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Brooklyn's Finest (2010)

Brooklyn's Finest is an 2010 American crime drama that focuses on three NYPD officers, one an aging, disillusioned patrol officer, another an aspiring cop trying to make detective, and the third a detective trying to support his growing family on a policeman's salary. The film, which was directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), starred Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere, Wesley Snipes, and Don Cheadle.

The following weapons were used in the film Brooklyn's Finest:



Glock 19

Several NYPD officers including Detective Sal Procida (Ethan Hawke) carry the Glock 19 as their sidearm.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Detective Sal Procida (Ethan Hawke) holds his Glock 19 on a gangster during a drug raid.
Sal takes out his Glock 19 during the climax.
Sal prepares to enter an apartment being used as a dope house, with his Glock 19 ready.
Sal fires his Glock 19 in the dope house.

Glock 17

Mixed in with the Glock 19s are several Glock 17s, which are carried by NYPD officers and some drug dealers. Apparently, the movie's armorer didn't have enough Glock 19s available to go around.

Glock 17 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
An NYPD officer mocks Officer Eddie Dugan with his Glock 17 in his holster.
During a drug raid, a drug dealer holding a Glock 17 is shot by NYPD ESU officers.
An NYPD officer holds his Glock 17 on a drug dealer.
A drug dealer pistol-whips a "snitch" with his Glock 17.
A rookie NYPD officer's Glock 17 is seen dropped on the floor of a convenience store after a negligent discharge.

Jericho 941 R

Detective Clarence "Tango" Butler (Don Cheadle) uses a nickel-plated Jericho 941 R in the climax, which he keeps in a stash box. It's not clear whether this is his duty sidearm, or a personally-owned weapon.

Jericho 941 R (nickel-plated) - 9x19mm
Tango's Jericho 941 R sits in his stash box.
Another view of the Jericho 941 R in the stash box when Tango takes it out in the climax.
Tango pulls his nickel Jericho 941 R.
Tango reloads the Jericho after emptying his magazine.

SIG-Sauer P220

Clarence "Tango" Butler (Don Cheadle) carries a SIG-Sauer P220 as his undercover sidearm.

SIG-Sauer P220 - .45 ACP
Butler's SIG in his pants. If you look closely, you can see it has the single-stack frame of the P220 (rather than the double-stack frame of the 226).
Clarence "Tango" Butler (Don Cheadle) pulls his SIG-Sauer P220.
Tango holds the P220 on Red.
Tango puts the P220 back in the stash box, switching it out for his Jericho 941.
A promotional photo of Butler (Don Cheadle) with his SIG P220.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB

Officer Eddie Dugan (Richard Gere) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 10 Heavy Barrel as his main sidearm throughout the film. While the NYPD switched over to semi-automatic pistols in 1994, Dugan's revolver would have been allowed because that was what he was carrying prior to the changeover. Older officers were grandfathered in if they wanted to keep carrying their revolvers.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver Heavy Barrel Model - .38 Special
A promotional photo of Eddie with his revolver.
Eddie prepares to commit suicide with his S&W Model 10 HB.
Eddie's S&W Model 10 sitting on a table.
Eddie prepares to enter the pimp's apartment.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

NYPD ESU officers are seen using the Heckler & Koch MP5A3 during various raids in the film.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 9x19mm with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight and safe-semi-two round burst trigger group.
An NYPD ESU officer blazes full-auto with his MP5A3 into a bathroom door after being shot at by a gangster inside.
NYPD ESU officers armed with MP5A3 submachine guns tell innocent bystanders to get down during a drug raid.


An NYPD ESU officer is seen with the M4A1 carbine.

M4A1 with M68 Aimpoint red dot scope and RIS foregrip 5.56x45mm
An NYPD ESU officer stands guard with his M4A1, near a burning police car.

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