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Prop double of actual pistol used in the film.
Actual firing pistol used in the film after it had been deactivated.

In the 1993 film In The Line of Fire, Booth (John Malkovich) is seen constructing this two shot, reloadable clandestine pistol. The weapon is used to great effect several times throughout the film. The weapon appears to use .38 Short Colt ammunition, or possibly a variation of .38 S&W with unbelted cartridge cases. While a version of this "Composite Pistol" was also seen used by Russell Crowe in the movie No Way Back (1995), the original blank-firing prop was deactivated by cutting it into three pieces after the filming of In The Line of Fire.

The "Composite Pistol" has been used in the following:


Title Actor Character Note Date
In The Line of Fire John Malkovich Mitch Leary 1993
No Way Back Kristopher Logan "Mr. Contingency" 1995
No Way Back Russell Crowe FBI Special Agent Zack Grant 1995


Title Actor Character Note Date
The X-Files Ep. 17 "Tempus Fugit", Ep. 18 "Max" (Season 4) 1993-2002

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