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Coma (1978)

Coma is a 1978 science film adaptation of the 1977 Robin Cook novel and was directed by Michael Crichton. The film follows a doctor who discovers that the dark secret behind the medical comas of seemingly youthful patients. The novel would later be adapted as a miniseries that premiered on the A&E channel in 2012.

The following weapons were used in the film Coma:


Smith & Wesson Model 10

Police officers and hospital security all carry Smith & Wesson Model 10s.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 -.38 Special
Police officers armed with Smith & Wesson Model 10s.

Star Model B

Vince (Lance LeGault) uses a stainless or nickel Star Model B with an attached suppressor.

Star Model B Pistol with a custom bright nickel plated finish and pearl grips - 9mm. This is a screen used Star Model B from the film Pulp Fiction.
Vince (Lance LeGault) searches the Anatomy room armed with a stainless or nickel Star Model B.
Note the external extractor
Vince is visibly disturbed by the hanging cadavers.
Vince searches throughout the cadavers for Doctor Wheeler.

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