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The White Spider (Die weiße Spinne)

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The White Spider
(Die weiße Spinne)
Die weisse Spinne Poster.jpg
Original German Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Harald Reinl
Release Date 1963
Language German
Studio Arca-Winston Films
Hans Oppenheimer Film
Distributor Constantin Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ralph Hubbard Joachim Fuchsberger
Muriel Irvine Karin Dor
Joe 'Kiddie' Philips Horst Frank
Sergeant Meals Werner Peters
Summerfield Dieter Eppler
Gideon Chris Howland
Inspector Dawson Paul Klinger
Sir James Friedrich Schoenfelder

The White Spider (Die weiße Spinne) is a 1963 German B&W detective movie directed by Harald Reinl and adapted from the 1929 novel by Louis Weinert-Wilton. A passionate gambler Richard Irvine is killed in a car accident. A glass white spider on his keyring is the symbol for one of London's most notorious contract killer gangs. As the insurance company refuses to pay for Irvine's life insurance, his widow Muriel (Karin Dor) is arranged to work in a reform society for convicts. Here she meets Ralph Hubbard (Joachim Fuchsberger) who was recently released from Dartmoor. Meanwhile a Scotland Yard detective who investigates a series of seemingly accidental deaths is found dead. Inspector Conway, a mysterious Australian crime fighter who prefers to holds his anonymity and hides his face, is summoned for the case.

The film was created on the wave of success of Rialto Edgar Wallace film series and even "steals" the character of Sir John of Scotland Yard, a constant participant of Rialto films. The original film poster is even designed in same style as the posters of Wallace films.

SPOILERS.jpg WARNING! Major spoiler ahead!

The following weapons were used in the film The White Spider (Die weiße Spinne):

NHM Model 9 Revolver

Ralph Hubbard (Joachim Fuchsberger) uses an NHM Model 9 revolver when he is trapped in the gambling club. 'Kiddie' Philips (Horst Frank) holds an NHM Model 9 during the confrontation with "The Boss".

NHM Model 9 Type 1 blank-firing revolver - 9mm K
Hubbard holds the revolver.
Kiddie draws his revolver.

CZ 27

Inspector Raymond Conway (SPOILER! Highlight to see description) alias Ralph Hubbard (Joachim Fuchsberger) and Sergeant Meals (Werner Peters) carry CZ 27 pistols.

CZ 27 - .32 ACP
Sergeant Meals raises his pistol at Hubbard.
Another view of the same scene.
Inspector Conway draws his pistol during an assassination attempt on him.

Dreyse Model 1907

Inspector Dawson (Paul Klinger) carries a Dreyse Model 1907 pistol. This is a rarely seen early version of the pistol, identified by the serration on both slide and barrel. In the final scene a Dreyse (same version and likely same prop reused) is held by Summerfield (Dieter Eppler).

Dreyse Model 1907 - 7.65mm Browning. Note the different serration on the screen gun.
Inspector Dawson, strangled with a wire loop, tries to use his pistol.
Dawson's pistol on the pavement. The serration of the first version of Dreyse is seen.
Summerfield holds a Dreyse pistol in the final scene.

Unidentified handguns

In the final scene two police officers hold handguns that are seen in darkness and hardly can be identified.

Two police officers hold handguns. The one at the right seems to be a revolver while the one at the left may be a revolver or a pistol.

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