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Order: Don't Open Fire (Prikaz: ogon ne otkryvat)

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Order: Don't Open Fire
(Prikaz: ogon ne otkryvat)
Prikaz ogon ne otkryvat DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Valeri Isakov
Yuri Ivanchuk
Release Date 1981
Language Russian
Studio Gorky Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Tikhonov Vladlen Biryukov
Vedernikov Viktor Neznanov
Katya Belyayeva Natalya Egorova
Shlyonkin Aleksandr Potapov
Demidkov Aleksandr Silin
Solovej Yevgeni Gerasimov

Order: Don't Open Fire (Prikaz: ogon ne otkryvat) is a Soviet 1981 war movie directed by Valeri Isakov and Yuri Ivanchuk. The story takes place during the World War II and tells about a life of a battalion of Soviet soldiers which is deployed on the Far East where a "silent war" between USSR and Japan takes place. This movie is the first part of duology; in 1982 the second part, Order: Cross the Border (Prikaz: pereyti granitsu), was filmed.

The following weapons are seen in the movie Order: Don't Open Fire (Prikaz: ogon ne otkryvat):


Tokarev TT-33

Most Soviet officers including Captain Pavel Tikhonov (Vladlen Biryukov), the main character of the movie, carry holsters for Tokarev TT-33 on their belts but the pistols themselves are not seen.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Tula Arsenal (Soviet Union) Note CCCP printing around the star on the plastic grips.
A Soviet officer carries a pistol holster on his belt.

Mauser C96

The commander of border guards outpost carries Mauser C96 in wooden holster.

Pre-War dated Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm Mauser
A border guard officer carries a Mauser wooden holster.
The same officer holds his Mauser.


Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Most Soviet soldiers are armed with Mosin Nagant M1891/30 full-length rifles, often with bayonets.

Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Soviet soldiers are marching with Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles and Degtyaryov DP-28 machine guns.
Soldiers hold their rifles with bayonets.
A close view at the rifle. The rear sight can be seen.
Sgt. Solovej (Yevgeni Gerasimov) aims his rifle.

Machine guns

Degtyaryov DP-28

Degtyaryov DP-28 machine guns are seen in hands of Soviet soldiers but none of them is used in action.

Degtyarev DP-28 machine gun - 7.62x54mm R
Several DP-28 machine guns are seen near the wall.
Soviet soldiers are marching with Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles and DP-28 machine guns.

Maxim M1910/30 Machine Gun

Maxim M1910/30 machine gun is used by Soviet soldiers.

Russian Maxim 1910/30 machine gun - 7.62x54mmR.
Soldiers with Maxim M1910/30 are ready to open fire. Note the top hatch on cooling jacket which indicates that this machine gun is of post-1941 manufacture.

PKT machine gun

Fake Japanese tanks are poorly disguised MT-LB armoured tracked vehicles which still carry their standard PKT machine guns.

PKT machine gun with 250-round ammo drum - 7.62x54mm R
A small turret with PKT is seen. The main turret is fake.

Other weapon

RGD-33 Stick Grenade

Several Soviet soldiers carry RGD-33 stick grenades.

RGD-33 high-explosive fragmentation stick grenade, shown with the diamond-patterned fragmentation sleeve.
A close view at the bundle of seven RGD-33 grenades, readied for anti-tank purpose.

45mm anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K)

M1937 (53-K) Soviet anti-tank gun - 45mm (1.77 in)
Soviet artillerists ready the 45 mm anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K) when Japanese tanks appeared near the borderline.


MT-LB armoured tracked vehicles are disguised as Japanese tanks.

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