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The Jackal (Shakal)

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The Jackal (Shakal)
Shakal Poster.jpg
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Evgeniy Zvezdakov
Broadcast 2016
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 8
Main Cast
Character Actor
Militsiya Maj. Ivan Petrovich Tcherkasov Andrey Smolyakov
Militsiya Capt. Sonya Timofeeva Marina Aleksandrova
Vera Ilyinichna Tomilova Ekaterina Klimova
Militsiya Col. Fyodor Grigoryevich Sablin Vadim Andreev
Militsiya Sr.Lt. Aleksey Garkusha Aleksey Bardukov
Ilya Lyubovskiy Pavel Chinaryov
Nyura Gorbatova Aleksandra Bortich
Sergey Matyushin Sergey Belov
Mikhail Vladimirovich Podkolzin Yuriy Itskov

The Jackal (Shakal) is a 2016 Russian detective TV series. The plot is set in Moscow in 1972. Militsiya Maj. Ivan Petrovich Tcherkasov (Andrey Smolyakov) and his team investigate a row of robberies, committed by the gang that uses Militsiya uniform and AK assault rifles.

Shakal is the fourth installment in the TV series about detective Ivan Tcherkasov.

The following weapons were used in the television series The Jackal (Shakal):



Sergey Matyushin (Sergey Belov), one of the gang members, uses a TT-33 in several scenes. A TT is also seen in hands of Militsiya Lt. Vasiliy Ivantsov (Filipp Gurevich); in reality TT was already removed from service of Soviet law enforcement in 1970s.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Post-1947 version.
Sergey holds a TT during the robbery of the cash messengers car.
A TT is seen in hands of Lt. Ivantsov, blurry due to fast motion.
Sergey holds his TT, fitted with (obviously fake) sound suppressor, when he makes an ambush on Maj. Pozhidaev.
Sergey fires.

Makarov PM

Makarov PM pistols are widely seen throughout the series. Most of these guns turn out to be gas-firing IZh-79 (see below) but some genuine PMs also can be seen, notably in hands of the gang member Mikhail Vladimirovich Podkolzin aka Uncle Misha (Yuriy Itskov).

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
A close-up of Uncle Misha's PM during the robbery. Note the slightly curved front part of the trigger guard (this detail on IZh-79 is more angular) and the original slide stop (again, this detail on IZh-79 is more thin and flat).
Uncle Misha, disguised as a Militsioner, fires his pistol.
A Militsiya Captain holds his PM during the arrest of corrupt Capt. Chesnokov (Aleksey Komashko). This pistol also has a curved front part of the trigger guard.

Makarov PM (IZh-79)

Most PM pistols in the series turn out to be IZh-79 gas-firing version. They are used by gang members Uncle Misha (Yuriy Itskov), Ilya Lyubovskiy (Pavel Chinaryov), Nyura Gorbatova (Aleksandra Bortich) and Sergey Matyushin (Sergey Belov), and by Militsiya personnel, including Maj. Ivan Petrovich Tcherkasov (Andrey Smolyakov), Capt. Kozyrev (Dmitriy Mazurov), Maj. Nikita Pozhidaev (Yuriy Tarasov) and Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha (Aleksey Bardukov).

IZh-79-8, a non-lethal gas firing version of Makarov PM - 8mm PA
Uncle Misha cleans his pistol. The recoil spring, seen in his hands, matches the gas- and blank-firing versions of the PM.
Maj. Pozhidaev fires his pistol.
A good view of Ilya's pistol.
Ilya holds the pistol and the magazine.
Ilya threatens the husband of his former girlfriend Lena.
Ilya holds the pistol at Lena's head.
Nyura's pistol on the table. Note the vertical front part of the trigger guard, unlike the curved one on the original PM, and the thin and flat slide stop.
Sergey holds a pistol during the bank heist.
Nyura draws her pistol when she and Sergey are gunned down during Militsiya operation.
A Militsiya operative fires at Nyura and Sergey.
Maj. Tcherkasov holds the pistol when Militsiya breaks in Ilya Lyubovskiy's house.
A flashback scene shows Sr. Lt. Garkusha arresting Lyubovskiy. Baikal logo is partially seen on the slide.

Assault Rifles


Militsiya personnel use AKM assault rifles in several scenes. Some of these guns lack the typical slanted muzzle compensators but shapes of receivers and front sights match AKM.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
A Militsioner with AKM guards the cash messengers in Moskovskiy department store.
Another armed Militsioner in the same scene. His assault rifle lacks the muzzle compensator, but the narrow front sight shows that this is an AKM.
The receiver of the AKM is seen in the same scene.
Tula Militsiya personnel carry AKMs (some without muzzle compensators) during the operation againt the gunrunners. Several holsters for Makarov PM pistols are seen.
Militsiya fire at the gunrunners.
Militsiya fire at Nyura and Sergey.


During the robberies the gang use AKS-74U assault rifles, not fitting for 1972. According to the storyline, these AKS-74U were trial guns, stolen from TOZ. In reality AKS-74U was designed only in late 1970s, and the trial guns were produced by Izhmash.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
Sergey, disguised as a Militsioner, holds an AKS-74U during the attack on cash messengers in Moskovskiy department store.
Gang member Pavel (Andrey Feskov) holds an AKS-74U in the same scene.
Ilya, disguised as a Militsioner, holds his gun in the same scene.
Nyura, disguised as a Militsioner, with the AKS-74U in the same scene.
A close-up of Uncle Misha's AKS-74U in the same scene.
A gunrunner (Pavel Yulku) shows an AKS-74U to Aleksey Garkusha who pretends to be a criminal, interested in purchasing weapons.
Garkusha examines the gun. The gun looks too battered for a trial weapon.
The gunrunners fire at Militsiya.
Capt. Aleksey Chesnokov (Aleksey Komashko) takes an AKS-74U from a cache.
A close-up of Sergey's AKS-74U during the heist in the jewelry store.
Ilya's AKS-74U in the same scene.



SKS carbines are seen in the Militsiya armoury. In reaily SKS were never issued to Militsiya service.

SKS - 7.62x39mm
Gun racks of AKMs and SKS carbines.
More gun racks with SKS.


In one scene Sonya Timofeeva shows photos of AK-74 (describing it as an AKM) and AKS-74U to Tcherkasov.

Sonya Timofeeva: "This is Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy. Index 6P1. Put into service in 1959".
Sonya Timofeeva: "And this Kalashnikov is in the development stage. Unlike the previous model, it is chambered in 5.45mm caliber."
Tcherkasov: "In development, and already shooting?"
Timofeeva: "Yes. It is developed by the Izhevsk plant, and the trial guns are manufactured in Tula."

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