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The Professionals (1966)

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The Professionals (1966)

The Professionals is a 1966 Western directed by Richard Brooks (In Cold Blood & Bite The Bullet) and stars Lee Marvin as the leader of a group of specialists who are hired to rescue the kidnapped wife (Claudia Cardinale) of a wealthy Texas millionaire during the time of the Mexican Revolution. The cast included Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, and Jack Palance.

The following weapons were used in the film The Professionals:


Colt M1911

Rico (Lee Marvin) carries two handguns in the movie, the first one is a Colt M1911, which he carries in a military-style holster (he also carries a double magazine pouch.)

COLTM1911 1913.jpg
Rico Fardan helps Hans Ehrengard free Bill Dolworth from captivity. This is the only time in the film that Rico has his M1911 unholstered, as he uses his Colt Official Police for the majority of the film.
Rico's M1911 holstered.

Colt Official Police

In addition to the M1911, Rico (Lee Marvin) also carries an early Colt Official Police revolver.

  • This Official Police is an anachronism, as production did not begin until 1927, and the Mexican Revolution is generally considered to have ended in 1920. However, the very similar Army Special was in production at the time, and could have been carried at the time the picture is set.
Colt Official Police - 4" Barrel
Rico Fardan trains his Colt Official Police on the three bandits that have captured Bill Dolworth.
Rico smiles as he gives up the Colt to the bandits
Rico fires his Colt Official Police at one of Raza's men at the end of the railroad line.

Colt New Service

Hans Ehrengard (Robert Ryan), Jesus Raza (Jack Palance), and his "lieutenant" Chiquita (Marie Gomez) use Colt New Service revolvers throughout the film.

Colt New Service - .45 Long Colt
Jesus Raza reloads his Colt New Service after he and his men capture the Mexican Army train.
One of Raza's men holds Hans' Colt New Service on him in the boxcar. The man in the background is holding a Springfield M1903.
Raza has his wounds tended to as the Colt lies near his side.
Highlight for Spoilers: A wounded Chiquita levels her (empty) Colt New Service under Bill Dolworth's chin and pulls the trigger.

Colt Single Action Army

A Colt Single Action Army is the main sidearm used by Jake Sharp (Woody Strode) and Bill Dolworth (Burt Lancaster)

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5 1/2" barrel known as the "Artillery" model. .45 Long Colt
Bill Dolworth cocks the hammer of his SAA.
A closeup of Bill's SAA as he aims it at the unconscious Raza.
Bill Dolworth holds his SAA on Maria Grant's (Claudia Cardinale) head during the standoff at the end of the railroad line.
Dolworth aims his SAA in the canyons during his showdown with Raza and his men.
Dolworth checks his flank with his Single Action Army in hand during the showdown between him and Raza.


Winchester Model 1897

The Winchester Model 1897 shotgun is the main gun used by Henry "Rico" Fardan (Lee Marvin) throughout the movie. Later in the film Bill Dolworth (Burt Lancaster) takes it and uses it to great effect against Raza and his men.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 Gauge
Henry "Rico" Fardan (Lee Marvin) with a Winchester Model 1897 shotgun in a production still
Rico Fardan and Bill Dolworth prep for an ambush by bandits.
Rico Fardan maintains his Winchester 1897 shotgun. During production of the film, Lee Marvin took it upon himself to keep all the guns used in the film clean in order to maintain reliability in the unpredictable desert conditions.
Bill Dolworth checks the 1897 as he waits for Raza and his men in the canyons.
Bill Dolworth takes out one of Raza's men with the 1897 at a pretty long distance away.
Highlight for Spoilers Rico Fardan trains his Winchester 1897 on Joe Grant (Ralph Bellamy) when the contract turns south.


Winchester Model 1892

The Winchester Model 1892 rifle is the most common rifle used by the "Professionals" in the film, being utilized by Hans Ehrengard (Robert Ryan), Jake Sharp (Woody Strode), and Bill Dolworth (Burt Lancaster), the latter using one to good effect against Raza and his men near the end of the film.

Winchester Model 1892 Carbine - .44-40
Bill Dolworth chambers his Winchester 1892 as he and Rico prep for ambush.
Bill Dolworth holds his Winchester 1892 as he and Rico encounter the bandits. In the previous scene, Bill's 1892 had the carbine length tube magazine, in this scene it has somehow shrunk in length.
Dolworth looks around the canyon. Seen in this frame is the Winchester 1892's receiver and straight-wrist stock. This has been previously identified as a Winchester 1887 shotgun, but upon further investigation, it is in reality a Winchester 1892 with (possibly) a Trapper carbine-length tube magazine.
Hans Ehrengard waits for the bandit ambush with his 1892 Winchester
Bill Dolworth and Rico Fardan open up on the bandits.
Bill Dolworth takes Hans Ehrengard's Winchester 1892 to shoot one of the dead bandit's horses while an angered Hans looks on.
Dolworth takes up his 1892 as Raza and his men approach him.
Jesus Raza carries his own Winchester 1892 as he and his men charge towards Bill Dolworth.

