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The Calculator (Vychislitel)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

The Calculator (Vychislitel)
Vychislitel Poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Dmitriy Grachev
Release Date 2014
Language Russian
Studio Art Pictures Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ervin Kann Evgeniy Mironov
Christie Anna Chipovskaya
Joost van Borg aka Polar Wolf Vinnie Jones
Mathias Nikita Panfilov
Jobe Ivan Verkhovykh
Jan Vladas Bagdonas
Leyla Linda Nigmatullina
Captain Kirill Kozakov

The Calculator (Vychislitel) is a Russian 2014 science fiction movie directed by Dmitriy Grachev and loosely based on the same title novel by Aleksandr Gromov. The story is set in distant future on some planet where all population inhabite a single megapolis, surrounded by hostile swamps. Exile from the megapolice is the form of capital punishment. A group of exiled convicts try to cross the swamps and reach nearly legendary Happy Islands. Ervin Kann (Evgeniy Mironov), one of the exiled, is a genial scientist who was the counsilleor of the planetar government but opposed the totalitar power. His anthagonist is Joost van Borg, known as "Polar Wolf" (Vinnie Jones), a seasoned criminal who pretends to be the boss over all exiled.

The following weapons were used in the film The Calculator (Vychislitel):


Stechkin APS (visually modified as Futuristic Pistol)

Mathias (Nikita Panfilov), the commander of the special unit, carries the futuristic pistol that appears to be dressed up Stechkin APS, probably the airsoft replica, like Gletcher APS-A. In one scene Mathias gives his pistol to Polar Wolf (Vinnie Jones).

Gletcher APS-A Soft Air, airsoft replica of Stechkin APS
Mathias threatens the exiled woman.
Mathias aims.
Polar Wolf (Vinnie Jones) holds the pistol.

Futuristic Tranquilizer Pistol

Mathias (Nikita Panfilov) also has a Tranquilizer pistol.

Captain (Kirill Kozakov) gives a tranquilizer pistol to Mathias.
Another view of the pistol.
Mathias holds the Tranquilizer Pistol.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic

Two revolvers are seen in Captain's armory. These are large frame, long barreled revolvers, resembling Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic. The screen guns are most likely airsoft; Marushin S&W M629 Classic .44 Magnum X is a good guess.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic - .44 Magnum
Revolvers are seen at the left.


Remington 870

Mathias (Nikita Panfilov), the commander of the special unit, is armed with a pump action shotgun with pistol grip, AR-15-style carrying handle, weaponlight and saddle shell holder. A version of Remington 870 seems to be a good guess.

Remington 870 with Aimtec Warhammer rail system, FAB Defense stock and pump, MAGPUL Back-Up Sights, and 1st generation Bushnell Holosight - 12 gauge. This is the screen-used gun from Strike Back - Season 4
The shotgun in armory (red 5).
Mathias takes the shotgun.
Mathias leads his group during the operation in Rotten Shoal shelter. The AR-15 style carrying handle is seen.
Mathias holds the shotgun.
Mathias holds the shotgun, using the carrying handle.
The receiver is seen.
The saddle holder is seen.

Submachine Guns

PDT-9T Esaul (visually modified as Futuristic Assault Rifle)

Futurisitic assault rifle, used by one of Mathias' soldiers, appears to be visually modified PDT-9T Esaul.

PDT-9T Esaul less-than-lethal personal protection weapon - 9mm P.A. Rubber
A soldier at the left holds the gun.

Rifles/Assault Rifles

Barrett M82A1 (visually modified as Futuristic Assault Rifle)

Several soldiers are armed with futuristic assault rifles that appear to be visually modified Barrett M82A1, probably airsoft replica. One of these rifles falls in hands of Jobe (Ivan Verkhovykh).

Barrett M82A1 - .50 BMG
A soldier holds the assault rifle.
His gun falls on the ground as he becomes a victim of local dangerous wildlife.
Jobe (Ivan Verkhovykh) with the rifle.
A closer view of the weapon.

Heckler & Koch HK417

What appears to be the Heckler & Koch HK417 (possibly airsoft replica) is seen in Captain's armory.

Heckler & Koch HK417 with sights removed and 16" barrel - 7.62x51mm NATO
What appears to be HK417 is seen on the top (red 1).


An AK-47 is seen in Captain's armory.

Final Production version of the Type III AK-47 with cleaning rod removed and laminated stock - 7.62x39mm
The AK-47 is seen in center (red 4).

Dragunov SVD

What appears to be the Dragunov SVD is seen in Captain's armory.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R
What appears to be SVD (without sniper scope) is seen on the bottom (red 6).

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