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Winchester Model 1895

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Winchester Model 1895 - .30 Cal - Commercial Version with a few very slight differences between it and the military version.
Winchester Model 1895 - .30 Cal - US Military Version. There were also sporting versions which were used by sport hunters and the last remaining cowboys
A Russian contract Model 1895 in 7.62x54 Russian. Note the loading bridge over the receiver
Winchester Model 1895 carbine - .30 Cal - Commercial Version commonly used by the last remaining Cowboys. The Model 1895 carbine was carried by the old Arizona Rangers in 30/40 government. This is a new manufactured version of this classic rifle.
New Production model in .405 Winchester
Early Winchester 1895 once owned by Col. Townsend Whelen. Caliber 40-70. Aftermarket heavy barrel and a custom stock by James V. Howe. Courtesy of the NRA National Firearms Museum.
Sporting version of the 1895.

The Winchester Model 1895 was the last rifle designed by John Browning for Winchester. The box magazine was for the new pointed or "Spitzer" style bullets that were introduced in the late 1800s, with the original model produced from 1896 to 1934. A total of 426,754 were produced - of that number, 293,816 were manufactured for the Russian military in the early years of World War I (1914-1918) in 7.62x54mmR. The Russian model looks almost exactly like the U.S. military version with the exception of a loading bridge so stripper clips could be used to load the magazine. Among the many calibers the rifle was manufactured for were .30-40 Krag/Government, .30-03, .30-06, .303 British, .35 Winchester, and the most famous caliber, .405 Winchester - Teddy Roosevelt's "big medicine" for lions and other dangerous game in Africa. The Winchester was brought back briefly by Browning in the mid-1980s and then re-introduced by the United States Repeating Arms Company (USRAC) in 1996. Current-production Model 1895s are produced in Japan by Miroku and imported into the United States by Browning.


  • Weight: 9 lb (4.1 kg)
  • Length: 42 in (1,067 mm)
  • Barrel length: 28 in (711.2 mm), 24 in and 22 in (carbine configuration).
  • Cartridge: 7.62x54mmR, .303 British, .30-06, .30-40 Krag, .405 Winchester, various centrefire hunting calibers
  • Action: Lever-action
  • Feed system: 5 round box magazine
  • Sights: Sliding ramp rear sights, Fixed-post front sights

