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Yukikaze (2002 - 2005)

Yukikaze (originally titled Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze in Japan, translated in the official subtitles as "Battle Fairy Yukikaze") is a five part OVA series from Bandai Visual and Studio Gonzo based on the science-fiction novel Chōhei Kanbayashi.

The following weapons were used in the OVA Yukikaze:


Glock 17

A number of FAF personnel are seen using Glock 17 pistols, suggesting that this is their standard issue sidearm.

A Generation 2 Glock 17 - 9x19mm. This model added finger stepping and cuts to the backstrap of the frame to make it easier to hold than the Generation 1 model.
A Generation 3 Glock 17 - 9x19mm. Note the finger grooves, thumb reliefs, and accessory rail on the frame, which differentiate it from the older model.
A JAM disguised as a general draws his Glock 17. Note the 3rd Gen. railed dustcover and the "9x19" markings.
Fukai turns the JAM's Glock on its owner.
Fukai drops the Glock 17. Note how it has reverted to a Gen. 2 model in this shot.
Fukai hands a 3rd generation Glock 17 to an Air Force engineer.
Colonel Ansel Rombert with his Glock 17.

Submachine Guns

Calico M100FS

The FAF MPs are seen using Calico M100FS rifles, which are inaccurately depicted as being fully automatic.

Calico M100FS - .22 LR

FN P90

Fukai uses a FN P90 while aboard the Banshee airborne fortress.

Fabrique Nationale P90 - 5.7x28mm
Fukai fires his P90.
Fukai reloads his FN P90.
Never text and shoot.

Assault Rifles

Howa Type 89

Several Japanese soldiers are seen carrying Howa Type 89 rifles in episode 4.

Howa Type 89 in 5.56x45mm with integral bipod. Currently in use by the Modern Japanese military.

Fictional Assault Rifle

Colonel Rombert's men are all armed with a fictitious futuristic assault rifle. The weapon draws heavily from many of the "futuristic" designs from the late 90s and early 2000s such as the Heckler & Koch XM8 and XM29.


Machine Guns

Phalanx CIWS

A fleet of battleships are seen engaging JAM fighters with GE M61 Vulcan cannons mounted in Phalanx CIWS systems.

GE M61 Vulcan 20mm Cannon in a Phalanx mounting.

GE M61 Vulcan

Colonel Rombert's forces use APCs armed with GE M61 Vulcan cannons in front.

GE M61Vulcan 20mm Cannon

GE M197 Vulcan

The APCs used by Colonel Rombert and his men have GE M197 Vulcan cannons mounted on the rear of each vehicle.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20mm.


M67 hand grenade

Colonel Rombert uses a M67 hand grenade after his final operation fails.

M67 fragmentation grenade

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