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Official DVD Cover
Country FRA.jpg France
Directed by Philippe Godeau
Release Date 2013
Distributor Wild Bunch
Main Cast
Character Actor
Toni Musulin François Cluzet
Arnaud Bouli Lanners
Marion Corinne Masiero
Nabil Éric Bernard

11.6 is a 2013 French thriller written and produced by Philippe Godeau. This movie recounts the story of Toni Musulin (interpreted by François Cluzet), an armored truck driver for the Loomis security firm. The morning of the 5th november of 2009, Toni Musulin stole 11.6 millions Euros by simply driving off after his colleagues got off the truck in order to collect more money bags. Toni Musulin became in France the man who did the biggest heist without any violence. However, he gave himself up to the police after 11 days of hiding and 9.1 millions Euros where recovered. Toni Musulin got released from the Prison de la Santé the 30th september of 2013 and always claimed that he doesn't know where are the missing 2.5 millions Euros.

The following weapons were used in the film 11.6:


Beretta 92F

Ibris' security guards issued weapon is the Beretta 92F. The only time they are seen fired is at the shooting range. The rest of the time, they are either seen holstered, or handed to the guards at the armory. Note that the movie being recorded in France, and Ibris being, in the movie, a French security firm, these may also be PAMAS G1 pistols.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
PAMAS G1 - 9x19mm
Slide stop activated and mag half way in
Guards fire their issued handgun at the range. Note the bad handling from the left shooter.

Unknown shotgun

Ibris' security firm also issues a standard shotgun. However, it is unknown what model it is, as it bears a strong ressemblance to the Winchester Model 1300 but still does not match. It is never fully seen or fired.

Winchester Model 1300 Defender with Pistol Grip - .12 gauge
Real life Tony Musulin with issued shotgun
Another point of view.

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