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Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz GA series of Pistol and Carbines

Claridge Hi-Tec S9 Pistol - 9x19mm
Claridge Hi-Tec S9 Pistol with cooling fin muzzle extension - 9x19mm
Goncz GA-9 Long Barrel pistol - 9x19mm
Goncz GA-9 - target version of Goncz GS-9 - 9x19mm
Claridge LEC9 - The long barreled carbine version of the S9 - 9x19mm

The Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz GA has a controversial history, primarily due to the feud between the designer Lajos John Goncz and his own Goncz Armament, Inc. of North Hollywood, CA and the subsequent manufacturers of the gun, Joe and Gail Claridge of Claridge Hi-Tec, Inc. in Northridge, CA. Goncz designed the original pistol and rifle carbine versions of the firearm between 1984 and 1990.

Claridge took over production and made some slight manufacturing changes (changes that Goncz did not agree with) and produced more firearms in the years between 1990 and 1994, when they were forced to close shop due to legal problems with Goncz.

Despite their feud, both versions of the firearms are finely machined pistols with some heft and finish. The versions of the guns are nearly identical outwardly except for the manufacturer's name on the sides. There are several versions of the Goncz/Claridge pistol - a short barreled standard version, a slightly longer barrel match version and the 16" barrel carbine with slight variations within each subcategory - including a choice between a deep blued finish and a satin steel finish.

The Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz GA can be seen in the following:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Intruder . Various Gang members Carbine Version 1986
Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger Douglas Quaid Goncz GA-9 1990
Sharon Stone Lori
Rachel Ticotin Melina
Neon City . Several "Skins" badguys Goncz GA-9 1991
Direct Hit Mel Novak Kovar Goncz GA-9 1994
CIA operatives Claridge LEC9 Carbine
Assassins Antonio Banderas Miguel Bain Claridge LEC9 Carbine 1995
Leprechaun 4: In Space Debbe Dunning Priv. Delores Costello Goncz GA-9 1997
Ladd York Lucky
Brent Jasmer SSgt. Books Malloy
Jessica Collins Dr. Tina Reeves
Warwick Davis Leprechaun
Point Blank Robert Zachar Armani S9 1997
Against the Law B.K. Byron Lars Reder 1997
Planet of the Apes (2001) Mark Wahlberg Captain Leo Davidson Goncz GA-9 2001
Once Upon a Time in Mexico . Mexican Military units Claridge LEC9 Carbine 2003
Iron Man 2 Sam Rockwell Justin Hammer Claridge Hi-Tec 2010


Show Title / Episode Actor Character Note Air Date
seaQuest DSV (Season 2, Episode "And Everything Nice") . . Goncz GA-9 and Goncz GA-9 as Pulse Pistols 1993-1996
seaQuest DSV (Episode "Alone") Marc Macaulay Colonel Manheim Goncz GA-9 1993-1996
Firefly Ron Glass Shepherd Book LEC-9, "War Stories" (S01E10) 2002
Firefly Skyplex guards "War Stories" (S01E10) 2002
Firefly Skyplex guards LEC-9, "War Stories" (S01E10) 2002


Title Character Note Date
New Dominion Tank Police The Puma sisters Claridge Hi-Tec S9 1993

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