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The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1962)

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The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
(Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse)
Das Testament des Dr Mabuse 1962 Poster.jpg
Original German Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Werner Klingler
Release Date 1962
Language German
Studio CCC Film
Distributor Constantin Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Commissioner Lohmann Gert Fröbe
Nelly Senta Berger
Johnny Briggs Helmut Schmid
Mortimer Charles Regnier
Dr. Mabuse Wolfgang Preiss
Professor Pohland Walter Rilla
Inspector Krüger Harald Juhnke
Flocke Leon Askin

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (German title Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse) is a 1962 German B&W crime thriller directed by Werner Klingler. This is the fourth installment in the Dr. Mabuse film series by CCC Films and a remake of Fritz Lang's famous eponymous 1933 film. Commissioner Lohmann (Gert Fröbe) investigates the crime activities, for which he sees the familiar modus operandi of Dr. Mabuse. But Mabuse is safely locked up in a mental hospital under the treatment of Prof. Pohland.

The following weapons were used in the film The Testament of Dr. Mabuse:


NHM Model 9

NHM Model 9 revolvers are used by the gang boss Mortimer (Charles Regnier) and several of his men.

NHM Model 9 Type 1 blank-firing revolver - 9mm K
A gangster holds a revolver during the robbery of a gold shipment.
Mortimer holds a revolver in the same scene.
A gangster aims his revolver at the security guards who are ordered to load the gold in the attackers' car.
Gagnster Eyeball Rolf (Alain Dijon) hands a revolver to ex-boxer Johnny Briggs (Helmut Schmid), just recruited into a gang. In the following scene Johnny is seen with an Arminius revolver.
Gangster Gulliver (Zeev Berlinsky) holds a revolver during the shootout with police.

Arminius HW-1

Arminius HW-1 revolvers are used by Commissioner Lohmann (Gert Fröbe), his assistant Krüger (Harald Juhnke), Mortimer (Charles Regnier) and his gang, including Johnny Briggs (Helmut Schmid), Finger-breaker Jack (Claus Tinney), Eyeball Rolf (Alain Dijon), Collar Toni (Arthur Schilski), and police.

Arminius HW-1 starter revolver
Mortimer orders Johnny to shoot escaping Flocke. In the previous scene when Johnny receives a gun, it was an NHM Model 9 revolver.
During the bank robbery, Finger-breaker Jack holds a "suppressed" Arminius. In reality this "sound suppressor" is the adapter for launching the signal flares.
Jack fires his revolver during the shootout with police. The muzzle adapter is removed.
A police officer returns fire.
Mortimer fires his revolver.
A blurry but identifiable revolver in hands of Commissioner Lohmann.
Johnny holds his revolver in the scene in the mental institute.
A good image of HW-1 revolver on VHS cover.


Luger P08

Many uniformed police officers are armed with Luger P08 during the shootout with the gang.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Johnny Briggs (Helmut Schmid) carries a Luger holster when he is dressed in the police uniform. It's hard to say if there is a pistol inside or not.
Police officers aim their guns at the captured gangsters. Their old-fashioned headgears are traditional German police shako helmets. In 1960s they remained in use only in Bereitschaftspolizei, the rapid reaction unit of the police forces of West Berlin where the film shooting took place.
A police officer at the left holds a Luger.

Walther PPK

What appears to be a Walther PPK is seen in hands of ganster Eyeball Rolf (Alain Dijon) during the robbery of a gold shipment and of a police officer during the shootout with the gang.

Walther PPK - .380 ACP. Note the ring just behind the magazine.
Rolf holds a pistol that seems to be a PPK.
What appears to be a PPK is seen in hands of a police officer.

Unidentified pistol

In one scene Mortimer (Charles Regnier) corners Flocke (Leon Askin) in the telephone booth, hands him a pocket pistol and orders to commit suicide. The pistol resembles the post-war version of Manufrance Le Francais with its typical fins on the top of the barrel, but the hinges of the tip-up barrel are positioned quite differently, and the pistol seems to lack the iron sights. Possibly this is some German blank-firing or gas-firing gun that are commonly used in 1960s films. According to the plot, the gun is a trap for a shooter, as the bullet is fired from the back of the pistol, so Flocke kills himself in an attempt to shoot Mortimer.

For comparison: Manufrance Le Francais 7.65mm - .32 ACP
A close-up of the pistol in hands of Mortimer.
Mortimer hands the pistol to Flocke.
Flocke takes aim at Mortimer's back as he walks away.
The trap is activated.

Submachine Guns

M3A1 "Grease Gun"

During the robbery of a gold shipment, several gangsters and the security guards are armed with M3A1 "Grease Gun" submachine guns.

M3A1 "Grease Gun" - .45 ACP
Three guards in the gold transporting minivan are armed with M3A1 Grease Gun submachine guns.
The fourth guard next to the driver is also armed with a "Grease Gun". During the attack of the gangsters his gun switches to a fictional submachine gun (see below).
A gangster in center holds a "Grease Gun". Two other gangsters are armed with NHM Model 9 revolvers.
The guards decide to surrender.
Gangsters aim the "Grease Guns" at the security guards who are ordered to load the gold in the attackers' car.
Collar Toni (Arthur Schilski) with an M3A1.

Madsen M50

In the same scene gangster Gulliver (Zeev Berlinsky) holds a Madsen M50 submachine gun.

Madsen M50 - 9x19mm
Gulliver holds a Madsen M50. Most of the gun is covered by a sling but what is seen allows to identify the weapon.
Gulliver covers under the fire.


An MP40 submachine gun is used by a gangster in police uniform during the bank robbery.

MP40 - 9x19mm
A gangster at the left holds an MP40.
Another view of the MP40. The gangster also carries a holster for a Luger P08.


Another gangster in police uniform holds a PPS-43.

PPS-43 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
A gangster at the right holds a PPS-43.

Fictional submachine gun

Fictional submachine guns are seen in several scenes. Several props are used, no less than two. These guns have receivers similar to Sten but with more crude appearance, side mounted curved Sterling-like magazines (but curved in the opposite direction), skeleton stocks, perforated barrel shrouds with unusually positioned holes and multiple (four?) muzzles. Very bright flashes appear from one or the other muzzle with the rate of fire a shot in about a second or two.

For reference: Sten Mk I* - 9x19mm
For reference: Sterling L2A3 (Mk.4) - 9x19mm
A security guard holds the submachine gun during the gangsters' attack.
The flashes are produced by different muzzles.
The curved magazine and the skeleton stock are seen when the guards surrender to the gangsters.
A gangster holds a submachine gun during the bank robbery.
A good view of the receiver and the stock.
Police officers fire at the gang.
The flash is produced by the muzzle on the bottom.

Other Weapons

Fictional gas grenade

During the heist of the diamond exchange, the gangsters use several tear gas hand grenades. They look too small for being real.

A gangster holds the tear gas grenade.

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