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The Pearl of Death

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The Pearl of Death
The Pearl of Death Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Roy William Neill
Release Date 1944
Studio Universal Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone
Dr. Watson Nigel Bruce
Inspector Lestrade Dennis Hoey
Naomi Drake Evelyn Ankers
Giles Conover Miles Mander
Amos Hodder Ian Wolfe
Digby Charles Francis
James Goodram Holmes Herbert

The Pearl of Death is an American 1944 detective movie, directed by Roy William Neill and starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. This is the ninth installment to the series of fourteen Sherlock Holmes films starring Rathbone and Bruce. The plot is adapted from "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons" and set in 1940s. The famous Borgia Pearl is stolen, and when the thief is arrested, the pearl is not found on him. A series of apparently motiveless murders follow, and when Holmes investigates these crimes, he finds the common feature of each: a bust of Napoleon.

The following weapons were used in the film The Pearl of Death:

Webley Bulldog

Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) carries a Webley Bulldog in several scenes. Later his revolver falls in hands of criminal Giles Conover (Miles Mander).

Webley British Bulldog - .45 caliber - 1870s
Holmes takes his Bulldog when he he hears footsteps on the stairs and suspects that this is Conover.
But but it turns out that the visitor is Inspector Lestrade.
Holmes, disguised as Dr. Boncourt, surprises Conover with his Bulldog.
Another view of the scene.
Giles Conover manages to get Holmes' revolver.
Conover holds the Bulldog.
Holmes, again with his revolver in hand, backs away from "The Creeper" (Rondo Hatton), Conover's right-hand man.
Holmes holds Conover at gunpoint on a promotional image.
Same scene on a lobby card.
"The Creeper" attacks his boss Conover, who holds Holmes' Bulldog, on a promotional image.
Same scene on a lobby card.

Iver Johnson Bulldog

When Giles Conover (Miles Mander) sneaks in Dr. Boncourt's house, he is armed with an Iver Johnson Bulldog revolver with white grips, supposedly a Model 1900. Later Holmes' Webley Bulldog switches to this Iver Johnson Bulldog. Supposedly this gun is the same prop that was used in Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon.

Iver Johnson Bulldog Model 1900 - .32
Giles Conover appears in Dr. Boncourt's house.
He threatens Boncourt, not knowing that he faces Holmes in disguise.
Conover releases that he is trapped.
Holmes holds the revolver when he breaks a bust of Napoleon. The white grip is seen. In next moment the Bulldog switches to a large frame Colt revolver.
Holmes holds the Iver Johnson Bulldog on a promotional image.

Colt New Service

When Holmes takes the Iver Johnson Bulldog to break a bust of Napoleon in which the pearl is hidden, his revolver switches to a large frame Colt New Service, also with white grips.

Colt New Service Revolver with Ivory Grips - .38-40
A large Colt makes a better hammer than a compact Iver Johnson.

Compact top break revolver

Dr. Watson carries a compact top break revolver during the shootout with Conover's gang. This gun may be a Smith & Wesson, an Iver Johnson or some other similar revolver. While such revolvers on screen are very often nickel plated, this one is blued.

For comparison: Iver Johnson Safety Automatic - .38 S&W
Watson holds his revolver when he and Holmes are under attack.

Unidentified revolver

Some nondescript revolver is briefly seen when Conover's henchman fires at Holmes and Watson from a car.

Conover's henchman fires from a car. His gun appears to be a large frame revolver but nothing more can be said.

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