- .45 ACP
A 1911 is on the left, under the clerk's hand. It appears to be a compact model.

Ingram MAC-11

Used by Azrael (Jason Lee), picked up by Rufus, and then used by Jay.

RPB Industries MAC-11, .380 ACP
Azrael shows the group how to make a Holy Bartender
One of the Stygian Triplets (Jared Pfennigwerth) holds the Mac-11 "gangsta-style".
"Ten steps ahead of you!"
Rufus (Chris Rock) grabs the dropped Mac-11.
Jay prepares to play 'count the shells' with Bartleby


Two M14s are seen at the gun store. One has wood furniture while the other has synthetic.

M14 rifle
The M14s are on the right

Over and Under Shotgun

An Over and Under shotgun is seen in the gunstore.

The O/U is on the left side of the clerk's head, partly hidden by another shotgun.

Gunshop Guns

Quite a few weapons can be seen in the brief gunstore scene. I am not good with names so I will leave some pictures for somebody with more knowledge than me.

The gun shop owner (Jeff Anderson) hands Loki (Matt Damon) a revolver described as "The Fecalator - one look and the target shits him- or herself." Loki weighs it in his hand, remarking that it is "a lot more compact than the flaming sword" that he wielded as the Angel Of Death, "but not nearly as impressive."

A 1911, P7 and Desert Eagle can be made out, the rest is a mystery
Same scene but with the back end of an unknown revolver and a pistol that doesn't look like a Beretta or Taurus
Besides the M14s and shotgun, there is the very bottom of a Thompson with foregrip and some other rifles.

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