M1903 Springfield

The most common bolt action rifle in the film is the Springfield M1903, used mostly by Raza's men. Earlier on, the "Professionals" acquire some M1903s from some bandits. Bill Dolworth (Burt Lancaster) takes a Springfield M1903 as he holds off Raza's remaining forces as the group make for the US-Mexican border.

Springfield M1903 Mk 1 - .30-06
One of the three bandits holds a M1903 Springfield on Rico.
Bill Dolworth joins Rico Fardan as he guards for the group with a M1903 Springfield by his side.
Raza's men open fire at the "Professionals" at end of the railroad line, the man on the right struggling to reload his M1903.
One of Raza's men looks for Bill Dolworth with his M1903 in hand.
Bill Dolworth arms himself with a Springfield M1903 during his showdown with Raza and his men.
Bill goes prone with his M1903 as Raza and one of his men rush at him on horseback.
Bill ditches his empty Springfield M1903 and changes his position during the showdown.

Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Carbine

The Mexican Army Soldiers aboard the train are mostly equipped with the Springfield 1873 "Trapdoor" Carbine, a stark contrast as the Mexican Army's main rifle during the Mexican Revolution were Spanish Mausers.

Replica Springfield Model 1873 Cavalry Carbine "Trapdoor Springfield" built by Uberti Arms - .45-70
Mexican soldiers aboard the train fire back at Raza's men with their Trapdoor carbines.
While the Lewis Gunner fires away, the other soldiers continue firing back at Raza's men, one reloading his single-shot Trapdoor rifle in the heat of battle.

M1 Garand

A (Highly Anacronistic) M1 Garand is seen in one of the saddle scabbards on one of Raza's men's horses.

M1 Garand - .30-06
Clearly seen are the rear sights and familiar stock of an M1 Garand in the scabbard.

Machine Guns

Browning M1917

The Browning M1917 machine gun is first seen being demonstrated by Rico to the US Army at the beginning of the film. It's later seen used by the Mexican army when Raza's men ambush the train.

Browning 1917 Machine Gun - .30-06
Rico Fardan demonstrates the M1917 to the US Army soldiers.
The machine gun crew aboard the train man the Browning M1917.
Mexican soldiers fire the Browning M1917 on Raza's men.

Vickers Machine Gun

In a continuity error, the Browning M1917 used by the Mexican soldiers aboard the train during the ambush by Raza's men turns into a Vickers Machine Gun as Raza (Jack Palance) tramples over the machine gun crew with his horse, knocking the Vickers off the flatcar.

Vickers Machine Gun - .303
Raza takes out the machine gun crew on the train by trampling on the Vickers gun with his horse.
One of the remaining machine gun crew members tries to reach for the (jammed) Vickers Gun on the ground before it gets dragged away by one of Raza's men via a lasso.

Lewis Gun

Another machine gun used by the Mexican army on the train is a Lewis Gun, which is captured by Raza's men once they take the train. Henry "Rico" Fardan (Lee Marvin) Later commandeers it during the ambush at Raza's hideout. He later uses it to great effect against Raza's men when the "Professionals" escape with Maria Grant (Claudia Cardinale) aboard the train previously taken by Raza and his men. Interestingly, this a US-issued Model 1917 Lewis gun, identified with it's cocking handle placed on the left side of the receiver, and chambered in .30-06 for use by the US Marines during World War I.

Lewis Gun - .303
A Mexican soldier tries to fend off against Raza's men with a Lewis Gun.
One of Raza's men commandeers the Lewis Gun after the train is captured.
A disguised Rico Fardan takes the Lewis gun from one of Raza's men after killing him. Note the left side cocking handle, a feature mainly seen on US Model 1917 Lewis Guns.
The Lewis Gun leaning against a retaining wall during the standoff at end of the railroad line.
Rico takes up the 28 lb Lewis Gun during the standoff at the end of the railroad line.
Rico keeps Raza's men at bay with the Lewis Gun while he, Bill Dolworth (Using Maria Grant as a human shield), and Jake Sharp (Armed with a Colt Single Action Army and longbow) walk slowly towards the train.
Rico opens fire with the Lewis Gun at the adobe hut at the depot, hitting a bundle of dynamite, which had previously been rigged before ambushing Raza's hideout.

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