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Vollmer MKb 35

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Rifle for intermediate ammunition - project. Germany.: 1930 - 1945

  • Phase 1 - Maschinenkarabiner (MKb) Ammo: 7.7×40.5mm or 7.75×39.5mm GECO
    Ammunition prototypes date back to 1930. The ammunition designer was Gustav Genschow and Co. (GECO). From 1934, they signed a contract with the Heereswaffenamt to create a carbine equipped with this ammunition. The current designer of the GECO company was Heinrich Vollmer, who based on his Vollmer SG 29 rifle. In 1935, the first prototype of a carbine equipped with this ammunition was created. It was called the Vollmer MKb 35.
    • Vollmer MKb 35 - Original prototype model from 1935. It had similar dimensions to the Vollmer SG 29. Rate of fire - 1000 RPM.
      • Vollmer MKb 35/I - Updated prototype model from 1936. Reduced rate of fire to 400 RPM.
        • Vollmer MKb 35/II - Updated prototype model from 1937. Reduced rate of fire to 400 RPM. Weapon dimensions have been reduced.
          • Vollmer MKb 35/III - Updated prototype model from 1938. Reduced rate of fire to 400 RPM. Weapon dimensions have been reduced. Most bugs of previous models have been fixed.
    • Mauser MKb - It is known that the Mauser company participated in the same project. The only surviving copy is in a museum in France. It was only after the war that it was named MKb 42 (M) which is incorrect due to the ammunition used.
    • Walther MKb - The Walther company also took part in the competition. As far as we know, she joined the competition as the last one. And in the end, they did not produce a single model. Only mentions of their participation remain.

  • Phase 2 - Maschinenkarabiner (MKb) Ammo: 7.92×33mm Kurz
    Ammunition prototypes date back to 1934. The ammunition designer was Polte Werke. The ammunition had better ballistic properties and was cheaper to produce. In 1941, the German army adopted this cartridge. For the needs of the army, a competition for a carbine firing this ammunition was launched.
    • MKb 42 (H) - Haenel prototype. Until 1942, 50 copies were produced for testing. After the tests, the weapon was put into serial production. A total of 8,000 - 12,000 units were produced until September 1943. By order of the command, production and development ceased.
      • MP 43/1 - Despite the ban, work on endurance continues. Changed from MKb (Maschinenkarabiner) to MP (Maschinenpistole) to avoid suspicion. In 1943, a model was created that was a modernization of the MKb 42 (H). The MKb 42 (W) trigger-impact mechanism and the concept of firing from a closed bolt were adapted.
        • MP 44 - Improved version of the carbine. This version was officially presented to the German authorities. She got permission for serial production and the official military name StG 44.
          • StG 44 - The final production version of the carbine. It was practically no different from the previous version. Apart from a few mechanical changes to improve series production. Officially the first mass-produced assault rifle to be officially named after it.
    • MKb 42 (W) - The second participant in the project. In 1941, 50 examples were produced for testing. Later, 150 more weapons were delivered. The weapon lost the competition and production was discontinued.

  • Phase 3 - Sturmgewehr (StG) Ammo: 7.92×33mm Kurz
    Already in 1944. After the introduction of the StG 44, work began on simplifying the design. The weapon was to be officially named StG 45.
    • MKb Gerät 06 - The first prototype model. The weapon was cheaper to produce and had similar ballistic characteristics to the StG 44.
      • MKb Gerät 06H - Maschinenkarabiner Gerät 06 Halbverriegelt ("Machine Carbine Device 06 Half-locked"; abbreviation MKb Gerät 06H). Improved version of the previous prototype.
          • StG 45 (M) - Official military name. It is practically the same model as MKb Gerät 06H. The stock and the sight have been minimally changed.
    • StG 45 (G) - "Grossfuss Sturmgewehr". Only a few pieces were produced. Each one was different from each other, which suggested the work on the weapon. It was never put into production. Other name for this gun is "Horn Sturmgewehr". Kurt Horn is a weapons designer.
    • StG 45 (H) - "Haenel Sturmgewehr". The design would use the MP 43/1 as a base and various structural elements from the earlier MKb 42 (H). Several test examples were produced. Other name for this gun is "Schmeisser Sturmgewehr". Hugo Schmeisser is a weapons designer.

Vollmer MKb 35

Vollmer MKb 35/III - 7.75x39mm

The Vollmer MKb 35 (German: Vollmer Maschinenkarabiner 35, "Volmer Machine Carbine 35") is a series of of experimental automatic rifles, which was developed by Heinrich Vollmer. Other names for the rifle include: Vollmer M35.
Vollmer MKb 35 - Original prototype model.
Vollmer MKb 35/I - Updated prototype model from 1936 (?).
Vollmer MKb 35/II - Updated prototype model from 1937.
Vollmer MKb 35/III - Updated prototype model from 1938.


(1934 - 1938)

  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Caliber: 7.75×40.5 mm & 7.75×39.5mm
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
  • Length: 38.2 in (97 cm)
  • Barrel length: ??
  • Feed System: 20 rounds Detachable Box Magazine
  • Rate of Fire: 1000rpm first prototype. 300-400rpm next prototypes
  • Muzzle velocity: 700 m/s (2,280 feet per second)

The Vollmer MKb 35 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Enlisted Vollmer Mkb 35/III 2021

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