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Zorro (1975)

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Zorro 1975 Poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
FRA.jpg France
Directed by Duccio Tessari
Release Date 1975
Studio Mondial Televisione Film
Les Productions Artistes Associés
Main Cast
Character Actor
Diego de la Vega / El Zorro Alain Delon
Contessa Ortensia Pulido Ottavia Piccolo
Colonel Huerta Stanley Baker
Joaquín Enzo Cerusico
Sgt. Garcia Moustache
Aunt Carmen Adriana Asti
Capt. Fritz von Merkel Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Brother Francisco Giampiero Albertini

Zorro is a 1975 Italian-French "swashbuckler" adventure movie directed by Duccio Tessari and starring Alain Delon.

The following weapons were used in the film Zorro (1975):


Percussion Cap Pistol

In several scenes Spanish officers carry Percussion Cap Pistols. Zorro (Alain Delon) once is seen with a pistol. It's worth noting that the pistols are fitted with flint jaws and locking screw, along with a frizzen spring on the side of the lock plate. Possibly these movie props are convertible for using as flintlock or caplock according to the needs of moviemakers.

Teodoro Arrizabalaga percussion cap pistol replica, Spain, 1960. This pistol is similar to the screen gun.
A close view of a pistol.
Col. Huerta's adjutant holds Capt. von Merkel at gunpoint.
Col. Huerta (Stanley Baker) holds a pistol during the attempt to chase Zorro in cornfield.
Zorro holds a pistol.
Zorro 1975-Pistol-5.jpg
Col. Huerta fires at Brother Francisco in the final scene.

Long Guns

Charleville-style Flintlock Musket

Spanish infantry soldiers are armed with flintlock muskets in French Charleville Mousquet style. They appear to be modern replicas of Spanish manufacture (the movie was filmed in Spain).

For comparison: Charleville Mousquet Modele 1777 - .69 caliber
Soldiers of Sgt. Garcia's unit hold muskets.
Soldiers surrender their muskets when Garcia is under the edge of Zorro's rapier.
Muskets in stand in barraks.
Zorro 1975-Musket-14.jpg
Soldiers with muskets try to hold back the crowd.
A soldier raises his musket at rioting people...
...and fires.

Unidentified Flintlock Musket

Another version of musket is also used by soldiers. It looks like more modern version, like Enfield Pattern 1853 except the screen guns are definitly flintlock.

For comparison: Enfield 1853 - .577 Ball
A guard at the left holds his musket.
A close view of the musket in the same scene.
Soldiers take aim at Zorro on the rooftop.
A closer view of the same scene.

Snider-Enfield style Percussion Cap Cavalry Carbine

Spanish lancers are armed with percussion cap carbines that also appear to be modern replicas. The base gun could be Snider-Enfield.

For comparison: Snider Enfield Cavalry Carbine
A good view of the barrel and ramrod.
Soldiers with carbines guard the place of execution.
Soldiers with carbines escort arrested Ortensia.
A soldier with carbine in ambush on the rooftop.
A percussion cap lock is seen on the carbine at the left.

Flintlock Cavalry Carbine

Some carbines are fitted with flintlocks while the shape of the stock and barrel is the same with caplock carbines.

A flintlock carbine is seen close at the left in the scene of the arrest of Brother Francisco.

Asian musket

What appears to be some kind of Asian musket, possibly of Indian design (similar in shape with Indian Torador musket but looking more like flintlock rather than matchlock), is seen on the wall in arsenal.

A pair of Asian muskets are seen on the wall at the right, used as decoration. Next to them are equally Indian Patas gauntlet-swords.

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