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Pitbull: Last Dog (Pitbull. Ostatni pies)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Pitbull: Last Dog
(Pitbull. Ostatni pies)
Movie poster
Country POL.jpg Poland
Directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Release Date 2016
Language Polish
Studio Ent One
Distributor Phoenix Productions
Main Cast
Character Actor
Slawomir Desperski "Despero" Marcin Dorocinski
Miroslaw Saniewski "Metyl" Krzysztof Stroinski
Mira Dorota Rabczewska
Krzysztof Magiera "Quantico" Rafal Mohr
"Gawron" Cezary Pazura
"Junior" Adam Woronowicz
Mona Agnieszka Kawiorska
Commandant Marian Dziedziel
"Gawelek" Zbigniew Zamachowski
Regina Izabela Kuna

The following weapons were used in the film Pitbull: Last Dog (Pitbull. Ostatni pies):

Glock 17

Various characters include "Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski), "Quantico" (Rafal Mohr) and other policemen carry a Glock 17 pistol. Also Mira (Dorota Rabczewska) used this gun.

3rd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
The Glock 17 pulls out the policeman on the highway.
"Quantico" (Rafal Mohr) carries a Glock 17.
"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) aims his sidearm.
Also Mira (Dorota Rabczewska) used a Glock 17.
Close up.

Beretta 92FS

Hitman "Górski" (Marek Kossakowski) used a Beretta 92FS pistol with a suppressor even without.

Hitman "Górski" (Marek Kossakowski) fired his suppressed Beretta 92FS.
Beretta 92FS lies on the ground beside the hitman's hand.

Walther P99

"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) in one scene is seen also with a Walther P99.

Walther P99 - 9x19mm
"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) receive a Walther P99 from one of mobsters.
"Despero" aims an this pistol at the next mobster.

Nagant M1887 Revolver

Swedish Nagant M1887 revolver used "Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) to the "Russian roulette" with Russian officer (Oleh Kyryliv).

Swedish Nagant M1887 revolver - 7.5mm Nagant
Russian officer (Oleh Kyryliv) put a Nagant M1887 to his head.
"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) charged this revolver ...
... and took it into his hand.

Smith & Wesson Model 60

"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) receive a Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver from Mira (Dorota Rabczewska).

Classic Smith & Wesson Model 60 - .38 Special
Smith & Wesson Model 60 in hand of "Despero" aims at "Junior".
"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) (right) put a revolver ...
... to the head of "Junior" (Adam Woronowicz) in car.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Polish SWAT mainly are armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with original "slimline" forearm - 9x19mm


Some of Polish SWAT members are armed with a PM-98 submachine gun. Also "Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) and "Quantico" (Rafal Mohr) are seen with this weapon.

PM-98 - 9x19mm Parabellum
A member of Polish SWAT on the highway aims his PM-98.
"Despero" (Marcin Dorocinski) (left) and "Quantico" (Rafal Mohr) (right) holds this SMG.


Several Russian and Polish SWAT members are seen with the AKS-47 assault rifles.

Type III AKS-47 with stock folded - 7.62x39mm
A member of FSB commando (Russian SWAT) is armed with AKS-47.
The AKS-47 holds also one of Polish SWAT men on the highway.

CZ 550 Hunting Rifle

Polish SWAT is equipped with a CZ 550 sniper rifle.

CZ-550 hunting rifle - 9.3x62mm

Unidentified shotgun

"Metyl" (Krzysztof Stroinski) is armed with an unidentified shotgun.

"Metyl" (Krzysztof Stroinski) is going to take action with the shotgun in hand.
"Metyl" (middle) holds his shotgun on his shoulder.

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