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Talk:Point Break (1991)

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Anyone know what the sights on Gary Busey's Charter Undercover are? I have seen several old Charters, but not with a sight like that. I think it's kind of cool and would work great for quick sighting at close range.

It dont' think it is an Undercover at all, it has an exposed hammer. I've got to give this page a revamp, WAY too much stuff has been left out. - Gunmaster45

I never thought about the fact that there is an exposed hammer. That would definitally rule out an Undercover. What do you think it is?

Hold the phone, there. I do believe that some Charter Arms Undercovers have exposed hammers. Hell, just look on their website. -Gunman69 22:13, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

Revamp time

Great news! I finally got this movie (and the transfer is excellent for an older movie, too). This page is next my list of movies to screencap. -MT2008

I'm sure you won't, but don't forget the empty Ithaca 37 used by Utah during one of the bank robberies. "We can't let you walk through those doors with your dick in your hand, right?" Congrats on the bluray, I'm pretty sure this is the first full bluray page made on IMFDb. I can image you're quite honored. :) - Gunmaster45

The Charter Arms Undercover

Didn't anyone tell Mr.Busey that you are NOT supposed to put Hollowpoints in a snub nosed revolver as they will not work correctly?-S&Wshooter 19:00, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

Unknown Compact Pistol

Looks like one of those little SIG-Sauers. -The Winchester
I'm really not sure. I've watched it a few times, and it's just not seen clearly enough to tell. -MT2008
It looks like a nickel Walther PPK to me. - Gunmaster45

Roach's ScoreMaster

Is it just me, or is Roach loading an empty mag into his ScoreMaster in the shot with his mask off? - Gunmaster45

I see what you mean, you can see right through the Magazine showing no ammo loaded.

Couple Points on Busey's snubby

Busey's revolver was a S&W satin/electroless nickeled bodyguard (steel or airweight) you can't tell from the pictures.I was carrying one as my second gun on street patrol at the time. It is especially obvious during the airport shoot out, the hump back profile is there as the camera does a 3/4 quarter frontal shot from his right front. (I do not have the ability to do scren shots) As to the use of hollow points out of a snubby even back then there were hollow points that would work out of a short barrel. I favored the nylcad 158 plus p or the straight lead 158 grain lead HP known as the FBI or Chicago load. A couple of the various 110 or 125 grainers would work also but those 2 loads worked well. At the time of the movie the FB1 was issuing the Federal 147 grain JHP at a +P or +P+ load I can't remember which.There may have been some of the older lead hollow point still in the pipe line at the time though.Not that it really matters I mean it's holly weird.

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