Maksim Perepelitsa

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Maksim Perepelitsa
Perepelitsa-Poster dvd.jpg
DVD cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Anatoli Granik
Release Date 1955
Language Russian
Studio Lenfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maxim Perepelitsa Leonid Bykov
Private Ezhikov Aleksandr Susnin
Private Taskirov Radner Muratov
Kondrat Perepelitsa Nikolai Yakovchenko
Marusya Lyudmila Kostyrko
Private Samus Sergei Sibel

Maksim Perepelitsa (Russian Title: Максим Перепелица) is a 1955 Soviet сomedy directed by Anatoli Granik. Maxim Perepelitsa is a cheerful, mischievous and resourceful young man from the one Ukrainian village. He loves to invent different fables and jokes. He didn't stop his antics, even when he was drafted into the Soviet Army.

P.S. It was the first appearance of Kalashnikov rifles in movies

The following weapons are featured in the film Maksim Perepelitsa:


Assault Rifles / Battle Rifles


Type II AK-47 with prototype slab sided magazine - 7.62x39mm
Private Ezhikov (Aleksandr Susnin) with his AK-47
Private Perepelitsa (Leonid Bykov) with his AK
Private Perepelitsa fires an AK-47

SKS rifle

Russian Simonov Type 45 aka the Russian SKS rifle - 7.62x39mm.
Private Taskirov (Radner Muratov) with his SKS rifle
Same soldier
Taskirov holds SKS with unfolded bayonet.

Machine Guns

RPD light machine gun

RPD Light Machine Gun - 7.62x39mm
Private Samus with a RPD light machine gun
Private Ezhikov demonstrates his skills of disassembling machine gun with eyes closed
Same episode
Private Samus fires his RPD

Degtyaryov DT

DT machine gun, 7.62x54mm R
Degtyaryov DT tank machine gun can be seen at the rear of the IS-2 turret

Goryunov SG-43 Machine Gun

Goryunov SG-43 Machine Gun On 'Sokolov' mount with shield - 7.62x54mm R
Soviet soldiers fire Goryunov SG-43 Machine Gun
Goryunov SGMB, mounted on BTR-152 - 7.62x54mm R
The Goryunov SGMB mounted on the BTR-152 armored personnel carrier.


57mm anti-tank gun M1943 (ZiS-2)


100mm field gun M1944 (BS-3)


122mm howitzer M1938 (M-30)


T-34-85 tank


IS-2 (Iosif Stalin) heavy tank


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