The Winchester Model 1895 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Tarzan of the Apes Rebel on the Fuwalda 1918
The Lost World Lloyd Hughes Edward Malone Sporter 1925
Storm Over Asia British soldiers and Red partisans Russian contract model 1928
Sniper Russian soldiers Russian contract model 1931
Horizon (Gorizont) American soldiers Russian contract model 1932
Frontier (Aerograd) Hunters Russian contract model 1935
Ski Battalion (Za Sovetskuyu Rodinu) Finnish soldiers Russian contract model 1937
If War Comes Tomorrow (Esli zavtra voyna) Enemy troops 1938
A Captain at Fifteen (Pyatnadtsatiletniy kapitan) Georgiy Budarov Boatswain Enders Carbine 1945
The Crash of the Emirate (Krushenie emirata) Sanat Divanov Sherali Yakubov Russian contract model 1955
Bukhara soldiers, Basmachi
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) Russian soldiers Russian contract model 1957
Ride the High Country Several characters Model 1895 carbine 1962
Businessmen (Delovye lyudi) Lev Lobov The express messenger Russian contract model 1962
The Chief of Chukotka (Nachalnik Chukotki) Mikhail Kononov Alexei Carbine 1966
Aleksei Gribov Khramov Carbine
Chukcha hunters Carbines and sporters
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Bolivian soldiers 1969
Family Happiness (Semeynoe schastye) Seen in gun store 1969
The Lanfier Colony (Kolonie Lanfieri) Juozas Budraitis Horn 1969
The Flight (Beg) Istanbul policemen Russian contract model 1970
In the Black Sands (V chyornykh peskakh) Dagun Omayev Chary Esenov Russian contract model 1973
Dzhavlon Khamrayev Kurt Various models
Tulkun Tadzhiyev Ovez
The Black Captain (Chyornyy kapitan) Seen on a table 1973
Fifty-Fifty (Pyatdesyat na pyatdesyat) On the wall in Pons' house 1973
Hopelessly Lost (Sovsem propashchiy) Dmitriy Yershov Buck Visually modified Russian Contract 1973
Guards of pier
And on the Pacific... (I na Tikhom Okeane...) Red partisan Russian contract model 1974
At Home Among Strangers, Stranger at Home (Svoy sredi chuzhikh, chuzhoy sredi svoikh) Bandits 1974
The Wind and the Lion Brian Keith President Roosevelt 1975
Dersu Uzala Yuriy Solomin Capt. Arsenyev Russian contract model Rifle and Carbine 1975
Maksim Munzuk Dersu Uzala Carbine
Time-Is-Not-Waiting (Vremya-ne-zhdyot) Juozas Budraitis Elam Harnish Russian Contract Model; Visually modified with fake underbarrel tube magazine to resemble Model 1892 or Model 1894 1975
Mikhail Matveev Louis
Gold prospectors Russian contract model
Smoke and Shorty (Smok i Malysh) Venyamin Smekhov Smoke Bellew Russian contract model 1976
Antanas Gabrenas John Bellew
Prospectors and Dawson residents
The Pacing Mustang (Mustang-inokhodets) Mikhail Golubovich Wild Jo Calone Russian contract model 1976
Stasis Petronaitis James Foster
Armed and Dangerous (Vooruzhyon i ochen opasen) Leonid Bronevoy Peter Damfi Russian contract model 1977
Members of the Harry's gang
Lobo Stasis Petronaitis Ned Morley 1978
Vasiliy Styopkin Joe Callon
Yuriy Dubrovin (III) Harry Opossum
Elena Aminova Lina Stone
Konstantin Artyomenko Josekiah
Valeriy Shevchenko Nick Valerie
Uncredited Smiles
Uncredited Bob
The End of the Emperor of the Taiga (Konets imperatora taygi) Andrei Rostotsky Arkady Golikov Long-barreled carbine 1978
Nartai Begalin Akhmai Russian contract model carbine
Solovyov's guards Russian contract model rifles and carbines
Velvet Season (Barkhatnyy sezon) Spanish Republicans Russian contract model 1978
The Fight in the Taiga (Poedinok v tayge) A Red partisan Russian contract model 1978
The Dead Mountaineer Hotel («Hukkunud Alpinisti» hotell) Jüri Järvet Alex Snewahr Russian contract model 1979
The Last Hunt (Poslednyaya okhota) Yuriy Bogatyryov Sergei Russian contact model rifles, sporterised rifle, carbine 1980
Nikolay Grinko Shatokhin
Oleg Borisov John Horsfield
Algimantas Masiulis Stan Stewart
Maksim Munzuk Keleuge
Aleksei Oorzak Gimalkot
Vigrinia crewmembers, Chukcha hunters
Do Not Set Traps for Leshiy... (Ne stavte Leshemu kapkany...) Sattar Dikambayev Sygda Kirbizhekov Sporterized Russian contact model rifle, long and short versions 1981
Inogam Adylov Odnak Sporterized Russian contact model rifle, short version
The Trust That Has Burst (Trest, kotoryy lopnul) Cowboys and townsmen Russian contract model 1982
Cossack Outpost (Kazachya zastava) Igor Ledogorov Terentiy Russian contract model 1982
Native hunters
Nomads of the North (Brodyagi severa) Valeriya Tsoy Nanette Carbine 1983
Stasis Petronaitis Durant
Valeriy Shevchenko Jacques Le Bea
Nikolay Kuzmin Macocky Rifle
Smoky the Cowhorse (Dymka) Sergei Bojko Pérez 1985
Valeriy Chiglyaev Joe
Aleksandr Timofeyev Clint
Algis Arlauskas Jerry
Secrets of Madame Wong (Tayny madam Vong) Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Commissioner Thompson Russian contract model 1986
Serik Kanakbayev Bulat
A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (Chelovek s bulvara Kaputsinov) Cowboys and bandits Russian contract model 1987
Ten Little Indians (Desyat Negrityat) Aleksandr Kaidanovsky Philip Lombard Russian contract model 1987
Captain of "Pilgrim" (Kapitan "Piligrima") Vyacheslav Khodchenko Dick Sand Russian contract model 1987
Leonid Yarmolnik Harris
Yuriy Dubrovin Rich
Virgilio Echmendia Hercules
Island of Lost Ships (Ostrov pogibshikh korabley) Gediminas Storpirstis Volodya 1987
Stray Dogs (Psy) Andrey Krasko Viktor Utekhin Russian contract model 1989
Yuriy Kuznetsov Ivan Maksimchuck
Journey Southwest (Cesta na jihozápad) Oldrich Vlach Bill Sporterized Russian contract model 1989
Ivan Palúch Jeff
Under Northern Lights aka Under Aurora (Pod severnym siyaniyem aka Orora no shita de) Andrei Boltnev Arseniy Russian contract model 1990
Kôji Yakusho Genzo Tamiya
The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood (Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda) Vladimir Borisov Lyonka Panteleev Russian contract model 1991
Ivan Agafonov Ageich
Aleksandr Yakovlev Maksimych
Anatoliy Mambetov A criminal
Dmitiry Kozlov A criminal
White Fang Ethan Hawke Jack Conroy Sporterised 1991
The Price of Treasures (Tsena sokrovishch) Bandits Russian contract model 1993
Jonathan of the Bears John Saxon Fred Goodwin Russian contract model 1994
Aleksandr Pyatkov Hunter
Evgeniy Bogorodskiy gangster
Boris Khmelnitskiy Religious Mercenary
Viktor Gajnov Tall Mercenary
Knifewing Segura Chatow
David Hess Maddock Carbines, Mocked up as Model 1892/Model 1894
Uncredited Terry
Bobby Rhodes Williamson
Indians, Vigilantes, Mercenaries, Various thugs
Legends of the Fall Anthony Hopkins Colonel Ludlow 1995
Wolf Blood (Volchya krov) Sergey Garmash Frol Russian contract model 1995
Red and White soldiers
Our Own (Svoi) Bogdan Stupka Ivan Blinov Russian contract model 2004
Transit (Peregon) Sergei Konstantinov Rintyn Russian contract model 2006
Australia Hugh Jackman Drover Model 1895 carbine in .303 British 2008
David Ngoombujarra Magarri


