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The Wall (Stena)

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The Wall
Stena poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Channel Russia 1
Creator Non-Stop Productions
Genre Adventure
Broadcast 2016
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 4
Main Cast
Character Actor
Voevoda Mikhail Shein Aleksey Serebryakov
Sigismund III Vasa Anatoliy Belyy
Grigory Koldyrev Pavel Chinaryov
Andrey Dedyushin Nikolay Auzin
Katya Sheina Alisa Gorshkova
Friedrich 'Fritz' Mayer Maksim Belborodov
Varvara Olga Pavlovets
Natalya Spiridonova Alyona Kuchkova
Loiseau Denis Kugay
Gnosowski Roman Ageev

The Wall (Russian: Стена: Stena) is a 2016 Russian adventure TV series, directed by Dmitriy Meskhiev. The story is set during the Time of Troubles, the Siege of Smolensk (1609–11). A mysterious treasure of the Knights Hospitaller was hidden near the city of Smolensk. Polish King Sigismund III Vasa, German mercenary Friedrich 'Fritz' Mayer, French engineer Loiseau, Russian soldiers Grigory Koldyrev and Andrey Dedyushin, Voevoda Mikhail Shein and his daughter Katya Sheina embark on a quest to locate it.

The following weapons were used in the television series The Wall (Stena):

Wheellock Pistol

Wheellock Pistols appear in the hands of various characters throughout the movie. It seems that the single prop was used, due to only a single gun appearing onscreen.

Brunswick wheellock pistol
Polish mercenary with the pistol tucked into his belt. (ep. 1)
The same mercenary draws his pistol. The shot is very blurred, but the wheel and dog is seen. (ep. 1)
Andrey Dedyushin (Nikolay Auzin) with the pistol on his belt. (ep. 4)
Adjutant (Aleksey Krasnotsvetov) hands the pistol to his king. (ep. 4)
Close view of the pistol in the hands of King Sigismund III Vasa (Anatoliy Belyy). (ep. 4)
King Sigismund III fires. Note the flash from the touch hole. (ep. 4)
Russian soldier fires. Note the flash from the touch hole...
...and muzzle flash. (ep. 4)
German mercenary Friedrich 'Fritz' Mayer (Maksim Belborodov) aims his wheellock pistol. (ep. 4)

Matchlock Musket

Matchlock Muskets are a very popular firearm in the TV series.

Matchlock Arquebus with Crossbow Lever Trigger.
Polish mercenaries with the muskets. (ep. 1)
Russian soldiers in the background holds their muskets. (ep. 2)
A Russian soldier running with the musket in hand. (ep. 3)
Andrey Dedyushin aims. (ep. 4)
Friedrich 'Fritz' Mayer aims his matchlock musket. (ep. 4)
Russian soldiers with the muskets. Matchlock is seen. (ep. 4)
Russian soldiers aim...
...and fire. (ep. 4)
Polish mercenaries aim...
...and fire. (ep. 4)
Grigory Koldyrev (Pavel Chinaryov) fires his musket. (ep. 4)
Russian soldier is shot dead. Matchlock is seen. (ep. 4)
Gnosowski (Roman Ageev) fires. (ep. 4)


Large caliber muskets without any locks, known in Russia as samopal (self firing) are used by various characters.

Polish mercenary with the samopal. (ep. 1)
Another view of the same scene. German mercenary Friedrich 'Fritz' Mayer with the matchlock musket at the center. (ep. 1)
Polish mercenaries with the samopals. (ep. 2)
Hermit Savaty (Viktor Yakovlev) with the samopal. (ep. 3)
Hermit Savaty aims...
...and fires. (ep. 3)


Polish mercenaries uses cannons in episode 4.

Polish mercenaries load the cannon.
Good view of the cannon.
Cannon fires.
Cannon is seen.
Cannon fires.
View of the muzzle.


Russian soldiers briefly use a howitzer in episode 4.

Howitzer fires.


Russian soldiers fire ribauldequin guns in episode 4. Also known as an organ gun, a ribauldequin is a type of volley gun that uses multiple barrels arranged in parallel with each other that fire in succession to rain iron shot upon enemy infantry.

Russian soldiers loads ribauldequin.
Ribauldequin is readied...
...and fires.
Ribauldequins fires.
View of the business end. Note the numbers of barrels, which is seven.

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