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Talk:Jackie Brown

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Chicks Who Love Guns

Just a noob question as these are my first-ever contributions to a wiki : I did two screenshots of each of the guns featured in the "Chicks who love guns" presentation, one which is a more presenting picture, another one with the chick and gun in action.

Now how can I post both the pictures in one row - maybe you can give me an example so I can just have a look at the source code and get the idea ?

Second picture for the TEC-9 would be this one : Jackie Brown-gwlg-TEC-9-2.jpg

I have just seen the movie (Jackie Brown) and did the necessary screenshots of any scene showing a gun, but I have to leave now for a concert .. will be back in some hours to put in the other guns ;D

You can add more if you want. Just don't get too crazy, maybe stay under six per gun. Only two pics is nothing though. - Gunmaster45

Understood, many thanks =)

But if I shrink* them pics to fit in a row, they still appear underneath - any command to fix that ? - Thorus

Never put them in a row, it is just annoying to deal with and people with tiny screens can't see everything without scrolling sideways. Keep all the pics a consistant size (500px or 600px are the prefered) so it looks nice and is proper format. - Gunmaster45

Allright, will do so =)

Just another question turned up now, as you guys are so cool on indentifying the guns probably just from the pics i uploaded, in this case for the pump action shotgun you identified as a Mossberg 500 : do i have to change the title now (from "unknown gun" to "Mossberg 500"), and :what happens to the comments ? Will they be deleted once we are sure which gun is presented there ( as for the AK-47 discussion as well) ?

As for the "Chicks who love guns" video and the "chinese model" of the AK : i just saw it on Youtube now as I have borrowed the DVD to someone else, and maybe in the movie Melanie is just right about Ordell when she says : He's just repeating shit he overheard. He ain't any more a gun expert than I am" ;D - Thorus

I fixed everything for you. - Gunmaster45
GREAT job, many thanks =))
Im sure I will get used to edit here, it was a really cool idea to set up such a wiki ! - Thorus

External links

"Girls Who Love Guns" - Promotional clip in Jackie Brown on Youtube :

Unidentified Revolver

I belive the unidentified revolver is an Harrington & Richardson model 732. --Mauser 08:14, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

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