Show Title / Episode Actor Character Note Air Date
Shadows Disappear at Noon (Teni ischezayut v polden) Valeri Gatayev Frol Kurganov Russian contract model 1972
Oleg Savosin A brigand
Red partisans, brigands
Wounded Stones (Ranenyye kamni) Abreks 1988
The Sea Wolf (Morskoy volk) Andrey Rudenskiy Humphrey Van Weyden Russian contract model 1991
Viktor Gajnov Latimer
Igor Bozhko Kerfoot
Yury Eller Standish
Viktor Pavlovsky Holyoak
Rudolf Mukhin Britt
Evgeniy Khmelev Smoke
Nikolay Chindyaykin Thomas Mugridge
Hearts of Three (Serdtsa tryokh) Tomas Kokoskeriya Enrico Solano 1992
Alaska Kid Mark Pillow Alaska Kid Russian contract model 1993
Donovan Scott Shorty
Edward Zentara Sprague
Aleksandr Kuznetsov Stine
Vladimir Soshalsky Charlie Hanson
Raimund Harmstorf John Bellew
Craig Alan Olaf
Galina Polskikh Ellie Kincade
Sergey Razhuk Pierre
Eric Douglas Eric Bunce
Igor Volkov Frank Reeves
Aleksandr Bureyev Duncan
Anatoliy Mambetov Cal
Pauls Butkevics Sheriff Clark
Arkadiy Pyshnyak Indian chief
Gold prospectors, bandits
Rough Riders Tom Berenger Col. Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Sporting version 1997
Sam Elliott Bucky O'Neill Model 1895 carbine
Brad Johnson Henry Nash Model 1895 carbine
Peter Sherayko Brodie Sporter version
Riches (Bogatstvo) Gennadiy Yukhtin Ivan Yegorshin Russian Contract model 2004
Sergey Makarov Avdeich
Kamchatka hunters, fishing guards, volunteers, Japanese poachers
Sherlock Holmes Andrey Semenyuk Constable Gregson Russian Contract model 2013
The Man in the High Castle Quinn Lord Thomas Smith Sporter version 2015
The Son - Season 1 Eli McCullough's hired hand sporter 2017

Video Games

Title Appears as Note Date
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly "Winchester 1895" 2014
Battlefield 1 "Russian 1895" Russian contract model 2016
Sniper Elite 4 "Winchester 1895" "Urban Assault Expansion Pack" DLC 2017
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 "Essex Model 07" 2018
Strange Brigade "Westminster 1895" 2018
"Westminster" with a Model 330 Weaver scope
Battlefield V Russian contract model; unusable 2018
Tannenberg "Winchester M1915" Russian contract model 2019
Enlisted "Winchester M1895" Russian contract model 2021

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