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Talk:The Blacklist - Season 2

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BlacklistS2E01 18.jpg
The silver pistol behind the right thigh of the first guy looks to me like a Smith and Wesson 5946, although I cannot be certain because of the distance. Does anyone else agree? --L.J. Gibbs (talk) 11:39, 26 December 2014 (EST)

BlacklistS2E05 02.jpg

The unknown shotgun looks like a Remington 887 nitro mag tactical, with an Eotech. Gunner313

Mr. Kaplans Revolver

Can anyone confirm that in Episode 19 the revolver that Mr. Kaplan is wielding is a an S&W 686 Plus, simply because Raymond manages to fire 7 shots before running out?

Mr. Kaplan checks and reloads her revolver.
Mr. Kaplan holstering her revolver while she guards Raymond.
Raymond using the revolver Mr. Kaplan gave him, clearly a different one than before.

The top two revolvers appear to be blued Model 586s, not stainless Model 686s. The bottom one is an N-frame .357 Smith & Wesson Model 28. As for the question about the 586 being a 'Plus' model - In the second cap the cylinder appears to be symmetrical, meaning it's an even 6-round cylinder, not a 7-round. If so this would make it a standard 586, not a 586 Plus. But without a better shot of gun and cylinder I won't swear to it. StanTheMan (talk) 22:18, 25 May 2015 (EDT)

Not a model 686

Not a model 686.

This revolver is not a model 686. It lacks the full underlug of this model. It looks like a model 66. However, the muzzle size seems large for a .357. It might be one of the short barrel versions of the model 629 Rafa (talk) 08:02, 23 May 2015 (EDT)

Not nearly big enough to be an N-frame and the barrel hardly looks to be a .44 to me. This is a Model 66 Snub. StanTheMan (talk) 22:12, 25 May 2015 (EDT)

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