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This sniper rifle, used in The Day of the Jackal (1973) was created by a master English gunsmith from an off-the-shelf sporting rifle. In the novel, however, the fictitious gunsmith was not from England. Two identical rifles were produced, one being returned to England as per agreement. The rifle is fitted with a suppressor, telescopic sight, and is disguised within a set of crutches.

The gun appears to be chambered for .22 Magnum, which is also what the "GURPS Covert Ops" pen-and-paper roleplaying game supplement book states, although some believe that it used .22 Hornet ammunition, judging by the bullets seen on screen. In the film and the novel, they were said to have hollow tips filled with mercury in liquid form, to make them "explosive." Under the Geneva Conventions, only standard ball ammunition is allowed for use on against enemy soldiers on battlefields, while it remains legal to use other kinds of ammunition when firing at inanimate targets, firing at "unlawful belligerents" such as terrorists and criminals, or equipping civil police forces. However, the Jackal is not concerned with such restrictions.

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