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Talk:La Femme Nikita (1997)

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I've decide to update this seires, since it's in desperate need of it. Unfortunatly no screen caps, bbut I'll post the time that the gun is shown, so someone else can get the shots quickly.

Episode 1:

Glock, cops gun from opening credits

H&K SP89, nikita opening credits

Ruger kp89 (15:40 for best view)

MP5, collasible stock, s-e-f trigger group, great shots of nikita training. but a funny shot can be found later when a sufefire equiped gun turns into one with a flashlight simply taped to the forearm at 38 minutes into the show.

Mac 10 (17:57 best view) Switches to UZI(mini uzi?) at 18:17 then back to a mac at 18:21

UZI, could be a mini UZI which is used later (17:33 and 18:00)

stainless Berreta 92 (17:54, several are used towrd the end of the episode)

Glock 19, though a G17 appears later (18:08 and 35:21)

M72 LAW, older model (18:33)

Stainless pistol, unkown type. It looks identical to the PPK, but has a 1911 style trigger? (28:33 gives good view of trigger) Magically grows a silencer at 30:48!

Don't know If the lipstick explosive should be listed..

Mini Uzi, stockless (35:13)

Berretta 92, blued (35:15)

Sig 220, european. you can tell by the grip angle (40:52)

Episode 2:

Unknown revolver

MP5SD (15 minutes) sping powered airsoft guns, you can tell by the finger swells on the handguard (18:24 and 35:30, shows this pretty clearly)

stainless Berreta, silenced (17:59)

Desert eagle, silenced with laser sight (18:07)

Unknown pistol (25 minutes)

AT4 rocket launcher, with some kind of dual pistol grip thingy (38:20)

Episode 3:

good view of fake MP5sd finger swells (31:46) Atleast 1 real mp5sd is used in this episode.

Full sized, stockless UZI

Episode 4:

fake ppk (32:15) Alot of writing can be seen on the slide at 35:20

Episode 5: Berreta 92, silenced (6:36)

KP89, silenced. first used (34:37) shot of silencer which is much smaller than the ones mounted onthe berretas (34:48)

Episode 6: Don't know if nerve cas bombs should be included KP85, front end view of silencer (5:39)

Glock 17, shown unloading, obvios air soft magazine (6:13)

M16a1 carbine (14:31)

fake S&W 4506 (15:06 grip) (15:41 full gun)

Uzi seen through rifle scope (15:12) seen later with the stock actually deployed for a change Unknown sniper rifle (15:23)

Mac 10, stock extended for a change, seen throuh rifle scope (15:28)

Scorpion (20:53)

Mini uzi with a folding stock for once, barely visible through smoke (36:31)

Stainless Desert Eagle (37:16) shown firing, might e different gun, it looks brighter (39:46)

Good closeup of Nikita KP85, showing company and model name, also a 3 position safety/decocker. (43:17)

Episode 7: G3 with folding stock (4:00) seen again a little more clearly through some grass, just before the commerial reak (34:32) M16a2 is shown at same time Xm177, same time Tommy gun with forward pistol grip, same scene but etter view is (13:50)

At 19:30, walter say that they were fired upon by a 50mm machinegun during the ambush. I don't think the holes in the wall were THAT big, maybe he meant .50 caliber.

Steyr AUG (29:24)

Sterling SMG, same time only butt shown, barrel and magazine visible, while kid kicks ball (31:45) shown firing during the end battle (38:10)

AKM with forward pistol grip, angles rearward, same time. or more clearly at (36:20) when standing next to car

Woman with nitting needles keeps walking around and can be mistaken for one of the gaurd

MP40 (33:03) seen breifly as kid kick all along hedge row

AKM, clearly visible features (33:37) when unconsios man nikita drug off earlier

M16 commando (35:58) nikitaknocks out gaurd carrying it when she returns to the compund. another shown firing during end battle (38:31)

Scorpion shown firing during end battle (38:13)

Walther P38, soba's pistol (39:35) best shot is when soba reaches for it just before nikita steps on his hand.

I skipped alot of guns because I couldn't identify them due to being too blurry or far away to tell.

Episode 8: Uzi (8:50) Draws the weapon from a kitchen draw, then pulls back the bolt and rides it forward, then he inserts the magazine. That's the proper way to load an Uzi!

Unknow dart guns a few second later.

Unknown pistol. wife comes back armed, only to get shot down by her husband.

Stockless mini uzi (20:47) nikita gets caught. they love taking the stock off folding stock weapons in this series...

Mac-10 water pistol! (36:37) note the sites are solid blocks and the tiny circle in the center of the solid barrel.

Episode 9: CZ 52? Mik Stopple pulls it out of his waist band when he meets with Nikita (25:29) better view, breifly (34:19)

Explosive necklace (34:10)

Episode 10: (1:10-1:55)

  • Thieves weapons: 2 Glock 17s, Colt Commando, fake xm177e2, real xm177e2, 2 or 3 M16A2(full auto)
  • Drug dealer/supplier weapons: Desert Eagle, Mac-10, 2 Mini Uzis(stockless), 2 Berreta 92, Bosses unknown stainless pistol

Nikitas Silenced takedown sniper rifle/tranquilizer gun(unknown) Love that she chamber one round, loads another and chabers it too, now she's ready to fire? Scene is a homage to the Nikita film. "Handled just like a TRG-12"

(28:00) SA-80 on Walthers workbench. No sights mounted

More to come...

Sorry for the low quality screencaps

They're just some placeholders I found online, tobe replaced if/when better images are availible. My computer laughable doesn't have a DVD, soI can't make them myself(yet?). --Zurak 47 19:35, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

Seems my little brother got tired of me not having a DVD player for my computer when he'd come over, so he bought me one. So I can make screenshots now, wee! Ugh, this is actually tedious work, how do you people do all of this? --Zurak 47 01:58, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

I play it on my PC, pause -use printscreen and paste into MS paint. --AdAstra2009 02:00, 27 August 2009 (UTC)
The CCCP Windows Media Player Classic comes with a built in screencap feature.--PistolJunkie 04:06, 11 September 2010 (UTC)

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