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Talk:Last of the Mohicans, The

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Kudos to putting this page together Nyles. I would browse the site looking for a page on it, and never found one until recently. This is my first post as a member of the site, so please bear with my if I make some mistakes. I mean no disrespect in my commets.

I would not call Hawkeye's rifle a Kentucky Flintlock Rifle. The rifles were made in Pennsylvania, but many men used them in Kentucky such as Daniel Boone or Simon Kenton. The Pennsylvania rifles became known as Kentucky rifles because they were used by men who explored and brought other settlers to the state. There also is a song entitled "The Hunters of Kentucky" which played a role in the rifle being known by a different name. I believe Magua to be using a musket of sorts. If you look at the picture of him aiming, you can make out a front sight, but no rear. Muskets would have had this.

Taking a look at the slightly anachronistic PN rifle, I am not so sure it is slightly anachronistic. Early rifles would have had a straighter stock and butt, with either a wooden patchbox or non at all. The trigger guard would have been larger, with possibly the set triggers made after the style on the Jaeger rifles. There also can be seen some carving on the stock at the ramrod entry pipe under the rear sight. However, I could be wrong on this point, but my limited reading has lead me to think the way I do. Perhaps more research on my part is needed.

When Hawkeye and Uncas are covering the runner, it is difficult to tell what Hawkeye is using. He very well could be using a Brown Bess, but this doesn't quite make sense with me as a musket is only accurate out to 50-75 yards. Wouldn't it make more sense for a woodsman who uses a rifle to be using a rifle? Perhaps the script writers thought of this? Uncas seems to be using a rifle, at least to me. The buttplate looks more like what you would find on a rifle, and getting very close to the screen, just a little to the left of Hawkeye's wampum powderhorn strap it seems that I find a small dark colored object that is sticking up perpendicular to the barrel. I believe that is a rear sight. The lock is a bit smaller too, as muskets generally had larger locks.

If you take a look at the scene of the massacre with Uncas aiming at someone offscreen, I see a nosecap that appears to be flush with the barrel. That is something a rifle would have had. You do see a strap, but it looks like the strap is fastened directly to the barrel. Uncas could be like Hawkeye and use a temporary sling sometimes.

I do not know what kind of flintlock Chingachgook is using. My dad says that it looks like a Northwest Trade Gun, but I am not quite so sure. I think it to be a musket though.

Again, thanks for putting this page up in the first place. It is a great first step.

Keep your powder dry boys- Markethunter

Thanks Markethunterr but this page was built by Ben41 with a few contributions from Me MoviePropMaster2008 and Jcordell. If anyone deserves credit it's Ben41 for making this page possible. MoviePropMaster2008 20:36, 22 September 2010 (UTC)
Sorry. I mistakenly thought that since Nyles had posted a comment on how he edited the page he had created it. I accidentally deleted that in my attempts to create a post. Perhaps there is a way to put it back in? Anyway, then my thanks goes to you, MoviePropMaster2008, along with Ben41 and Jcordell.
--Markethunter 21:39, 23 September 2010 (UTC)
P.S. In the courier scene, Uncas' rear sight seems farther back that what I have usually seen on rifles. Still, the buttplate looks like those found on rifles. "Killdeer" Hawkeye's rifle was made by Wayne Watson, gunsmith. You can either see his name in the credits, or go to his website http://www.waynepwatson.com/index.html. All I have to go on for the correctness of his rifle is from A Pilgrim's Journey Volume Two: 1996-2005 by Mark A. Baker, page 121, in which he says "From the beginning, the prop master allowed Frank to build the rifle that he believed would be proper to the time and place of the movie (a privilege not allowed Wayne Watson when he built so beautifully the final Killdeer for The Last of the Mohicans)." Frank is Frank House, builder of the rifle that Mel Gibson's character, Benjamin Martin, uses in The Patriot.

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